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Chapter 397: Good Kill!

“Hold on!”

A figure strode in swiftly from outside the door. Although she wore mens’ clothes, her eyes resembled a painting and her features were delicate – that was none other than the commander of Elixir Yang Sect, Tang Yu.

Sweeping her gaze, she frowned when she saw the dead Elixir Yang Sect disciple on the floor.

When she finally caught sight of Xiaoning, her expression changed starkly as she yelped, “Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison!”

Uncle Liang nodded with a grim expression. “Her face is pale and her lips are purplish. That’s right, it should be one of Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals, the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison!”

Tang Yu was initially in seclusion cultivation but only found out that something big had happened after she was summoned urgently.

She heard from her fellow disciples that Xiaoning was met with an attack on the long street at the city’s north. Although the attacker was killed by Night Spirit on the spot, Xiaoning was inflicted by the poison.

“To think that it’s Poison Sect!”

Tang Yu’s face darkened with a terrible expression.

Right now, the north side of Xuantian City was watched over by Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect. As such, Tang Yu was initially puzzled as to who would attack so brazenly in the city’s north.

She did not expect that it would be one of the five heretical doctrines, Poison Sect!

Although Poison Sect disciples were not strong in head-on combat, many factions and cultivators were unwilling to be enemies with them.

Poison Sect had Seven Lethals.

Every single Lethal was extremely fatal and one would die upon touch!

Furthermore, Poison Sect disciples were extremely cunning and ruthless. They specialized in hidden weapons and were very stealthy.

It was way too simple if Poison Sect disciples wanted to kill anyone.

A casual contact while eating, drinking or even breathing…

Every common action could cause one their lives!

Even for Foundation Establishment Cultivators, if they were careless, they could be poisoned by the Qi Refinement Warriors of Poison Sect and die unexpectedly – these were not uncommon examples.

Most cultivators would run far away if they caught sight of Poison Sect disciple since they did not want to be enemies or befriend the latter.

Tang Yu did not understand why Su Xiaoning would be targeted by disciples of Poison Sect.

Any cultivator that could release the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison definitely held a high status in Poison Sect!

Why would Poison Sect send such a disciple to kill an Elixir Refinement Master at late-stage Foundation Establishment personally?

Right then, Uncle Liang exclaimed softly, “That’s strange. Given the toxic nature of the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison, this girl should have already turned into a puddle of blood. Why is her corpse still intact without any signs of corroding?”

Anyone who was inflicted by the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison would die within ten breaths. Their bodies would corrode, turning them into a puddle of blood and even immortals would have difficulty saving them.

Furthermore, the blood would also contain a rich amount of the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison and anyone tainted by it would die as well!

Tang Yu looked at Xiaoning for a while, deep in thought.

She’s still alive?

It might have been an illusion, but the paleness of Xiaoning’s face and her purple lips seemed to have faded a little.

How is that possible?

Tang Yu had some understanding of the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison. Even eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators would most likely die if they were tainted by the poison, let alone a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator like Xiaoning!

That was also the terrifying aspect of Poison Sect!

“What’s going on?”

Pointing at the corpse on the floor, Uncle Liang turned around and asked.

A cultivator stood forth and pointed at Night Spirit who was standing not far away, declaring hatefully, “Junior Brother Pu wanted to check on Su Xiaoning’s condition out of goodwill upon seeing that the latter was poisoned. However, this beast killed him straight away!”

Tang Yu frowned.

That statement didn’t sound like a big deal. To begin with, Night Spirit was a demon beast. It was highly likely that it might be triggered after its owner was injured and turn feral, attacking anyone wildly.

However, Tang Yu felt that something was amiss.

With a stern expression, Yan Jun shouted, “Uncle Liang, Junior Sister, Elixir Yang Sect is one of the four unorthodox groups! How can we let our disciples be killed wantonly, especially by a beast? Since it killed a fellow disciple of ours, it’ll have to pay with its life!”

Pausing for a moment, Yan Jun continued, “That’s Su Zimo’s beast. Since his beast got into trouble, he can’t escape responsibility after returning as well!”

“That’s right, we’ve got to take revenge for Junior Brother Pu!”

“Kill that beast!”

“Kill it!”

Everyone from Elixir Yang Sect chanted agitatedly.

The development of the events have gone far beyond Tang Yu’s control.

No matter what, Su Zimo’s group were still outsiders.

If she sided with Night Spirit, she wouldn’t be able to convince the masses and quell their bloodthirst. Instead, it might lead to internal bloodshed within the sect!

Biting her lip gently, Tang Yu frowned and felt flustered. For a moment, she did not know how she should handle this.

Uncle Liang sighed internally when he saw this.

Tang Yu was a talent of Elixir Yang Sect’s younger generation. Brilliant and smart, there were few things that could be hidden from her.

However, she lacked decisiveness and dominance.

There was no way for her to control the situation without those things!

Suddenly, a figure appeared in Uncle Liang’s mind.

“That man truly is…”

Uncle Liang could not continue.

It was difficult for him to give an accurate evaluation of that person.

Although he looked like a meek and demure scholar on the surface, he exuded an air of dominance deep from his spine! With sharp methods, he was decisive to kill!

Everything else aside, that particular trait alone would rank him as the top ten of the younger generation!

Suddenly, a voice sounded from outside the Main Hall.

“Who do you guys want to kill?”

The voice was calm, neither loud nor soft. However, it suppressed the chaos in the Main Hall.

Tang Yu shuddered and turned around with a flicker of joy in her eyes.

An elegant green-robed cultivator strode in. The moment he entered the Back Hall, he swept a look with his lightning-cold gaze and the place went quiet instantly!

It was a mighty aura. Although it was indescribable, it could suppress everything!

Su Zimo had returned!

The moment they saw him, everyone recalled the sight from the bloody battle on the long street and their courage weakened unconsciously.

Everyone’s gaze was on Su Zimo.

Uncle Liang could make out a hint of fear and awe in the eyes of the disciples.


After entering the Back Hall and witnessing Xiaoning’s weak state, Su Zimo’s eyes flashed coldly and killing intent surged!

Tang Yu whispered, “Fellow Daoist Su, I was careless and did not send any sect disciples to watch over Xiaoning. I truly hadn’t expected that she would be attacked by someone from Poison Sect.”

Su Zimo shook his head in silence with a dark expression.

This matter was not Tang Yu’s fault. If Xiaoning could be poisoned even with Night Spirit guarding her, nothing would have changed even if Elixir Yang Sect disciples were assigned to accompany her.

Although Tang Yu could not ascertain if Xiaoning was alive, Su Zimo had already cleared his seven orifices and could clearly hear a faint heartbeat coming from Xiaoning’s chest.

Furthermore, her heartbeat was growing increasingly stronger!

In other words, Xiaoning’s condition was turning for the better!

Su Zimo turned and walked to Xiaoning’s side. He had barely taken a few steps when Yan Jun blocked his path in a flash, sneering provocatively.

“Su Zimo, you had better stop with that attitude!”

Yan Jun shouted, “It’s true that your sister is dead but that was done by Poison Sect! It has nothing to do with us! However, all of us witnessed your beast killing our fellow disciple. Regarding that, you have to be accountable to Elixir Yang Sect!”

“Is that so?”

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo nodded. “Good kill!”

“What did you say?” Yan Jun’s eyes were widened.

“Get lost!”

“You… ”

Before Yan Jun could complete his sentence, Su Zimo reached out and slapped Yan Jun with his backhand. Instantly, Yan Jun was sent flying and landed in a corner, fainted.

The place fell into an uproar!

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