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Chapter 387: Kill!

Di Xing’s gaze was dark as he glared at the wound on Su Zimo’s chest.

Although that wound wasn’t deep, the weapons of Malevolent Earth Sect were all basked and tempered in malefic energy. The moment they injure anyone, malefic energy would surge into the smallest of wounds.

Those that were lightly affected would not be able to channel their spirit energy efficiently and their combat strength would weaken. If they did not purge it in time, it might even destroy their foundation and cripple their chances at future cultivation!

Those that were severely affected would have their hearts enveloped by the malefic energy, severing their meridians and killing them on the spot!

Right in front of Di Xing, the wound on Su Zimo’s chest flashed with streaks of lightning, purging the malefic energy entirely.

Su Zimo stood where he was and glared at Liu Yun and Di Xing coldly. The killing intent in his eyes intensified and his aura was changing as well.


Di Xing laughed menacingly. “Su Zimo, surrender! That tendons transformation of yours is only going to work the first time. Next time, I’ll be prepared and you’ll be shred to pieces even if you turn into a baby!”

“Su Zimo, I’m going to give you a chance,”

Suddenly, Liu Yun’s eyes shone and he said, “As long as you’re willing to hand over your body tempering technique, I’ll let you off. Furthermore, I’ll be on your side and kill Di Xing. How does that sound?”


Su Zimo burst into laughter as he twisted his neck while his eyes shone with a demonic glint. “You guys really think you’ve won?”

The moment he said that, a sinister wind gusted without warning.

Looking at Su Zimo with his sinister expression not far away, Liu Yun and Di Xing felt an unprecedented sense of fear!

Why am I feeling this way?

The two of them exchanged glances with grim expressions.

“You want my body tempering technique?”

Su Zimo licked his lips with a ferocious glint in his eyes. Grinning, he shouted, “That depends on whether you can remain alive to learn it!”


A muffled sound rang out from within Su Zimo’s body, as though some seal had been released and an ancient demon had been summoned – it was terrifying!

Although they had been fighting for a short time, Su Zimo had already realized that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the two of them if he continued fighting with his current strength.

Since there was nobody else at this place, he could kill them in his demon form without anybody knowing!

Su Zimo’s power of blood qi erupted and his body expanded. Demonic qi shrouded his body as his pupils turned pitch-black, appearing imperceptibly in the scarlet demonic qi.

“It’s a demon!”

Liu Yun and Di Xing were shocked.

No, how is it possible?

The moment they saw that dense demonic aura, the two of them thought that Su Zimo was a demon. However, they were puzzled on second thought.

There was no way demons could take on human form before they formed an Inner Core.

How was that possible?

Furthermore, Su Zimo had clearly unlocked the eight meridians that only humans possessed – how could he be a demon?

Everything before them was completely unexplainable.

In truth, even Nascent Souls or Void Reversions would not be able to explain this, let alone the two of them.

Typically, humans and demons had different paths. Their languages were different, as were their body structures, cultivation techniques and methods.

Even tigers and leopards that were the closest to the demon race had different cultivation techniques, let alone humans and demons.

The cultivation techniques, bloodlines and everything else were different between the two races!

If Su Zimo was a human, what about the demonic qi that was coming from him?

The richness of that demonic qi was no weaker than pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

In Liu Yun and Di Xing’s moment of daze, Su Zimo shifted and arrived before Liu Yun in the blink of an eye.

A series of afterimages appeared behind Su Zimo, lasting for a long time!


Liu Yun’s expression changed and his heart nearly exploded.

Su Zimo was too imposing and terrifying!

Lunging over with that asphyxiating aura, he was even more feral than the ferocious beasts of the ancient era with his surging blood qi and cold killing intent!

Liu Yun did not have time to contemplate and activated his bloodline, churning spirit energy furiously as his bracers shone with a bedazzling spirit light.

“I don’t care what sort of a monster you are, just die!”

Liu Yun hollered and channeled his energy to the max. The veins on his neck popped out as he swung his arms, smashing violently down on Su Zimo’s head!

That was no arm.

With the augmentation of Glass Palace’s secret skill, his arm was veiled with a layer of luster. With the support of a supreme-grade spirit weapon on top of it, that was a steel whip as thick as an arm!

Su Zimo did not dodge nor retreat. His eyes shone brightly with a violent glint as he extended his arm and welcomed the strike.

With a thunk, Su Zimo’s arm swung out, resembling an elephant’s trunk that was limp and weak.

The moment the two arms made contact, Su Zimo’s arm coiled and trembled!

The mysterious luster on Liu Yun’s hand dissipated instantly.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Even with the protection of his bracers, Liu Yun’s arm was contorted with the bones inside shattered. All the bone fragments pierced out from his flesh in a bloodied, horrific manner.


Liu Yun shrieked tragically as color drained from his face.

After taking on demon form, Su Zimo’s strength had not only increased from the burst of his blood qi, he had even unleashed a killing move of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A gust of wind blew behind Su Zimo’s head, producing a vague stinging pain.

He did not have to see to know that Di Xing must have attacked!


With a sneer, Su Zimo rushed up without stopping at all after crippling Liu Yun’s arm.

Liu Yun grit his teeth and cold sweat poured from his head.

As long as he could block Su Zimo for a moment, Di Xing’s ten bone spikes would descend before long and trap Su Zimo within! At that time, he would be able to escape.

As a final gambit, Liu Yun punched out once again.

Su Zimo’s strength was not the only thing that increased after he took on his demon form – his speed increased as well!

Instead of slowing down, Su Zimo hastened and his body curled into a spiral ball. His knee seemed to be in a kneeling position and it barely dodged Liu Yun’s punch.

As though he was propping up an immortal peach with his hands, Su Zimo arrived in front of Liu Yun and suddenly pushed both palms upwards against Liu Yun’s chin!


Instantly, Liu Yun’s head was tossed back, his jaw smashed and his throat snapped on the spot – he was no longer breathing!

Di Xing gasped when he saw that.

Nobody could have imagined that a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator from Glass Palace that was known for their immense physiques would die in a single round of melee combat!

A cold light tore through the air as ten bone spikes chased relentlessly.

Initially, they should have landed on Su Zimo’s back. However, Su Zimo’s body fell flat to the ground and he slithered forward, like an anaconda in the grass as he charged towards Di Xing.

This time round, he evaded nine bone spikes completely!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The nine bone spikes pierced Liu Yun’s body instead!

The remaining bone spike was about to strike Su Zimo’s head when the latter stretched out his right hand and allowed it to pierce his palm instead!

It could not pierce through!

A supreme-grade spirit weapon’s spike could not pierce through Su Zimo’s right hand!

In Di Xing’s moment of daze, his vision blurred and a tall figure stood up from the ground, obstructing his view.

It was too fast!

Anyone within ten feet would die instantly!

Di Xing felt his heart sink.

The next moment, a grisly red demonic qi rumbled and engulfed Di Xing within it.

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