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Chapter 386: Contracting Tendons and Bones

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Su Zimo swung Blood Quencher and repelled three bone spikes consecutively.

Right after, he made use of his spirit perception and passed through the gap of two bone spikes extremely closely!

With a swoosh, a pair of spirit wings appeared behind his back and suddenly, Su Zimo soared into the air and evaded the remaining four bone spikes.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

Any slight delay would have riddled Su Zimo’s body with holes!

Su Zimo was internally shocked by how he had to unleash multiple trump cards just to barely evade the wave of attacks from Di Xing’s bone spear.

Taking a deep breath, Su Zimo was about to charge forward and shorten the distance between him and Di Xing when a cold light flashed by his eyes followed by an incoming wave of malefic energy.

The bone spike that he had first repelled was now approaching him once more!

The sequence was perfect and Su Zimo did not have any breathing room at all!

With the use of his spirit wings, Su Zimo hovered in midair and reared his head; his body was almost parallel to the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A series of piercing sounds could be heard.

The previous nine bone spikes had returned and sealed his path once more.

Out of exasperation, Su Zimo could only swing Blood Quencher and fight head-on!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

He had just soared into the skies but was forced to descend onto the ground after the consecutive furious attacks of the bone spikes.

It was only now that Su Zimo understood why Tang Yu and the others had always thought that he was not a match for Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang.

Even after he displayed unparalleled strength in that bloody battle on the long street, or killed two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators singlehandedly, no one thought highly of him.

The two men before him had already given him an answer.

This was the strength of the disciples that belonged to the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland!

“Skynet Fist!”

Liu Yun’s voice sounded.

The spirit qi in the void behind Su Zimo fluctuated wildly – this was a sign of the condensation of spirit arts.

The changes of the void alone was enough to tell of how frightening Skynet Fist was!

Not far away, Liu Yun conjured a hand seal and punched towards Su Zimo through the void.

A fist that was conjured from spirit energy materialized and was crystal clear. It shot out, punching towards the spot where Su Zimo landed.


Su Zimo had just landed on the ground when he heard an explosion.

Without looking, he could already feel a gigantic fist coming towards his body with a terrifying might as it caused the surrounding air to explode!

Liu Yun had arrived!

After Skynet Fist, Liu Yun’s body flashed and he charged forward. Swinging his arms, his bracers shone brightly and smashed towards Su Zimo’s head.

There was no wonder why Liu Yun was a disciple of an immortal sect – his timing was impeccable!

Right as Skynet Fist descended, he had arrived while unleashing a killing move!


The current situation was much more dangerous than 10 days ago on that long street!

Su Zimo was already having too much trouble dealing with the ten bone spikes before him and now, Liu Yun, who was terrifyingly strong in melee combat, was striking from the back – a single misstep and Su Zimo would die on the spot!

Liu Yun and Di Xing’s eyes shone excitedly.

To them, Su Zimo was already a dead man with nowhere to run!

Even Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang might not be able to escape unscathed against such an attack.

However, what puzzled the two of them was that they couldn’t spot a single trace of panic on Su Zimo’s face.

Those eyes were calm as water with slight ripples of killing intent.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo did something that Liu Yun and Di Xing could not understand at all.

He put away his Blood Quencher.

Before the two of them could think about why Su Zimo did that, the latter had already struck!

“Fiend Suppression Seal!”

Su Zimo’s left hand flickered and he connected his middle finger and thumb, conjuring a hand seal while chanting a mental sutra.


A golden palm descended from the sky in a blinding manner. Tearing through the firmament, the patterns on the palm were clearly visible as it slammed towards the Skynet Fist with an apocalyptic might!

The palm and fist collided, creating a deafening bang in midair.

The spirit qi in the void turned chaotic instantly.

A massive wave of energy shot out from the collision as a core, spreading towards the surrounding in a golden light as spirit energy dissipated.

Su Zimo’s arms were already starting to feel numb after clashing with Di Xing repeatedly earlier on.

If not for his powerful bloodline that surged like a tidal wave, he would not be able to lift his arms now, let alone have the strength to retaliate!

Right then, Liu Yun’s fist flew over.

“Good move!”

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and punched in reverse!

His right hand was the indestructible blood bone palm.

One side was an accumulated attack while the other side was a forced counterattack. Despite knowing that he had the disadvantage in strength, Su Zimo could only ensure that his right hand would not be crippled by the other party’s punch!


The fist and arm collided.

Liu Yun’s bracers struck Su Zimo’s fist. However, instead of bones cracking, a dull sound of defeat was heard.

Su Zimo’s right hand was bloodied but his bones were intact, merely suffering wounds on his flesh.

Huh? His palm isn’t crippled?

Liu Yun’s pupils constricted.

‘The other party merely suffered injuries on the flesh after taking a supreme-grade spirit weapon head-on with his body. In fact, his bones weren’t even cracked?!’

As expected, Su Zimo’s strength was not enough for that clash and his body stumbled backwards towards the ten incoming bone spikes!

“Fufu, he’s going to die in my hands still…”

Di Xing sneered. However, he stopped before he could finish.

Under their watchful gazes, Su Zimo was about to be pierced by the ten bone spikes when his bones and tendons sounded at the same time. They shifted and suddenly contracted into a bundle, making him the size of a small child!


The two of them gasped.

Liu Yun was even more shocked.

How was that possible?

Because Glass Palace specialized in body tempering, he knew very well that it was extremely difficult for a person to achieve what Su Zimo just did!

That was the art of Tendons Transformation, a point where even the tendons and bones have been cultivated to the extreme!

In fact, a person could change their appearance with this.

Only a Nascent Soul with an Essence Spirit could distinguish between the person’s true appearance.

Even Pei Chunyu of Glass Palace could not achieve this, let alone him!

After his body shrank, a few bone spikes that should have pierced Su Zimo missed instantly.

Despite that, Su Zimo could not avoid all of the bone spikes.

His miniature frame twisted in midair and contorted into an unimaginable arc, shuttling through a few bone spikes!


Flashes of blood appeared.

A bone spike brushed by Su Zimo’s chest, leaving a wound.

Although he did not manage to avoid all the bone spikes, Su Zimo managed to escape from a fatal situation with his unparalleled use of Tendons Transformation!


In front of the two of them, Su Zimo’s bones and tendons sounded and that child expanded right away, turning to his original body once more.

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