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Chapter 405: How Tragic!

In the skies, more than ten figures rode on their flying swords.

Their leader was a handsome man in luxurious robes. With eyes that were crystalline like glass, he exuded a unique aura that attracted everyone’s attention.

He was none other than the commander for Glass Palace’s expedition, Pei Chunyu.

Glass Palace’s group was about to arrive at Poison Sect at the city’s south.

At the same time, another group of cultivators rode on their flying swords from the direction opposite of Glass Palace. Wearing black robes, they were none other than Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators.

The two major sects were not far from one another and could even see the other through the skies.


Right then, a Glass Palace cultivator sped over with a frantic expression. His eyes could barely contain his shock as he gulped before struggling to say, “Senior Brother Pei, Poison Sect is… no more.”


Pei Chunyu replied and wasn’t too bothered.

After a slight pause, he frowned and returned to his senses. Gazing at his underling’s face, he asked slowly with an increasingly sharp expression, “What did you just say? Repeat yourself?”

The other Glass Palace cultivators looked at that person confusedly, thinking that they had heard wrongly.

The reporting cultivator chuckled bitterly and shook his head. “Poison Sect’s faction in the ancient battlefield is gone. Almost all the Poison Sect cultivators were massacred by Su Zimo.”

The Glass Palace group was shocked.

“How is that possible?!”

Almost at the same time, Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang felt their hearts skip a beat as they exclaimed.

They exchanged glances through the void. There was a Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator standing in front of Xue Yang as well, relaying the same message.

Realizing that they had lost their composure, both of them took a deep breath and calmed themselves down.

Pei Chunyu gripped his fists tightly and narrowed his eyes, asking with grit teeth, “What about Du Kai of Poison Sect? What about their traps? What about the Seven Lethals? The hundred odd cultivators of Poison Sect?”


The Glass Palace cultivator paused for a moment before sighing. “They’re all gone.”

They’re all gone.

Those three simple words revealed a hint of exasperation, shock, fear and endless emotions.

Poison Sect, one of the five heretical doctrines!

A faction that even Glass Palace wasn’t willing to provoke personally was destroyed by that person alone.

Everyone present stood dumbfounded on their flying swords in midair with agape mouths. The three words lingered in their minds and they couldn’t snap out of it.

All the Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators quietened down.

In the vast skies, the atmosphere was strangely tense.

A moment later, a Glass Palace cultivator could not help but ask warily, “Senior Brother Pei, are we still going to watch the show?”

Initially, they were accompanying Pei Chunyu to watch how tragically Su Zimo would die.

But now, everyone gave up on that thought upon receiving the news.

Pei Chunyu’s gaze flickered and his expression was indeterminate.

Pondering briefly, Pei Chunyu’s eyes shone with immense killing intent as he remarked darkly, “Go! All the more we have to go check things out because of this!”

At the same time, the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, made a similar decision on the other side.

Both of them thought about the same thing.

Poison Sect was one of the five heretical doctrines after all and had more than a hundred cultivators with seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators among them.

Even if Su Zimo managed to exterminate Poison Sect, it must have been an arduous battle.

Even if Su Zimo wasn’t severely injured right now, he was most likely at his weakest and might even be riddled with poison from head to toe – this was the best time to kill that man!

Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect were immortal and fiend sects respectively. Throughout history, immortals and fiends have always been on opposing ends and would never join forces in the open.

However, at that moment, Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang exchanged glances and had a tacit understanding.

“Let’s go!”

Pei Chunyu ordered and sped forth with the Glass Palace cultivators towards Poison Sect at the city’s south.

On the long street connecting North and South.

Speeding with the large group of cultivators, Tang Yu and Feng Manman arrived in the vicinity of Poison Sect before long.

There was a large crowd of cultivators before them, packed densely and watching keenly.

It was unknown what the cultivators saw but their eyes were filled with shock. When Tang Yu’s group arrived, a passage was immediately squeezed out for them.

Suddenly, a fat and rotund figure charged through the crowd, greeting them with delight, “Senior Brother Ji, Sister Leng! You guys are here too!”

That was none other than little fatty who had just joined Tomb Sect. Shi Jian who had just joined Puppet Sect was at the side as well.

The two of them had not changed much during that ten odd days.

Little fatty seemed like he had grown a little fatter and Shi Jian still looked foolish as ever.

Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect were part of the five heretical doctrines and were situated at the city’s south to begin with.

When something happened to Poison Sect, it was natural that the both of them were the first to arrive.

“How’s everything inside?”

Ji Chengtian asked softly with a grim expression.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Pouting his lips, little fatty laughed with raised brows. “You guys are too late and missed everything! Hehe! Tragic! It’s truly tragic!”


When she heard that, Tang Yu’s eyes dimmed as she mumbled to herself as if she had lost her soul, “We were still too late? It’s my fault. I should have guessed it. I could have stopped you…”

Tang Yu was flustered and did not notice little fatty’s expression and tone.

However, Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou frowned.

In theory, little fatty should be more anxious and sadder than anyone else if something had happened to Su Zimo – why would he be in such a gloating mood?

Little fatty was stunned when he saw Tang Yu’s reaction.

At the side, Feng Manman raised her brow lightly and pulled Tang Yu into her embrace. Glaring at little fatty, she chided, “Fatty, shut up!”

Little fatty was even more stunned.

“Was I wrong?”

Unable to comprehend what was going on, he turned to Shi Jian and asked, “Silly Jian, what’s going on?”

Shi Jian was puzzled as well as he scratched his head. Looking at Ji Chengtian and the others, he asked in seriousness, “Brother Ji, why did you guys bring so many people along to watch the show? Man, anyone who didn’t know better might think that you guys are out for a fight!”

Ji Chengtian could not help but roll his eyes. “Zimo is fine?”

“Yeah? Alive and hopping!” Little fatty replied.


Bouncing from Feng Manman’s embrace, Tang Yu blinked and asked without wiping the tears from her eyes. “B-But you said that it was tragic? Truly tragic…”

“I meant that it was tragic for Poison Sect.”

Everyone was dumbfounded and froze on the spot, unable to take the facts in for a moment.

Right then, a Poison Sect cultivator stained with blood ran in their directions, staggering with a frightful face.


He had not gotten far when a cold light flashed behind him.

An arrow pierced his back with a swoosh, protruding out from his chest with blood everywhere!

The person’s eyes dimmed and took a couple more steps forward before collapsing to his death.

Everyone turned instinctively towards the direction where the arrow came from.

At the entrance of Poison Sect’s residence, a green-robed cultivator strode over with a calm expression and a bright gaze. In fact, there weren’t even any traces of blood on him as he put away the moon-colored gigantic bow in his hands into his storage bag with a calm expression.

At the same time, the Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect groups arrived to witness that scene.

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