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Chapter 390: Crossing the Spirit Sea

The moment he said that, the saber hovering in front of the cultivator buzzed loudly, emitting an extremely intense killing intent that sent shivers down one’s spine.

The group of cultivators who were originally standing beside Su Zimo dispersed in shock.

The blood-robed cultivator’s name was Bai Yu.

“Back then, after the few of us escaped by chance, we thought that you were buried beneath!”

Bai Yu’s gaze was burning as he stuck out his grisly red tongue, revealing a set of pearly whites and a sinister smile. “However, when I heard that Demoness Ji survived, I guessed instantly that you must have too!”

Su Zimo did not move and asked with a calm expression, “You knew that I was coming?”


Bai Yu replied delightedly, “Given your potential and methods, there’s no doubt you will enter the ancient battlefield. Furthermore, since you used sabers, you are a saber cultivator and will definitely come to the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea.”

The competition for the position of the fiend heir was extremely intense in the fiend sects.

Almost all the fiend heirs got to their positions by trampling on countless corpses – none of them were common folks.

It was especially so for Zenith Sect.

For a sect that established its roots through killing, the competition between fellow disciples was even more cruel!

As the fiend heir of Zenith Sect, there was no way he could swallow the indignance of losing to an unknown cultivator underground back then.

“Seems like the two of them have a deep feud?”

“What is the background of that man? How is he still alive and well despite having a feud with the fiend heir of Zenith Sect?”

Far away, the cultivators discussed in groups.

Bai Yu’s gaze darted past Su Zimo’s waist and he could not help but scoff coldly when he did not catch sight of a sect badge. “I don’t care what your background is, today, I’m going to take your life to establish my Dao formation!”

“I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed,”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “If I can defeat you once, I can definitely defeat you again!”

The moment he said that, the crowd fell into an uproar.

“That man managed to defeat the fiend heir of Zenith Sect?”

“What’s his background?”

“Do you need to ask? He’s definitely a paragon from one of the nine immortal sects!”

Clang! Clang!

Without a second word, Su Zimo took out Blood Quencher from his storage bag. His spirit energy churned and the saber shone brightly like a frightening blood sun.

A perfect five patterns with a torrential blood qi!

The blood stench emitted by Bai Yu was extremely similar to Bai Yu’s aura!

“Good saber, good saber!”

Bai Yu’s eyes lit up and he burst into laughter. “That saber was practically custom-made for me!”

“You think you’re worthy of it?”

Su Zimo replied indifferently.

Blood Quencher was refined by him personally. Right when he was about to fail, he infused his bloodline to condense the fifth spirit pattern, completing it.

Su Zimo’s bloodline was used to cultivate the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and the Void Thunder Manual and it possessed essence of the dragon race!

Apart from him, there was no one in this world that was worthy of wielding it!

Deploying Divine Steed Fleeting, Su Zimo lunged forward before releasing Plow Heaven Stride. He landed on a reef in front of Bai Yu and stopped.


The reef exploded!

Blood Quencher descended from the sky and its blood beam exploded, engulfing Bai Yu within it.

“Huh? He’s only at five meridian Foundation Establishment?”

“A five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator is actually challenging the fiend heir of Zenith Sect?”

“How did he manage to survive to this point with his low cultivation realm?”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.


Bai Yu did not retreat nor dodge. He propped up his supreme-grade saber with both arms and retaliated with a backhand slash!

The sound of metal clashing overwhelmed the crowd’s exclamations while silencing all their previous doubts.

Seven spirit meridians shone beneath Bai Yu’s blood robes as spirit energy gushed, emanating a thick blood stench and almost materializing his killing intent.

However, Bai Yu did not have any advantage against Su Zimo’s slash!

“Such terrifying melee combat strength!”

“That person’s bloodline… I seem to be hearing the sound of a tsunami in it.”

“You must have heard wrongly. That must be the sound of the spirit sea.”

“Tsunami blood… how could someone have cultivated their bloodline to that level?”

Bai Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold killing intent.

Loosening his grip, Bai Yu’s saber left his hand and revolved around Blood Quencher’s blade, aiming straight for Su Zimo’s face!

That attack was extremely strange and had surpassed Su Zimo’s knowledge and expectation.

Shocked, Su Zimo retreated hurriedly.


Although he managed to dodge it in time, a cut was still made on his robes in front of his chest.

His chest felt a chill and a slight sting!

Bai Yu scoffed coldly and did not bother to fight head-on with Su Zimo. Striding forward, he gripped his saber once more and his figure flashed. The next moment, he slashed down at Su Zimo’s ribs with his saber’s blade pointing up!

Su Zimo frowned.

Bai Yu’s saber technique was extremely lethal.

However, the angles in which the blade came from were way too sharp and difficult to deal with.

Su Zimo retreated once more.

In the past, Su Zimo merely had to make use of his terrifying bloodline as well as his perfect spirit weapon, Blood Quencher, to cleave down in simple moves and that was enough to take down his opponents.

However, in the past few days, he realized his weakness after exchanging blows with disciples of Tianhuang Mainland’s top factions.

He did not know any saber techniques at all and was full of openings. The moment he attacked, his opponents would locate his openings and deal him a fatal strike!

Bai Yu did not have to fight head-on and could force Su Zimo to retreat just by relying on his superior saber technique.

Su Zimo did not even dare to retaliate with his saber.

If he did, it would be a mistake!

His openings would only be magnified and his situation would become much more dangerous!

Bai Yu’s attacks were relentless and came in a flurry.

Every single slash was a killing move with a murderous intent, causing blood stench to surge everywhere!

If he was careless, Su Zimo could die on the spot.

With the help of his spirit perception, Su Zimo managed to avoid a number of dangerous situations.

Back then, underground, Su Zimo was able to fight against five men and even kill a fiend heir.

But now, without the ancient spirit lock formation, the fiend heir of Zenith Sect could fight at his maximum strength and suppress Su Zimo completely with the help of his precise and sinister saber techniques.

Even so, there was still no trace of panic in Su Zimo’s eyes.

It was simple for him if he wanted to break free of the current predicament.

He could take on his demon form and burst forth with his blood qi.

At that time, Su Zimo’s strength and speed would be raised to another level and he could fight at melee range no matter the type of saber technique he had to face.

However, there were many people around. If he were to take on demon form, he would most likely be an outcast in the ancient battlefield and Tianhuang Mainland from now on.

The second option he had was to cross the spirit sea!

As he thought about it, Su Zimo already had a plan in mind. With a long howl, he retreated and dashed towards the spirit sea.


“That man wants to cross the spirit sea?”

“Does he have a death wish?”

Now that he was worked up, there was no way Bai Yu was going to let Su Zimo off as he hollered, “There’s nowhere for you to run!”

One after another, the two of them appeared above the spirit sea in an instant.

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and skipped on the waves with light treads. Sprinting towards the saber mountain, he was 5 kilometers away in the blink of an eye!

Bai Yu bit his long saber with his mouth and sprawled like a water strider that was floating on the water. Gliding with his limbs, his speed was not slower than Su Zimo’s!

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