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Chapter 428: Escape

Uncle Liang’s expression was complicated.

Although the golden-robed old man did not die in the hands of Su Zimo, he was still the reason why the former was devoured and killed by the dimensional tear.

The fact that a Sealer was not able to kill a Foundation Establishment Cultivator despite sacrificing his own life was rather sorrowful.

In reality, Su Zimo had also taken an extremely huge risk in that battle!

The moment the Sealer unleashed his power as a Golden Core, Su Zimo was not a match for him at all.

In the Grade 2 elixir cave abode, he only managed to defend against the skinny old man by using all his trump cards. Even then, he was severely injured.

Given Su Zimo’s current condition, there was absolutely no way he could have withstood another attack of a Golden Core level.

That was the reason why he was fighting the golden-robed old man for so long. Eventually, he made use of his spirit perception and spotted the golden-robed old man’s killing intent a moment earlier, allowing him to retreat and bait the latter to his death!

Su Zimo was almost completely exhausted and he would not have been able to hold on if not for his extremely strong regeneration capabilities.

After baiting the Sealer to his death, Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief.

After a slight pause, his eyes flashed with a cold glint. He came before the Elixir Refinement Hall and asked softly, “Has anyone seen Pei Chunyu?”

“He escaped into the valley,”

A cultivator pointed.

If Pei Chunyu did not die, he would ultimately be an uncertain source of trouble for Su Zimo!

Tang Yu was nervous and stepped forward quickly, persuading, “Fellow Daoist Su, you’re so weak right now, don’t take the risk. Furthermore, even if you give chase now, you might not be able to catch up with him.”

Su Zimo shook his head and in a flash, darted into the Fog Valley without explaining anything.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared before everyone.

Xiaoning was still receiving her inheritance.

The cultivators of Elixir Yang Sect discussed the battle from earlier with soft voices and excited expressions.

Although the Sealer was at the end of his life and only had a single chance to strike, he was still a Golden Core no matter what!

That was a battle between a Foundation Establishment Cultivator and a Golden Core!

This kind of talk was enough for the Elixir Yang Sect cultivators to brag about it for many years after returning to the sect.

Not long after, the Thousand Crane Sect cultivators returned from the depths of the ruins and their eyes brimmed with joy.

“Congratulations, Sister Manman,”

Tang Yu said with a smile, “Seems like Thousand Crane Sect benefited quite a bit from Elixir Pool Sect as well.”

“Yes, we obtained a couple of lost talisman secret techniques.”

Feng Manman pursed her lips and smiled.

Right then, the discussions of cultivators not far away could be heard.

“What’s the background of Su Zimo? He’s way too ruthless!”

“That’s right! I saw with my very own eyes how he squashed the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect to death like an ant!”

“What use is the fiend heir? Even the Sealer of Malevolent Earth Sect died for nothing!”

The Elixir Yang Sect cultivators were stunned when they heard that.

Frowning, Tang Yu turned to Feng Manman and asked, “What’s up with Malevolent Earth Sect? What has it got to do with Fellow Daoist Su?”

“You don’t know about it yet?”

Feng Manman looked at her oddly.

Tang Yu and the others had remained around Xiaoning the entire time and did not know about everything that happened in the Grade 2 elixir cave abode.

Feng Manman explained, “A perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir appeared in a cave abode in the depths of the ruins and Su Zimo stole it while killing Xue Yang on the spot!”


A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

Feng Manman continued, “Thereafter, Malevolent Earth Sect’s Sealer attacked and he took on everything! Malevolent Earth Sect is now completely destroyed.”

This time round, it was completely silent in front of the Elixir Refinement Hall.

In that case, it meant that two Sealers had died for nothing!

Tang Yu had a stunned expression and her mouth was agape for the longest time.

In the Fog Valley, Su Zimo deployed his spirit wings and sped forward at lightning speed. Charging towards the entrance of the valley, he was already at the limits of his speed.

He did not fight the golden-robed old man for long.

Pei Chunyu was already injured and did not have much strength left – it was unrealistic for him to escape the Fog Valley in this period of time.

After all, there were still countless beasts and birds roaming in the valley.

Throughout the way, Su Zimo made use of his strong hearing, eyesight and senses to track down traces of Pei Chunyu.

Right now, the night was extremely dark and the fog was everywhere.

It would be almost impossible for the other cultivators to search for someone since their vision range would be thirty feet at most.

However, it was different for Su Zimo.

After clearing his seven orifices, his five senses were extremely sharp and he had a large search radius.

He could notice any bit of activity!

The pure-blooded ferocious beasts in the valley were already dead and Su Zimo advanced fearlessly. None of the demon beasts and ancient remnant beasts in the fog dared to approach him and they all hid far away.

Before long, Su Zimo rushed out of the Fog Valley and stood at the entrance, frowning.

He did not see Pei Chunyu at all.

That guy had vanished!

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered and he frowned in deep thought.

In this case, there could only be two possibilities.

First, Pei Chunyu had already escaped the valley.

However, Su Zimo deduced that the probability of that wasn’t great.

Second, Pei Chunyu was still in the valley!

It wasn’t a simple task if one wanted to hide inside the Fog Valley.

Birds filled the skies and beasts roamed the ground. There was no way a cultivator would be able to hide in peace as they would definitely encounter battles and create a commotion.

However, along the way, Su Zimo did not notice any signs nor did he hear any activity.


He murmured softly, “Could he truly have escaped?”

On second thought, Su Zimo felt that it wouldn’t be surprising for a disciple of Glass Palace, an immortal sect, to possess some life preservation methods.

At that moment, Pei Chunyu might have already escaped a thousand miles away from that place.

After loitering around for a long time, Su Zimo returned from where he came from and disappeared into the fog.

A long time later, the valley regained its tranquility.

In the blink of an eye, the night had passed.

The sun rose, casting away the night from the valley.

An ancient remnant beast, the Cloud Seeking Leopard, walked slowly out of its cave, looking dispirited and terrible.

It had devoured a human the previous night.

However, for some reason, it did not manage to digest the human even after the night and it felt bloated and uncomfortable.

The Cloud Seeking Leopard did not walk far when it cried out and collapsed weakly to the ground with a throbbing pain in its stomach.


Flashes of blood appeared.

The abdomen of the Cloud Seeking Leopard was ripped open from the inside as countless organs spilled out of a gigantic hole along with a bloodied figure.

The bloodied figure bent over and started retching.

A while later, he reached out and wiped away the blood on his face, revealing a disfigured face that was horrifying like a ghost!

“Su Zimo, I, will definitely make you pay a hundred times for the humiliation I suffered today!”

The bloodied figure’s gaze was venomous as he said with grit teeth.

The previous night, Pei Chunyu predicted that it would be hard for him to escape from Su Zimo. Thus, he took the initiative to look for an ancient remnant beast and allowed it to devour him.

That was an extremely dangerous move!

The stomachs of demon beasts churned extremely strongly and ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Anyone else would have been crushed into sludge.

Furthermore, the digestive fluids of an ancient remnant beast was extremely corrosive and could even melt rocks and ores.

If not for the fact that the Glass Heart Sutra tempered his body so powerfully, Pei Chunyu wouldn’t have survived the night.

Even so, his flesh was corroded into a bloody mess and he was completely disfigured, almost shedding an entire layer of skin.

Turning to glare at the Cloud Seeking Leopard and its dying eyes, Pei Chunyu staggered towards the entrance of the valley and escaped with a cold expression.

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