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Chapter 408: Sealer

The test of the ancient battlefield was finally about to arrive.

It was easy for one to cultivate in reclusive seclusion within Xuantian City and tide through the year.

However, the cultivators who entered the ancient battlefield were all geniuses of the younger generation of their respective sects – each of them had their ambitions.

They did not enter the ancient battlefield to cultivate, they did it to gain opportunities, treasures and many long lost secret cultivation techniques!

Back in the glorious period of the ancient era, Elixir Pool Sect was also a renowned super sect.

A sect as such was buried by the sands of time, sealed through eternity, and was only seeing the day of light again now. Within, there were bound to be countless treasures and opportunities awaiting everyone.

“Everyone, all the major factions of Xuantian City will be gathered this time round, including sects like Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect. There will definitely be a bloody battle when the time comes,”

Tang Yu said solemnly with a stern expression, “Elixir Yang Sect can give up on other treasures if the situation seems bad. However, we must fight and get our hands on Elixir Pool Sect’s recipes!”

Most of those recipes may have already been lost through the times.

Once they appeared, they would definitely cause a huge stir within Tianhuang Mainland and Elixir Yang Sect’s status would naturally rise.

“Everyone, go back and wait. Get ready and prepare to set off at any moment!”

After Tang Yu finished speaking, many cultivators dispersed and returned to their rooms.

“Fellow Daoist Su, Fellow Daoist Ji, please wait up.”

Tang Yu held back Su Zimo and Ji Chengtian and they took their seats after everyone left.

“Have you guys heard of the Sealer?”

Tang Yu did not beat around the bush and asked directly.

Su Zimo and Ji Chengtian were slightly stunned, exchanging gazes before shaking their heads.

Their understanding of the ancient battlefield was far inferior to these disciples of super sects.

Tang Yu had expected that and wasn’t surprised.

If Su Zimo hadn’t even heard of the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea, it was only logical that he wouldn’t know about Sealers.

Tang Yu explained, “Apart from geniuses at Foundation Establishment realm, some major sects of Tianhuang Mainland will teleport Golden Cores here as well.”


Su Zimo and Ji Chengtian were shocked.

Su Zimo had heard from Demoness Ji that the ancient battlefield was a separate dimension of its own, formed by fragments left behind by an apocalyptic war back in the ancient era. There were elementary, intermediate and advanced ancient battlefields.

Right now, they were in the elementary ancient battlefield.

The three grades of the ancient battlefields were decided based on their relative stabilities.

The elementary ancient battlefield was the most unstable. If the energy fluctuation is too great, it would cause a dimensional tear, devouring the cultivator entirely and releasing him into the voids to be shredded by the void currents!”

After countless years of testing, the breaking point was decided at the Golden Core realm.

As long as the cultivators were below the Golden Core realm, they would not cause a dimensional tear.

As for the dimension of the intermediate ancient battlefield, it was stabler and Golden Cores can enter and attack freely within it. A dimensional tear would not be caused as long as their cultivation realms were lower than Nascent Soul.

As a world of its own, the ancient battlefield possessed self-preservation instincts and could reject cultivators with power beyond the breaking point.

Take the elementary ancient battlefield for example, Golden Cores had no way of entering it.

It was more like a rule that could not be defied.

But now, Tang Yu’s statement had overthrown Su Zimo’s previous understanding.

Tang Yu explained, “Some of the major sects with strong foundations and had been around for ages have mighty figures among them with supreme methods. These people can secretly seal a Golden Core’s cultivation temporarily and send them into the ancient battlefield.”

“These Golden Cores are referred to as Sealers!”

Su Zimo and Ji Chengtian’s eyes were filled with shock when they heard that.

Methods that could defy a world’s rules were truly supreme!

However, Ji Chengtian was puzzled right after and asked with a frown, “Even if they are able to send Sealers in secretly, these people would only be able to exert the strength of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator. What’s the point of spending so much effort?”

Without replying, Tang Yu smiled and looked at Su Zimo in a testing manner.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he said slowly, “More so to intimidate.”

When he heard that, Uncle Liang nodded to himself with a look of admiration in his eyes.

“That’s right.”

Tang Yu replied, “Sealers are not limited to the strength of a peak Foundation Establishment Cultivator, they are Golden Cores and can release the full strength of a Golden Core as well! However, the price for that would be for them to be swallowed by the dimensional tear and die on the spot.”

“Therefore, most of the time, Sealers are only there to intimidate others and they will not release the strength of a Golden Core unless absolutely necessary.

Ji Chengtian asked, “How do we distinguish Sealers then?”

Tang Yu did not reply and looked towards Su Zimo with a pursed smile – clearly, she still wanted to test him.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled that night back in the Great Zhou Dynasty. “Sealers should be elderly Golden Cores in their twilight years coming to an end of their lifespans!”

Under normal circumstances, Sealers would not release their strength as a Golden Core in the ancient battlefield. Once they did, it would mean death for them.

Only Golden Cores at the end of their lifespans would agree to entering with the risk of dying at any moment.

That night, back in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the reason why those two Golden Cores disregarded the imperial notice and tried to assassinate Su Zimo despite knowing that they would die was because they were at the end of their lives without many years to live anyways.

Tang Yu looked at Su Zimo with her mouth agape in shock – she had not expected him to reveal one of the secrets behind it with just a single sentence.

Su Zimo continued, “Since Sealers are there to intimidate, they should be by the side of the respective sects’ commanders to protect them as well.”

With that said, he turned to look at Uncle Liang who was behind Tang Yu, smiling gently. “Uncle Liang, you’re a Sealer, right?”

“Haha, bravo.”

Uncle Liang stroked his beard and laughed while praising.

In reality, Su Zimo had deduced Uncle Liang’s identity long ago.

Normally, those who entered the ancient battlefield were all young geniuses.

It was truly strange for a elderly man with white hair such as Uncle Liang to appear in the ancient battlefield.

Tang Yu continued, “Since Sealers are old with failing physique and weak stamina, they rarely fight even without using the strength of a Golden Core.”

Pondering for a moment, Ji Chengtian asked again, “If that’s the case, why don’t you send more Sealers? That amount of strength should be enough to sweep through the ancient battlefield.”

“It won’t,”

Tang Yu shook her head. “First, there aren’t many Golden Cores in their twilight years. Second, sending a Sealer has already disrupted the balance of the ancient battlefield. If the Golden Cores truly wage war and cause multiple dimensional tears, the world would be even more unstable and might even be destroyed!”

The result of a destroyed dimension would be for all beings in it, regardless of whether they were alive, to be reduced to dust and returned to Chaos!

“In order to prevent the ancient battlefield from being destroyed, the major sects had an agreement that they would only send a single Sealer in each time.”

After a slight pause, Tang Yu turned to Su Zimo. “What I want to remind you is that Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang each have a Sealer by their sides as well!”






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