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Chapter 406: Dishonest

Arriving in midair, Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang looked down from above to witness Poison Sect in a wretched state with corpses strewn all over the floor.

Warm blood flowed everywhere – it was a living hell beneath them!

Poison Sect was truly destroyed!

“How could this be?”

The same doubt flashed through the both of their minds.

In that bloody battle on the long street, the strength that Su Zimo displayed was far from enough to destroy Poison Sect.

Could that man have broken through once more and increased his strength significantly in more than ten days?

A look of caution flickered through their eyes.

Of course, the most shocking thing for them was Su Zimo’s current condition.

Steadied breathing and a calm expression – he did not seem like he had just been through a massive battle!

This should have been a battle that was tougher and more dangerous than the bloody battle on the long street!

However, neither of them could spot any signs of fatigue on Su Zimo’s face nor wounds on his body.

Was it all a farce while the truth was that he was at the end of the road?

Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang glared intently at Su Zimo, wanting to expose his true weakened self. However, a moment later, the two of them gave up.

They couldn’t read him at all!

That man looked to be a frail scholar when he was calm.

One could only experience the terrifying strength emitted from his body after he made a move and it was even fiercer than ancient ferocious beasts!

Pei Chunyu took a deep breath of air and turned his gaze towards Tang Yu’s group.

When he saw their size, he gave up on his idea. No matter what Su Zimo’s current condition was, it would be difficult for him to attempt to kill Su Zimo at this moment.

Of course, that did not mean that Glass Palace was afraid of Elixir Yang Sect.

In a head-on battle, the strength of the four unorthodox groups would never match the immortal and fiend sects as well as the Buddhist monasteries.

Right now, the Elixir Pool Sect ruins had yet to appear and they hadn’t seen any treasures yet. There was no need for him to fight anyone to the death since outsiders could seize the opportunity to take advantage of them while they were weak.

Subtly, Pei Chunyu turned to leave with his group from Glass Palace.

On the other side, the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, made the same decision expressionlessly and returned to the city’s west.

In reality, Su Zimo’s appearance was truly not faked.

After attaining lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section, the bit of strength he had expended was nothing to him.

The battle had turned into a one-sided massacre after Du Kai’s death.

Making use of his movement techniques’ speed and Ethereal Wings, Su Zimo killed brashly and no one could hold out a single round against him!

For some of the cultivators that escaped further, Su Zimo hunted them down with the Moon Concealment Bow.

In this battle, more than a hundred Poison Sect cultivators were completely annihilated with no survivors!

Little fatty, Shi Jian and the others took it relatively well.

However, Feng Manman, Thousand Crane Sect and Elixir Yang Sect were completely stunned as they froze on the spot.

Earlier on, Tang Yu was reminding them repeatedly that after entering the battlefield, their priority was rescue instead of fighting.

However, their plans could not catch up to the changes.

By the time they arrived, they didn’t even have the chance even if they wanted to fight Poison Sect cultivators.

Although Tang Yu had high regards for Su Zimo’s strength, she could not believe that he could overwhelm Poison Sect, one of the five heretical doctrines, singlehandedly!

Su Zimo strode over leisurely and arrived before Tang Yu and the others, smiling gently. “I’ve caused you guys worries. I’m fine.”

In that short period of time, Tang Yu went through a roller coaster of emotions.

Initially, she was only worried about Su Zimo.

After seeing that he was fine, she felt like a load was lifted off her shoulders.

Right after, she felt indignant as she looked at him in a huff, revealing a hint of a maiden’s attitude that was extremely charming.

Tang Yu merely felt that the person before her was extremely horrible to create empty worries for her, causing her to lose her composure time and again.

“Y-Y-You! Didn’t you say that you were merely going out for a walk?!”

Initially, Tang Yu wanted to give Su Zimo a good lecture. However, when she saw the latter’s smile, her words sounded like the grumble of a cute couple at odds.

Feng Manman eyed Tang Yu strangely.

The two of them had known one another for many years but she had never seen Tang Yu take that tone with anyone else.

Su Zimo replied, “I did walk around the city but I ended up here somehow. The more I thought about your words, the more I felt that they made sense so I went ahead and destroyed Poison Sect.”

Everyone looked at Tang Yu in surprise and could not contain their shock.

Su Zimo’s reply made everyone assume subconsciously that Poison Sect was destroyed because of what Tang Yu said!

With a stunned expression, Tang Yu asked, “What did I say?”

“You told me that killing a few Poison Sect cultivators was useless and would even make me a target for them to take revenge on.”

“So, you decided to destroy Poison Sect instead?”


Tang Yu’s frowned tightly and nearly exploded on the spot.

‘What I meant was for you to not provoke Poison Sect!’

‘But you went ahead and destroyed them instead!’

Taking a deep breath of air, Tang Yu composed herself.

She had lost her composure multiple times in less than two hours – she must not continue communicating with that person before her in the same manner.

Turning around, she looked towards Feng Manman at the side and said apologetically, “Sister Manman, I’m sorry. I’ve caused you to make a wasted trip.”

“It’s fine,”

Feng Manman smiled and swept away a few strands of hair covering her forehead flirtatiously before remarking meaningfully, “I’ve only found out about Young Master Su’s strength today. You’ve really got good judgment, Xiao Yu.”

By now, Tang Yu had already composed herself as she smiled in return. “Let’s head back to the city’s north.”

Along the way.

Tang Yu suddenly recalled something and turned to ask, “Right, I didn’t have time to ask. Did you manage to gain anything from your trip to the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea, Fellow Daoist Su?”

Feng Manman and the others turned as well towards Su Zimo.

“I did.”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

Hearing Su Zimo’s ambiguous reply, Tang Yu knew that he didn’t manage to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance.

Furthermore, nobody thought that anybody could obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance since there was already the impression of someone else doing so.

If it was any other time, Tang Yu wouldn’t have continued pressing on lest Su Zimo looked bad.

However, for some reason, she wanted to see him embarrassed today. With a teasing glance, she continued asking, “So, what did you manage to gain? Could you have perhaps gotten the Saber Emperor’s inheritance?”

Her way of asking was extremely obvious.

“That’s right.”

Su Zimo continued smiling and replied naturally, as though it was real.

When she heard that, Feng Manman pouted and thought to herself, “Although this man is capable, he’s dishonest and wants to put on appearances.”

Tang Yu pursed her lips and smiled before shaking her head without asking anything more.

When everyone was about to arrive at the city’s north, a cultivator sped over from outside the city gates, yelling the moment he entered the city, “Big news! After a thousand years, somebody managed to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance again! The saber mountain collapsed and the spirit sea dried up! The Saber Mountain Spirit Sea has vanished from the ancient battlefield completely!”

Suddenly, Tang Yu’s group slowed down and turned quiet.

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