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Chapter 398: Night Spirit’s Blood

“Su Zimo, what are you doing?!”


“How arrogant!”

Many Elixir Yang Sect disciples shouted emotionally.

No matter what, Yan Jun was a disciple of the sect’s Battle Hall and Tang Yu was the only one who was above him in status. He was not somebody that an outsider like Su Zimo could compare to!

Tang Yu could clearly see that although Yan Jun’s cheeks were swollen, he had merely fainted and did not sustain any severe injuries.

Given Su Zimo’s strength, if he truly wanted to kill in that distance, Yan Jun’s head would have been smashed by that single slap!

In other words, Su Zimo had already shown mercy.

Taking a deep breath of air, Tang Yu declared, “Silence!”

“Young Master, he’s only an outsider! How can he act so brazenly in our territory!”

“That’s right! He would have been killed by Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect long ago if not for the protection of Elixir Yang Sect!”

“Fufu, Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect are not the only ones. These two siblings seem like they’ve even offended Poison Sect!”

In the crowd, voices of dissent against Su Zimo continued sounding incessantly.

“Shut up!”

With a dark gaze, Uncle Liang suddenly shouted.

Although he was old with white hair and beard, his eyes were still bright and exuded a sense of authority. The chaotic place quietened gradually.

All the Elixir Yang Sect disciples knew very well about the background of the old man before them.

It was possible that they might protest against Tang Yu’s decisions.

However, even if the masses disagreed with the old man, the most they would do would be to grumble a little internally.

Tang Yu said deeply, “This matter will definitely be accounted for in a bit. Everyone, please quieten down.”

After a brief pause, Tang Yu called back Su Zimo and frowned, “Xiaoning is afflicted with the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison, one of the Seven Lethals of Poison Sect. Be careful, the poison is extremely toxic and it’s easy for you to get tainted if you are careless.”

Su Zimo nodded and walked to Xiaoning’s side.


Night Spirit slumped its head and let out a deep growl, feeling a little guilty.

Su Zimo patted Night Spirit on the head while shaking his own. “It’s not your fault.”

If it was an ordinary assassination attempt, there was no way it would have gotten past Night Spirit. However, Poison Sect cultivators were way too scheming and there was no way to guard against them.

In that short while, Xiaoning’s expression had gotten much better. In fact, her cheeks were now redder and her heartbeat was getting stronger – her condition was improving.

Uncle Liang was amazed when he saw that.

The Seven Lethals of Poison Sect could not be cured by any cultivators outside the sect!

Throughout his life, Uncle Liang had never heard of anyone who had survived against the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison.

Furthermore, by the looks of it, the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison seemed to be disappearing bit by bit from within Xiaoning’s body!

The purple color on Xiaoning’s lips was fading and there were merely a few drops of blood left on it.

Although there were only a few drops of blood, Su Zimo could sense an extremely powerful energy!

That was definitely not Xiaoning’s blood!

Su Zimo swept his gaze and looked at Night Spirit’s wrist where there was a deep gash that had yet to fully recover.

“No wonder.”

Back when they just entered the ancient battlefield, Night Spirit had already displayed the terror of its bloodline where it could ignore the poison of the Blood Centipede and was immune to it.

The reason why the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison was being purged from Xiaoning’s body should be because she drank Night Spirit’s blood.

“That’s not right either,”

Su Zimo thought again. The Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison was extremely toxic and would activate within ten breaths.

Although Night Spirit’s blood could purge the poison from Xiaoning’s body, it required a relatively longer time – how did Xiaoning manage to survive in between that period?

After clearing his seven orifices, Su Zimo’s five senses turned even sharper!

Now that he was closer, he could vaguely sense a warmth emanating from Xiaoning’s chest along with a faint medicinal scent.

That’s it!

Su Zimo was enlightened.

The mysterious Elixir Furnace that Xiaoning possessed was still kept at her chest area.

If he was not wrong, that warmth and medicinal scent should be emitted by the Elixir Furnace.

The Elixir Furnace was also the reason why Xiaoning’s heart artery was preserved until it could take in Night Spirit’s blood to purge away the poison within.

Su Zimo finally heaved a long breath and calmed down after ensuring that Xiaoning was alright.

Turning around, he glared at the corpse on the ground.

The bloodied hole on the glabella of the corpse was clear evidence that Night Spirit did it.

“You want an explanation? Sure, I’ll give you an explanation,”

Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo said indifferently, “Night Spirit won’t harm anyone for no reason. If that person is dead, it must be because he crossed Night Spirit’s bottom line.”


An Elixir Yang Sect cultivator with a long face hollered, “Junior Brother Pu was trying to head forward and check out of goodwill. However, your beast killed him without any reason at all! We saw it for ourselves and you’re still trying to deny it?!”

Su Zimo smiled and glared at that guy sharply with a cold gaze, replying with a deep intent, “It was true that he came forward to check things out. However, we don’t know whether it was out of goodwill.”

“What do you mean by that!”

A hint of panic flashed through that person’s eyes.

Su Zimo turned towards Tang Yu and asked, “Young Master Tang, you mentioned that the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison is extremely toxic and contagious, right?”

“That’s right.”

Tang Yu nodded and her eyes flashed, as if she had thought of something.

“Even you would be afraid of going forward casually, am I right?” Su Zimo continued asking.


Tang Yu admitted with a nod.

Indeed, she did not dare to get close after realizing that Xiaoning was inflicted with the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison. It was not because she was cold blooded, it was merely logic.

Suddenly, Tang Yu’s heart jolted and she realized what was wrong.

She murmured softly, “Why would Junior Brother Pu be the first to head up and check something that even I wouldn’t dare to?”

Uncle Liang nodded in silence.

Tang Yu continued, “Most importantly, there’s no antidote available for the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison. There’s no reason for Junior Brother Pu to head forward at all.”

Many Elixir Yang Sect cultivators came to their senses when they heard that.

They wouldn’t have gone forward if it was them in that position.

Furthermore, what was the point of risking their lives to head forward and check when they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the poison either?

Tang Yu’s gaze turned cold as she glared at the corpse on the floor without saying anything more.

Su Zimo’s gaze flashed like lightning towards the long-faced cultivator and said slowly, “I’m guessing that the reason why the person went forward to check wasn’t because Xiaoning was poisoned. It was because Xiaoning didn’t die from the poison!”

The long-faced cultivator’s expression changed slightly as his eyes flickered; he did not dare to meet with Su Zimo’s gaze.

Squinting his eyes, Su Zimo said word by word, “That person’s killing intent appeared after finding out that Xiaoning wasn’t dead and that was why he was killed by Night Spirit!”

“Fellow Daoist, am I right?” Su Zimo was intimidating.

The long-faced cultivator forced a laugh. “H-How would I know?”

Walking slowly towards the long-faced cultivator, Su Zimo asked with a sinisterly dark gaze, “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not…”

“In this short period of time, your heart has been racing and your breathing turned hurried. You’re clearly panicking. Also… I sensed your killing intent towards me a moment ago!”

By the time he was finished speaking, Su Zimo had already arrived in front of the long-faced cultivator.

The person’s face was frightfully pale as he stumbled backwards instinctively. Even the other cultivators could tell that he was looking guilty.






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