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Chapter 389: Indeed, You Have Come

The sword reigned supreme in Tianhuang Mainland and there were extremely few pure saber cultivators, much less in the ancient battlefield.

Although the ruin was left behind by the Saber Emperor, there were not many cultivators gathered here; merely a few thousand people gathered along the coastline.

The strange thing was that most of the cultivators stood far away from the shore, seemingly afraid of the spirit sea as they pointed in hushed discussions.

Because he had limited knowledge of the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea, Su Zimo came beside the crowd and listened intently.

“The methods of the Saber Emperor are extraordinary to be able to condense qi into a sea. I’m sure the benefits of cultivating in this spirit sea must be immense,” In the crowd, a skinny cultivator murmured deeply with bright eyes.


“How ignorant.”

The moment he said that, the crowd started mocking him.

The person who first spoke blushed and craned his neck, refuting, “What did I say wrongly?”

“The spirit qi within the spirit sea is extremely rich and pure. However, it possesses boundless saber qi and is extremely sharp. You will have to receive the baptism of the saber qi the moment you enter the spirit sea!”

“With your tiny frame, you will most likely explode a few steps into the spirit sea!”

“Hehe, there have been countless elites who have been buried in this spirit sea throughout history. You can try entering if you’re not afraid of death.”

Su Zimo was enlightened.

This was the reason why there were marks of sharp weapons on the reefs.

It was because the spirit sea contained endless saber qi and cultivators with weak physiques could not handle it at all!

If they stood too close to the shore, one might not be able to escape if a huge wave crashed and engulfed them within.

A cultivator said in a deep voice, “This is a test left behind by the Saber Emperor. One will have to cross the spirit sea and ascend the saber mountain if they want to obtain his inheritance!”

Su Zimo looked into the distance – the saber mountain stood erect at the end of the spirit sea, truly far away and unreachable.

“That’s easy,”

The skinny cultivator pointed to the saber mountain and declared proudly, “We can just ride on our flying swords. Even though the saber mountain is far away, there’s no way we wouldn’t be able to reach it before nightfall!”


The crowd laughed once more.

Someone shook his head. “If the test left behind by the Saber Emperor was so simple, there wouldn’t only have been a single person who received his inheritance from the ancient era till now, right?”

Before he finished, a cultivator arrived from far away, looking excited.

Summoning a spirit saber from his storage bag, that person leaped onto it and channeled spirit energy before shouting softly, “Go!”


He turned into a streak of light and crossed the spirit sea, flying towards the saber mountain.

Most of the cultivators in the crowd had mocking expressions and smirked coldly, as if waiting to see a joke.

Su Zimo knew that things were probably not so simple.

Before he could complete his thought, the person froze in midair above the spirit sea and paused for a moment before falling in.

No matter how that person struggled to channel spirit energy in midair, it was useless.

He was swallowed by a wave before he even fell into the spirit sea.


He floated on the spirit sea and let out an occasional scream before vanishing after a brief moment.

The surface of the water was stained with blood that was gradually washed away by the surging waves.

The skinny cultivator who first declared that he wanted to ride his flying sword across the spirit sea turned pale as sweat poured down from his forehead while he breathed hurriedly.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked as well.

The spirit sea was truly out to kill!

That explains why nobody has tried to cross the spirit sea despite thousands of cultivators standing here.

A cultivator at the side explained, “Flying is forbidden in the skies above the spirit sea. Even if you manage to enter it, you will still fall into the water.

“You’re only asking for trouble trying to come up with tricks in the face of an emperor,” Someone else sneered.

The skinny cultivator composed himself and asked again after a brief moment, “In that case, only disciples of body tempering super sects such as Glass Palace and Overlord Palace can cross the spirit sea?”

“It doesn’t matter what sect you are from,”

Another cultivator explained, “Only saber cultivators are qualified to cross the spirit sea. Any other cultivator will be minced to death by the saber qi if they try to cross it forcefully!”

“That’s right. I heard that in the past, a paragon from Sword Sect tried to cross the spirit sea to challenge the Saber Emperor’s authority. Before he was even 100 meters in, he was sliced apart by the saber qi and buried within the spirit sea.”

With that, Su Zimo had a rough understanding towards the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea.

First, one could not fly over.

Second, one had to be a saber cultivator.

Third, only those with a physique strong enough to withstand the baptism of the saber qi can cross the spirit sea and pass the Saber Emperor’s test.

In that case, he might truly be able to give it a shot.

Right then, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted towards a dark black reef by the shore.

A man in blood-colored robes sat there with a long saber placed horizontally across his knees. His eyes were shut and his drenched black hair swayed casually, covering his face.

Of the thousands of cultivators, this man was the only one who dared to sit on a reef by the shore regardless of the waves. Even though his clothes were long drenched, he seemed oblivious to the fact.

There were more than ten corpses behind this person, some of them had clearly just died not long ago.

When he looked at the person’s back view, Su Zimo felt like he had seen this man somewhere before but could not recall where.

After pondering for a moment, he looked at a cultivator beside him and asked softly, “Who’s the blood-robed cultivator?”

“That’s a savage character,”

The cultivator whispered warily, “Do you see those corpses behind him? Those were cultivators who wanted to cross the spirit sea. However, they chose to start too close to him and were killed by him!”

“Just because of that?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

If that was the only reason why this man went on a massacre, he was definitely not just savage.

The cultivator pursed his lips and said, “Zenith Sect’s fiend heir doesn’t need reasons to kill.”

It’s him!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The cultivator at the side continued, “There’s a high chance he’s going to cross the spirit sea and obtain the inheritance. I heard that the cultivator who managed to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance 1,000 years ago was from Zenith Sect as well.”

All of a sudden!

The blood-robed cultivator who was seated on the reef with his eyes shut stood up and turned around slowly, looking in Su Zimo’s direction.

A top-tier expert as such would definitely sense something if someone was staring at him for a long time.

Furthermore, at that moment, Su Zimo’s mental state fluctuated slightly and there was even a hint of hostility in his eyes.

When he saw the person’s face, Su Zimo no longer had any doubts.

The blood-robed cultivator was the fiend heir of Zenith Sect that he had fought underground back then!

“Fufufufu… ”

The blood-robed cultivator laughed and stared at Su Zimo. His eyes were bright and burned with excitement as he said slowly, “Indeed, you have come! I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

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