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Chapter 391: Unwavering

The spirit sea was definitely not a blessed place in the eyes of everyone.

This was a place where countless elites and paragons have been consumed. Right now, there were few cultivators who dared to attempt it.

Su Zimo and Bai Yu’s rush into the spirit sea one after another caused a commotion.

Initially, the water surface merely surged with waves. However, after the two of them entered, the spirit sea seemed to have been agitated and turned tumultuous!

Gigantic waves over a hundred thousand feet tall were formed, crashing down with tremendous auras.

Su Zimo and Bai Yu froze at the same time, looking at the towering wave before them with stunned expressions.

This was the power of heaven and earth and was impossible for humans to resist!

In the face of the raging wave, Su Zimo and Bai Yu appeared tiny and insignificant.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The massive wave crashed and absorbed the two of them into the sea!

Even Golden Cores would find it hard to resist such power. Before he was sucked in, Su Zimo hurriedly took a deep breath of air and held it.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were devoured.

Now that he truly entered the spirit sea, Su Zimo experienced the saber qi that those cultivators were talking about.

Every single drop of seawater possessed an infinitely ship intent, slicing at his body from all directions like a blade.

Even with his powerful body, he could feel slight waves of pain!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

If any ordinary cultivator were absorbed by the spirit sea, they would most likely be torn into pieces within ten breaths.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s mind flashed with a warning as the water current behind him fluctuated unusually – it was as though an extremely sharp object was cutting through the waves towards him.

It’s Bai Yu!

Even after entering the spirit sea, Bai Yu did not give up on hunting down Su Zimo.

Su Zimo exerted all his force and leaped like a water dragon, resurfacing above the water. He tread on the water and continued sprinting towards the saber mountain.

Bai Yu was hot on his heels.

In front of them, the waves rumbled louder and louder. The ocean spray was like a white line between the sky and the sea, resembling a massive army charging at them with ferocious momentum!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo and Bai Yu were swallowed by the wave once more.

They resurfaced time and again only to be eaten up by the waves repeatedly.

Under the baptism of the endless saber qi, even Su Zimo was feeling pressured.

The deeper into the spirit sea, the more terrifying the power of the waves became.

The sea howled relentlessly and the waves surged, as if they could not calm down unless they ate Su Zimo and Bai Yu!

The two of them slowed down.

The distance between the two of them increased as well.

In terms of physique, Bai Yu could not match Su Zimo’s after all.

By now, Bai Yu was already feeling a little exhausted and dizzy.

The longer they were in the spirit sea, the more saber qi they would accumulate within their body.

Once the limit it could endure was reached, the body would be shredded up by the endless saber qi, causing the flesh, tendons, bones and organs to be cut up!

Bai Yu could already sense the saber qi of the spirit sea invading his organs!

With a leap, he appeared on the surface of the sea and took a deep breath of air; there was a faint taste of salt at the bottom of his throat..

I can’t chase anymore!

Bai Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

He would still have a chance if he were to return to shore right now.

If he truly entered the depths of the spirit sea, it would be too late even if he wanted to retreat at that time!

His eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at Su Zimo who was still floating in the spirit sea.

He was indignant that he could not get to kill Su Zimo personally.

However, to him, Su Zimo would definitely die if the latter continued to advance.

That was because the waves of the deep sea would only turn more ferocious and the saber qi would be even sharper!

At that thought, Bai Yu scoffed coldly and turned for the shore. As for Su Zimo, he was getting further and further from the shore…

Su Zimo did not bother about what Bai Yu did.

In the spirit sea, given Bai Yu’s physique, there was no way the latter could catch up to him!

Su Zimo’s attention was entirely focused on how he should deal with the waves crashing from all directions, on how he should pass the test to reach the saber mountain!

After arriving on the shore, Bai Yu’s face was pale as he assumed a lotus position right away to channel his bloodline so as to purge away the saber qi in his body.

A long time later.

Thousands of cultivators stood at the shore and watched the tiny figure. All of them were shocked with agape mouths.

Four hours had passed and that man was still struggling through the spirit sea.

This was an outcome that none of them had expected.

At this moment, even though Su Zimo appeared tiny, none of them viewed him as a pathetic being!

His unyielding will moved everyone.

It was the same for the path of cultivation as well. If one did not have a will and determination as such, how could they reach the very end?

“Could he truly be able to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance?”

“I don’t’ think so. Throughout history, only one person has succeeded. This person… can’t do it!”

“By the looks of it, I don’t think he can hold out for much longer.”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

Suddenly, Bai Yu opened his eyes and let out a long breath, adding a tinge of redness back to his face.

He had finally expelled all the saber qi in his body after four hours of cultivation.

However, during this period of time, Su Zimo was still advancing against the tide, fighting against the surging waves and the sharp saber qi!

I don’t believe that you’ll be able to reach the saber mountain!

Bai Yu glared ahead coldly and mumbled with grit teeth.

Right then, another torrential wave surfaced on the sea far away, crashing heavily onto the figure.

The figure shuddered and disappeared into the sea once more.

This was a sight that the cultivators were numb and used to.

Not long later, that figure would resurface once more.

15 minutes passed and nothing happened.

After an hour, it was the same – the person seemed to have disappeared.

The joy in Bai Yu’s eyes intensified.

After two hours, the crowd was finally certain that the scholarly green-robed cultivator had perished in the spirit sea.

“Sigh, it’s a little regrettable. If that person had a high cultivation realm, he might have truly passed the test.”

“That’s right, he was only at five meridian Foundation Establishment. With that potential, his future accomplishments are limitless.”

The two cultivators spoke in a regretful tone.

When he heard that, Bai Yu who was on a reef at the front looked grim and killing intent surged within him. With a flash, he arrived before the two cultivators and cut twice without saying anything.

Poof! Poof!

Flashes of blood appeared.

The two slashes were extremely fast. Coupled with the fact that the two cultivators were totally unprepared, their necks were sliced by Bai Yu instantly and blood sprayed everywhere as they died on the shore with eyes widened in regret!

The Dao of Zenith Sect was to kill. If one wanted to kill, they killed, regardless of reason or explanation.

The remaining cultivators were shocked and dispersed hurriedly, running as far as they could from Bai Yu.

Bai Yu looked calm even after killing two people, as if he had done something perfectly normal. Returning to a reef, he continued cultivating with closed eyes.

No one else knew.

At the bottom of the spirit sea, a figure was walking forth, step by step. Stepping on the sand at the bottom of the sea, he wielded a blood-colored saber in his left hand. Although he was already covered with wounds, he continued forging ahead!

The bottom of the spirit sea was dark and cold. Yet, those eyes shone with a bright light that was unwavering like a mountain!

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