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Chapter 413: Plot

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The rumbling sound ahead of them was deafening, resembling thousands of horses prancing!

Most of the cultivators could not see it clearly yet, but Su Zimo could see the many ancient remnant beasts charging towards them amidst the billowing dust with endless killing intent in their eyes!

There was the Frost Leopard that emitted a chilling aura and had a layer of frost on its fur.

There was the Scarlet Flaming Bull with a robust physique and a pair of horns that were covered in flames.

There was the Moon Concealment Eagle that could hide the round moon and stir the clouds with every flap of its wings.

There was also the Soul Stealing Rat that was as large as a wild boar.

Every single demon beast in that stampede was an ancient remnant beast!


The continuous howls of many demon beasts shook the world, causing everyone to shudder.

“Those that can’t keep up, good luck to you!”

With that said, Su Zimo withdrew a blood-colored saber from his storage bag slowly. With a tremble, the saber buzzed and gave off an intense blood stench.

Standing right at the front of the formation, Su Zimo was about to endure the first wave of attacks from the beast stampede head-on!

That was also the wave with the strongest aura and impact!

Before the beast stampede arrived, many cultivators were already frightfully pale.


Suddenly, Su Zimo wielded Blood Quencher and strode forward in huge steps, roaring into the skies!

That roar broke metal and crushed rocks. It was high-pitched and dragged out, even drowning the howls of many remnant beasts!

At the front, the darkness was shifting and finally, monstrously tall figures appeared one after another.

They were finally about to meet!

In the face of those tall ancient remnant beasts, Su Zimo’s group appeared exceptionally insignificant like ants.

However, there was a torrential aura emanating from Su Zimo that was on par with the aura of the beast stampede!

Su Zimo waved Blood Quencher.

Instantly, the spirit light on the blade shone in a bright bedazzling manner, like a blood moon that radiated with a boundless blood beam.


There was also the sound of tides surging coming from Blood Quencher, rumbling like thunder with a majestic aura!

Initially, some of the cultivators had already closed their eyes and had given up on resisting.

However, at that moment, an image of the boundless sea seemed to appear in their minds. It created towering massive waves but instantly, it was cleaved into two by a peerless light beam!

It was Countercurrent of Sea Calming!

When Uncle Liang caught sight of that, his expression changed and he exclaimed, “Saber force!”

As a Golden Core, he had an immense amount of knowledge. He focused his gaze and could not help but mutter to himself apprehensively, “That saber technique… could the rumors be true?”


The beast stampede clashed violently against Su Zimo.

Right at the front was the Scarlet Flame Bull with its coarse skin and sharp horns. Before it even arrived, it was cut into two by the sharp blood beam emitted by Blood Quencher!

The incoming beast stampede that seemed like it could flatten everything had a bloodied path cut out by Su Zimo’s Countercurrent!

That slash was way too terrifying!

Not only could it clash head-on with the beast stampede, it could even split it apart!

Carrying Blood Quencher, Su Zimo continued advancing.

His bloodline had already started to circulate within his body and his eyes shone brightly. An aura that was even more ferocious than the ancient remnant beasts was exuded as his black hair swayed freely!

The cultivators followed him hurriedly.

Taking a deep breath of air, Tang Yu declared loudly, “Everyone, please try your best to protect yourselves. Don’t let the ancient remnant beasts break our formation and don’t stop in your tracks!”

Other than Su Zimo, the other six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the group did not have secret skills as their trump cards and they were barely a threat to the ancient remnant beasts of the valley to begin with.

At the front, Su Zimo had been killing the ancient remnant beasts to create a path that was filled with blood and corpses.

As long as everyone could stay alive against the attacks of the ancient remnant beasts and followed behind Su Zimo, they had a chance of surviving!

However, it was extremely difficult to defend against the attacks of the ancient remnant beasts even if the cultivators defended with all their might!

In the fog of the night, everyone’s vision was reduced to a range of around ten feet.

Against ancient remnant beasts, ten feet was an almost instant distance.

The moment everyone caught sight of the ancient remnant beasts, the latter would have already lunged at them and it was too late to summon their flying swords or conjure spirit arts.

By then, many of them could only rely on their defensive talismans to survive the attacks before defending again.

However, most of them would be dragged away by the ancient remnant beasts, shredded and devoured in an instant.

With Su Zimo killing at the front, the pressure on Ji Chengtian and Yan Jun wasn’t too great.

From time to time, Yan Jun’s gaze would land on Su Zimo’s back with an occasional cold glint.

All of a sudden!

A Frost Leopard pounced towards him from the side. Before it closed in, Yan Jun felt a chilling intent and his limbs going cold.

He was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment after all and was completely able to defend himself with his sword.

However, a thought came to his mind as he suddenly crouched down, as if his legs had gone soft. Although he nearly fell down, he managed to dodge the attack of the Frost Leopard!

Initially, the right of Su Zimo’s back was covered by Yan Jun’s position.

Yet, with that sudden dodge from Yan Jun, Su Zimo’s back was now exposed to the Frost Leopard!

It was akin to Yan Jun letting an ancient remnant beast into the formation!

After missing, the closest target to the ancient remnant beast was Su Zimo.

Without thinking, the beast extended its paws towards Su Zimo’s shoulders, releasing claws that were as sharp as daggers!

The Frost Leopard opened its bloodied mouth and chomped down at Su Zimo’s neck with a cold aura!

From the moment Yan Jun dodged till the Frost Leopard chomping towards Su Zimo’s neck, everything happened in the blink of an eye – it was already too late by the time cultivators in the formation noticed what happened.


Tang Yu’s expression changed as she yelled.

All the cultivators were fighting to survive in this intense battle and there was no one who had the energy to help others.

Furthermore, no one could save Su Zimo at all given that proximity!

Su Zimo seemed like he was oblivious to the Frost Leopard behind him as he continued to slash ahead.

Just as the Frost Leopard’s bloodied mouth was about to land on Su Zimo’s neck, the latter’s head spun around!

With a clang, it smashed against the Frost Leopard’s teeth.

Flashes of blood appeared.

The Frost Leopard’s teeth were broken and sent flying!

Right after, Su Zimo’s body retreated a half-step back. Gathering his entire body’s strength towards his back, his leaned backwards in a furious motion!


The massive Frost Leopard was sent flying, turning into a mist of blood in midair!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw that.

An ancient remnant beast was smashed into sludge by a human!

Who would have believed it if they had not seen it themselves?

With widened eyes and an agape mouth, Yan Jun was shocked in disbelief.

What happened was completely different from what he had expected it to be!

How could this be?

That doesn’t make sense!

Yan Jun’s mind was in a mess.

Before he could resolve his doubts, Su Zimo suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around.

Instantly, Yan Jun felt his heart clench as shivers ran down his body.

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