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Chapter 395: Countercurrent Force!

Bai Yu could clearly see that the blade had already cut off the hair on Su Zimo’s skin. A slight inch forward was all that was required to slice the latter’s throat.

However, the attack had still missed.

It was a mere centimeter gap!

The strangest thing was that Su Zimo had not opened his eyes throughout the entire process.

It was as though he had dodged the attack subconsciously!

With a lowered head, Su Zimo resembled a meditating old monk, immersed in his own world and totally oblivious to his surroundings.

“Still trying to gain enlightenment?”

Bai Yu sneered and no longer concealed the killing intent in his heart. Channeling his bloodline, his spirit saber buzzed and trembled, cutting towards Su Zimo with full force as it shimmered brightly with spirit light!

The attack was extremely fast and was almost instant!


Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged and his body fluttered like a willow catkin, evading that murderous attack from Bai Yu with his eyes still closed!


Bai Yu frowned.

He truly could not comprehend Su Zimo’s current state.

Su Zimo’s eyes were closed and could not see the trajectory of the saber.

Even if he was making use of his hearing to judge the wind, there was no way he would be able to dodge the attack as such. However, for some reason, he avoided it again.

If the first time was a coincidence, the consecutive two attacks…

“Dodge? Let’s see how long more you can manage to dodge!”

Bai Yu strode forward and his saber trembled, giving off the faint stench of blood and enveloping Su Zimo within it.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Bai Yu struck consecutively, unleashing Zenith Saber, his sect’s secret skill. The slashes were relentless, fatal and came at sinister angles!

Despite the circumstances, Su Zimo did not open his eyes and continued retreating.

However, as time passed by, the available space for Su Zimo to dodge diminished and he was gradually shrouded by Bai Yu’s saber technique with nowhere to run!

All the cultivators watching were puzzled by the fight.

To be exact, it wasn’t a fight. After all, one party was dodging right from the start without attacking at all.

“That person sure has guts. To think that he’s still trying to get enlightened at a time like this! He really has a death wish!”

“His eyes are clearly closed, but it seems as though he can sense danger. It’s as though he’s got some divine sense!”

“How did he do it?”

To everyone, it seemed as if Su Zimo had keen senses that allowed him to dodge with ease.

In truth, Su Zimo was currently in a pseudo state of slumber.

The moment Bai Yu attacked him, his spirit perception had already warned him and he could have awakened completely from his state of enlightenment.

However, this was an extremely rare opportunity.

Su Zimo could sense that he was just a little bit away from understanding the secret of force!

Therefore, Su Zimo forcefully ignored the disruptions of the outside world, dodging subconsciously with his sharp spirit perception while wholeheartedly focusing on his enlightenment.

It was an extremely dangerous decision and one that was overly mad.

Any single mistake and he would be dead on the spot. By then, whether or not he was enlightened would no longer have any meaning.

The reason why he could hold out for so long against the attacks of Zenith Sect’s heir was because he had cleared his seven orifices and attained lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section, resulting in an increase of his strength and speed.

However, he was bound to fall if this carried on.

Bai Yu’s saber techniques turned increasingly lethal as the blood stench of his blade increased. Su Zimo’s available space to retreat shrank repeatedly and he was now only moving around an extremely limited radius.

It was a highly dangerous situation!

However, he had yet to comprehend the secret behind force.

He had to make a decision!

All of a sudden!

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Bai Yu’s attacks resembled the undercurrent at the bottom of the sea, surging forward wave after wave relentlessly.

Su Zimo recalled the difficulty he had advancing at the bottom of the sea against the undercurrent and suddenly, thoughts of realization entered his mind.

Countercurrent stance.

The secret of the stance was mostly in the word ‘counter’.

What was counter?

The fact that cultivators wanted to abandon their mortal bodies to become immortal and break free from the constraints of the universe… that was counter!

Counter meant not retreating and fighting furiously forward!

Su Zimo’s entire journey had been one of countering!

Back in Ping Yang Town, his knees refused to buckle and his spine refused to bend against Perfected Being Cang Lang’s bullying… that was his counter!

Countering meant an immensely fearless aura!

In truth, everything that happened in Ping Yang Town back then could not be hidden from Die Yue’s senses.

Back then, if Su Zimo had chosen to kneel and submit…

Die Yue would have killed Perfected Being Cang Lang on the spot, ending her karma with Su Zimo before leaving.

However, the ‘counter’ that Su Zimo made was the reason why he received Die Yue’s acknowledgment and changed his fate!

One could only change their fates by countering the heavens!

One could only obtain the rights to change their fates if they dared to counter even the heavens!

Those who obeyed the will of the heavens would become mortals while those who countered it would become immortals.

Countering meant not bowing down, not retreating, not fearing, not buckling. It was an invincible march of courage and strength forward!

The Countercurrent stance could counter the situation!

At that moment, Su Zimo no longer had anywhere to run or hide.

When he saw that, Bai Yu’s eyes shone with a frenzied glint as he laughed menacingly. “Nowhere left to hide, eh? Now, die!”


The saber in Bai Yu’s hands slashed forward with multiple afterimages and blood qi spread, filling the skies with the stench of blood!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s eyes jerked open.

His eyes were clear and bright, like crystals deep in the sea that shone with a mysterious luster.

There was no trace of fear nor panic in them.

When he saw those eyes, a sense of uneasiness flashed through Bai Yu’s heart.

Unknowingly, perhaps when Su Zimo opened his eyes, a blood-colored saber had appeared in his hands.

Its blade was gigantic and shone with five spirit lights in a bedazzling manner!


Su Zimo said calmly and waved casually.


As Blood Quencher moved, there was a sound of tides surging in a reverse current coming from its blade!

Initially, Bai Yu had the advantage with his domineering momentum. However, the situation between them was instantly reversed with Su Zimo’s slash!

A torrential force crushed forward like a surging tide alongside Blood Quencher!

All the afterimages from Bai Yu’s saber disappeared instantly.

The blood stench emitted from his saber was washed away completely by the invisible tide as well.

Against that massive force, Bai Yu’s saber technique appeared simple and weak!

“Saber force!”

Bai Yu’s eyes widened in shock.

How was that possible?

He joined Zenith Sect when he was five years old and had been practicing with a saber since then.

After being immersed in the way of the saber for dozens of years, he had merely reached the peak of the first level of mastery of the saber and had not managed to reach the secret of force yet.

However, the person before him had comprehended the meaning of saber force after cultivating for a mere ten days!

In the face of the saber force, all saber techniques were merely in form no matter how precise they were.

The two sabers collided.


Bai Yu’s body shuddered and his face turned incomparably pale. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he flew away limply and his gaze dimmed.


The cultivators watching were dumbstruck!

A single slash!

Bai Yu’s initial advantage was gone after Su Zimo opened his eyes and within a single slash, he was the one that was sent flying and severely injured!

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