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Chapter 396: Change in Xuantian City

The difference was too great.

Initially, Bai Yu’s only advantage was in his saber technique.

But now, after Su Zimo comprehended the Countercurrent force, Bai Yu’s advantage was non-existent.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s strength had increased significantly after attaining lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section. Right now, he was crushing Bai Yu completely.

Even though it was just a single slash, he had already injured Bai Yu severely!

With a cold gaze, Su Zimo flashed forward and raised his saber, chasing after Bai Yu!

Bai Yu’s face was ghastly pale with fear. Looking at Su Zimo who was charging over, his eyes flashed with determination as he bit his tongue gently, spitting out a stream of essence blood.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Bai Yu’s chest heaved up and his heart pounded furiously.

With every single pound, new blood would course through his limbs.

On the surface of the blood burned a thin layer of flames that possessed endless energy!

“Blood Escape?”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

He knew the best about the secret skill used by Bai Yu.

In that ancient coffin underground, Su Zimo obtained the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and this secret skill was recorded in it.

Back then, during the battle at Dongling Valley, Su Zimo also relied on Blood Escape to escape, ending up in the capital of Great Zhou by chance and avoiding his disaster.

Once released, Blood Escape would burn up a third of the body’s bloodline in exchange for a momentary speed burst, allowing one to escape hundreds of kilometers away!


Bai Yu turned into a streak of blood and sped off into the distance. In the blink of an eye, he had already fled a thousand feet away!

It was too fast!

Back then, Su Zimo even managed to shrug off Golden Cores with the speed he gained by using Blood Escape.

Right now, Su Zimo had two options if he wanted to chase Bai Yu.

First, turn into his demon form and unleash his blood qi!

Second, unleash Blood Escape as well in pursuit.

After considering carefully, he found neither options feasible.

The first option would bring him too much trouble since there were thousands of cultivators around.

The second option was not worth it.

After a slight delay, Su Zimo gave up on hunting Bai Yu and put away his Blood Quencher, pulling out a gigantic moon-white bow from his storage bag.

The fact that he did not continue chasing did not mean that Su Zimo was going to let Bai Yu off.

He bent the bow and loaded an arrow.

Five spirit lights shone in Su Zimo’s embrace, as if he was hugging a full moon.


A sharp arrow tore through the air.

It was a heart-piercing arrow!

Given Su Zimo’s arm strength, coupled with the quasi-connate spirit weapon, Moon Concealment Bow, the arrow shot out at lightning speed, piercing towards Bai Yu’s back.

Bai Yu, who was in Blood Escape, sensed something and crushed a protection talisman.


The arrow exploded with a loud bang after striking the protection talisman.

Bai Yu’s body shuddered and he coughed out blood once more, staggering and nearly falling.

Laughing into the skies, Su Zimo declared loudly, “Alright, you’re lucky since you’ve managed to dodge that arrow. I’ll spare your life today. Also, it’s all thanks to your help that I’m able to comprehend the Countercurrent force.”

If it wasn’t for Bai Yu’s relentless attacks that forced Su Zimo to have nowhere to retreat, he might not have been able to gain enlightenment on the force that could counter that desperate situation.

Bai Yu paused slightly and turned to look at Su Zimo with a hateful gaze.

Sensing Bai Yu’s gaze, Su Zimo smiled faintly. “You had better hide yourself in the ancient battlefield from now on. Don’t let me see you again or you won’t even get the chance to release Blood Escape the next time we meet!”

Gritting his teeth hatefully, Bai Yu roared and turned forward to continue sprinting. That speck of blood in the air disappeared from everyone’s sights before long.

In reality, Bai Yu was most likely doomed even without Su Zimo chasing him.

The sequela of Blood Escape was rather terrifying.

Be it humans or demons, burning up a third of their bloodlines would cause them to turn extremely weak.

Dangers lurked everywhere in the ancient battlefield.

Unless Bai Yu manages to find an absolutely safe place before Blood Escape ends, he would be dead without a doubt!

Putting away the Moon Concealment Bow, Su Zimo left leisurely in front of everyone’s shocked gazes.

He had received immense gains for this trip.

Right now, the only things left to do was to familiarize himself with the five stances and comprehend the force of the other four stances.

Every stance corresponded to a different force.

Naturally, the intents were different as well.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo compared against the map and sped towards Xuantian City.

I’ve only left the city for ten-some days. I hope nothing has changed.

That was what Su Zimo hoped.

North of Xuantian City.

Back Hall of Elixir Yang Sect.

It was a hubbub of noise, with cultivators berating occasionally in a seemingly furious tone. There were even the roars of spirit beasts mixed in and it was shocking!

In a corner of the back hall, a woman was leaning to the side. She had a petite frame, her face was pale, her lips were purple and her eyes were tightly shut – it was unknown if she was alive.

That was Su Xiaoning!

In front of Xiaoning was a tall and strong demon beast with pitch-black scales all over its body. It resembled a wolf and a tiger with extremely sharp claws and teeth as it surveyed the surrounding with its pitch-black eyes in hostility!

That was none other than Night Spirit.

Night Spirit stood in front of Xiaoning and its tail swayed gently with traces of blood shimmering at its tip!

Not far in front of Night Spirit, a corpse laid on the floor with Elixir Yang Sect’s badge on his waist. There was a bloodied hole in his glabella with warm blood oozing out of it.

It was clear that the person was just killed by Night Spirit not long ago.

Yan Jun stood opposite Night Spirit along with a group of Elixir Yang Sect disciples, all of them looking furious and agitated.

“D*mned beast, you truly don’t know what’s good for you, just like your master!” Yan Jun scolded coldly.

A cultivator shouted, “Beast, how dare you kill a disciple of Elixir Yang Sect! You’ll pay for his life with yours!”

The other cultivators pointed at Night Spirit and scolded as well. Although each of them wielded their flying swords, none of them dared attack recklessly.

Everyone had witnessed the way the cultivator from earlier died.

He was killed by Night Spirit before he could even take out his flying sword!

Sensing the hostility from everyone present, Night Spirit’s gaze was cold as it opened its mouth slightly, letting out a chilling growl from the depths of its throat!

Given Night Spirit’s violent character, it should be engaged in a massacre right now instead of enduring the scoldings and humiliation of these cultivators.

There were multiple times when Night Spirit lowered its body, entering a stance prepared to pounce. However, it swallowed everything back inside!

It turned back and glanced at Su Xiaoning from time to time, worried about her safety. In fact, there was a trace of worry and guilt in its eyes.

Night Spirit patrolled around Xiaoning.

From that angle, it could block against any incoming threats!

Right then, an Elixir Yang Sect disciple came beside Yan Jun and said deeply, “Senior Brother Yan, let’s ignore that Su Zimo and join hands to kill this demon beast! No matter how strong this beast is, there’s no way it can defend against so many of us, right?”

“That’s right!”

Another cultivator nodded. “We can’t let Junior Brother Pu die just like that! Everyone, let’s work together to kill this beast as revenge for Junior Brother Pu!”

With a darkened expression, Yan Jun pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he raised his palm and said coldly, “Everyone, prepare…”






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