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Chapter 414: Pure-blooded Ferocious Beast

“W-What are you doing?”

Yan Jun was flustered and his voice was quivering. He forced himself to calm down and explain, “I-I didn’t do it on purpose. I just lost my footing and nearly fell down! That was how that beast managed to sneak in!”

Tang Yu and the others merely witnessed the Frost Leopard pouncing towards Su Zimo but they did not know the reason why.

When they heard that, everyone frowned.

There was nothing wrong with Yan Jun’s explanation, but if Su Zimo had reacted slightly slower earlier, his neck would have been bitten by the Frost Leopard!

Su Zimo did not reply and merely looked calm with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Suddenly, Yan Jun felt like he had nowhere to hide – Su Zimo was reading his thoughts completely!

“Y-You can’t kill me! I’m the only seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator in the Battle Hall! Su Zimo, don’t be impulsive!” Yan Jun’s eyes darted around and he panted slightly, getting more nervous by the moment.

Two ancient remnant beasts crept over stealthily.

As if he had eyes behind his back, Su Zimo slashed with Blood Quencher in reverse, shooting forth a blood beam that slayed the two ancient remnant beasts on the spot!

Glaring at Yan Jun, Su Zimo suddenly remarked, “Do you remember what I told you before?”


“I warned you not to harbor any designs on me or the next time… your head will explode!”

Right after saying that, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and his figure flashed, creating a series of surreal afterimages in his wake.

Yan Jun felt his eyes blur and by the time he wanted to retreat, Su Zimo had already arrived before him with a razor-sharp gaze that was filled with endless killing intent!

After meeting Su Zimo’s gaze, Yan Jun felt his eyes sting and tears flowed out, causing him to close his eyes instinctively.

From there on, he never opened his eyes again.

In front of everyone, Su Zimo slapped his backhand tightly against Yan Jun’s cheek.


Yan Jun’s cheek sank in deeply and his skull shattered, distorting his facial features completely as everything else turned into meat sludge.

His corpse was sent flying and a group of ancient remnant beasts fought to devour it before it even reached the ground.

Even though Yan Jun was an Elixir Yang Sect cultivator, even though he was a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator of the Battle Hall, even though Su Zimo was only an outsider, no one from Elixir Yang Sect objected to Su Zimo’s actions.

That was because all of them knew that they would have long been swallowed up by the ancient remnant beast stampede if not for Su Zimo!

“Let’s carry on! Everyone, don’t stop!”

After killing Yan Jun, Su Zimo turned around and led the cone-shaped formation forward once more.

Although his green robes were stained with the fresh blood of countless ancient remnant beasts, Su Zimo seemed as if he had infinite stamina.

At that moment, he resembled a God of War soaked in blood. His eyes shone brighter by the moment as he pushed forward, slashing Blood Quencher widely with valiance and ferociousness!

Even so, there were Elixir Yang Sect disciples that died continuously along the way, dragged into the beast stampede without a chance to escape.

The cone-shaped formation shrank endlessly.

Almost all the Battle Hall cultivators at the outer rim were injured and the formation might have long broken apart if not for the endless elixirs of Elixir Yang Sect!

The path ahead was pitch-black and nobody knew when the beast stampede was going to end nor where the Elixir Pool Sect ruins were at.

All they could do was follow Su Zimo instinctively and venture deeper into the valley.

Everyone was trying their best to hold out.

It was as Su Zimo had said – with no way out, their only option left was to continue forward!

Su Xiaoning followed the crowd forward endlessly.

She would attack as well. However, given her cultivation realm, she might not be able to break through the defenses of the ancient remnant beasts even though she was using a supreme-grade flying sword.

Night Spirit was silent and followed beside Xiaoning the entire time, looking nonchalant and lazy towards the beast stampede around it.

Massive in size and pitch-black all over, Night Spirit seemed to have melded into the night, leaving nothing but a pair of black eyes that shone with a disturbing glint from time to time.

All of a sudden!

In a mountain range far ahead, a series of rainbow lights shot out in succession, illuminating the skies and conjuring the scenery of a beautiful palace that was majestic and stunning!

Instinctively, everyone paused in their tracks and looked over with agape mouths.

Although nobody had seen what the Elixir Pool Sect ruins looked like, everyone realized the instant they saw that fairytale-like palace that it was the place they were painstakingly searching for!

Initially, nobody had any direction nor did they know where the Elixir Pool Sect ruin was located.

But at that moment, the lights in the distance became a beacon for all the cultivators in the valley!


“Kill with your might! The Elixir Pool Sect ruin is right ahead!”

Although there was the guise of the night fog and nobody from Elixir Yang Sect could see what was going on far away, they could hear faint shouts coming from their sides.

They were not the only ones; Glass Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect and the cultivators of all the other sects that entered the valley were being attacked by the beast stampede.

Tang Yu declared with a joyful expression, “Everyone, hang on tight! The Elixir Pool Sect ruins are right ahead! As long as we can reach it, we’ll be safe!”

All the ancient sect ruins possessed immense defensive power and remnant beasts did not dare to enter at all.

Right now, there were only five hundred-odd people left in Elixir Yang Sect and they were all exhausted.

However, they were invigorated upon hearing Tang Yu’s words and their stamina seemed to have recovered.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and did not feel much joy.

Something was amiss.

The beast stampede before them was formed with ancient remnant beasts – there must be traces of pure-blooded ferocious beasts behind them!

How else would such an orderly ancient remnant beast stampede be formed without the intimidation of pure-blooded ferocious beasts at the back?


Suddenly, at the base of the Elixir Pool Sect ruins mountain range, a shuddering roar sounded, causing the entire beast stampede to pause for a moment!

A gigantic demon beast appeared at the back of the beast stampede. Filled with pitch-black fur, it resembled a demon hound as it opened its mouth and spat out flames for hundreds of kilometers, incinerating everything in its path and burning countless cultivators into ashes!

Everyone was shocked.

“It’s a Huo Dou[1]!”

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and remarked slowly.

Uncle Liang nodded as well with a grim expression. “That’s right, it’s a Huo Dou!”

The Huo Dou was a pure-blooded ferocious beast that was extremely violent and could spit flames. With luscious fur, it resembled a lion with an ugly face.

A pure-blooded ferocious beast had appeared!

“So what if it’s a pure-blooded ferocious beast? It’s just one! If we join forces, we’ll definitely be able to kill it!”

Far away in the fog, the voice of Xue Yang from Malevolent Earth Sect sounded, filled with killing intent.


Suddenly, the voice of a boy crying sounded from the foot of the mountain.


Su Zimo’s expression changed as he frowned. “Could it be…”

“Wu wu wu!”

The next moment, the child-like voice turned shrill and piercing. Many cultivators could not handle it and groaned as they clutched their ears, bending over.

The figure of a demon beast appeared under the illumination near the Elixir Pool Sect ruins. With nine heads, it resembled a hydra as it opened its mouths and cried like infants.

“Pure-blooded ferocious beast, Nine Neonate!”

Uncle Liang exclaimed.

[1] Mythical Chinese beast

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