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Chapter 388: Immortal Ruin!

A moment later, the grisly red demonic qi dissipated, revealing two figures.

Di Xing’s eyes were widened with fright as five bloodied holes appeared at the top of his head, streaming with blood – he was already dead.

With a shrug, Su Zimo’s tendons and bones sounded and that gigantic body of his reverted to normal instantly.

After changing into a fresh set of green robes, Su Zimo picked up the storage bags on the waists of the two men. He compared them before speeding forward.

The Saber Mountain Spirit Sea was about two to three days away from Xuantian City on foot.

Along the way, Su Zimo checked out Liu Yu and Di Xing’s storage bags.

Initially, he thought that it would be best if he could discover the weapon technique of Malevolent Earth Sect that could wield those ten bone spikes.

He could cultivate it and use it on his flying swords!

That way, he would not only be able to conjure sword formations, but also burst forth with immense killing power with that weapon technique!

To his disappointment, he found nothing worthwhile in their storage bags.

However, Su Zimo could understand the logic behind it.

The weapon technique of Malevolent Earth Sect was definitely a secret skill – there was no way it would be put in a storage bag casually.

It was the same for Ethereal Peak’s three secret skills. Even Golden Cores were not allowed to carry the secret skills with them, let alone Su Zimo and the others.

Even though he managed to kill disciples of the super sects, Malevolent Earth Sect and Glass Palace, in this battle, Su Zimo had been self-reflecting.

While he had been through countless battles ever since he started cultivating, he had rarely fought with disciples of these super sects.

The only time was deep underground.

One against five, Su Zimo even managed to defeat five fiend heirs of the fiend sects.

That battle created a false impression for him that even fiend sects were merely of that standard!

In that case, there was nothing to fear about immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries.

Furthermore, in recent years, Su Zimo never had the taste of failure within his same level and had even managed to kill opponents above his level.

In his battle knowledge, he felt that he could make use of his movement techniques to shorten the distance between his opponents and kill them even if their cultivation realms were higher than his!

However, this battle awakened Su Zimo and humbled him.

Truly powerful opponents could restrict his movements and actions just by making use of brilliant weapon techniques. In fact, they can force him to have nowhere to hide, let alone get close!

Di Xing’s ten bone spikes were swift, strong and had sharp angles. Their attacks were fluid as water with no delays between them.

Su Zimo could barely deal with it, let alone get close to kill his opponents.

That was precisely the terrifying and powerful aspect of Qi Refinement Cultivators.

Most cultivators were indeed weak in physique and would die if demon beasts closed in to them – that was a fact.

However, cultivators could make use of various spirit arts and weapons to restrict a demon beast’s movements!

Body tempered cultivators and Qi Refinement Cultivators had their own advantages and flaws.

The stronger of the two would depend on which side had the stronger advantage.

Take the battle earlier for example, Su Zimo could not deal with the attacks of the ten bone spikes merely by activating his bloodline.

However, after he took on demon form and burst with his blood qi, his strength and speed was raised by a level, magnifying his advantage as a body tempered cultivator and allowing him to close in and kill his opponent!

Di Xing and Liu Yu were enough to cause trouble for Su Zimo. If he was dealing with Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang, things would be even more difficult.

Furthermore, Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect were only a part of the immortal and fiend sects.

There were a total of nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries. All of those ancient sects had firm foundations and countless secret skills. What sort of methods would their legacy disciples possess and how terrifying would they be?

Despite knowing that, Su Zimo’s eyes had no trace of worry. Instead, they shone with a fervent gleam.

On the surface, he had ventured deep into the ancient battlefield for a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir.

However, deep in his heart, Su Zimo wanted to witness the disciples of these super sects!

He wanted to battle!

He wanted to battle through the world!

Deep in his bones, there was a pride that did not allow him to be weaker than others!

Thanks to his strong stamina and physique, Su Zimo traveled day and night without resting.

Even in the night, he didn’t have any scruples. By emitting his immense demonic qi while traveling, few demon beasts dared to approach him.

Two days later, Su Zimo slowed down gradually and looked at the distant horizon with deep shock in his eyes.

He had never seen the legendary Saber Mountain Spirit Sea before.

However, the moment he arrived at this place, he already knew that the mountain and sea before him was the exact location.

Before he even arrived, Su Zimo could hear the rumbling of the sea gushing and invigorating one’s mind.

The damp aura blew at his face.

The aura was not merely damp air… it was damp spirit qi that was rich and pure!

“Could the boundless sea before me be made up of spirit qi entirely?”

Su Zimo could not help but feel shocked when that thought crossed his mind.

Right then, the sound of clothes flapping through the air rang. A few cultivators arrived and their conversation attracted Su Zimo.

“The Saber Mountain Spirit Sea is the sacred grounds for saber cultivators like us. Even if we can’t obtain the inheritance of the Saber Emperor, we have to pay it a visit.”

“It’s said that in the ancient times, before the Saber Emperor left Tianhuang Mainland, he used his supreme Dharmic powers and absorbed the spirit qi and minerals within 5,000 kilometers, forming a mountain and sea. It was because he did not want the way of the saber to be lost in Tianhuang Mainland that he created this immortal ruin, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea.”

“That’s amazing!”

Someone exclaimed.

Su Zimo was shocked as well.

What sort of prowess was it for someone to amass qi and minerals to form a sea and mountain with the flip of a hand?

It was comparable to carrying a mountain burning the skies for rain to form an ocean!

The most frightening thing was that this spirit sea was created countless years ago back in the ancient era.

The sands of time erased countless major sects of the ancient era, leaving no trace behind. However, this ruin was still intact without any signs of drying up!

If the legend was true, the Saber Emperor might have already surpassed the level of a cultivator.

There has always been a saying in the cultivation world that at the end of the road, one would become the legendary immortal of the ethereal voids, growing old with unfailing ears and eyes.

However, nobody could give a definite answer as to whether or not there were truly immortals.

But to Su Zimo, even the immortal methods of the legends were nothing much.

Now that he was here, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea brought a greater impact for Su Zimo!

There were countless dark reefs near the shore. For some reason, the reefs were covered with marks of sharp weapons, etched in a shocking manner.

The tides roared furiously with a majestic aura, crashing onto the shores and creating snow-like waves.

On the horizon of the sea was a mountain that towered into the clouds.

The shape of that mountain resembled a long saber that was stabbed into the sea. With a slender and precipitous blade, its handle was hidden in the clouds, barely visible.

This was the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea!

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