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Chapter 385: Troublesome

Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and his bones and tendons sounded together, rumbling with the sound of tsunami alongside thunder cracking!

Five spirit lights shone on Blood Quencher and burst forth into a blinding radiance, akin to a blazing blood-colored sun. It shot through the void with a sharp edge!

The power of that slash was extremely strong and it was fast. Any other ordinary cultivator, even if they were at seven meridian Foundation Establishment, would have been shocked.

However, Liu Yun and Di Xing were unimpressed and they even had mocking expressions.

“Let the body be like glass, transparent inside out and cleansed of impurities, turning indestructible!”

Liu Yun stood on the spot and chanted the mantra. Each time he said a single word, his body’s aura would change slightly.

Until the end, Liu Yun’s muscles seemed like they were veiled with a mysterious luster, bright as glass and without flaws and impurities!

At the same time, Liu Yun’s arms shone with four spirit lights.

It was a pair of braces, a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Glass Palace specialized in body tempering and if one cultivated the sect’s secret manual, the Glass Heart Sutra to its max, their body, eyes and heart would be like glass. They would be indestructible, flawless, undying, immensely strong and could fight against ferocious beasts with their bare hands!

Therefore, cultivators of Glass Palace mostly used weapons such as gloves or bracers.

Although bracers were rarely seen nowadays, they were one of the hundred weapon classes back in the ancient era and were not to be underestimated.

Bracers were extremely flexible and when equipped on one’s arms, could be used both defensively and offensively, allowing one use their arms like their fingers.

Swiftly, Liu Yun neither retreated nor dodged. He buckled his knees slightly, shifting his center of gravity downwards as he propped up his arms to receive the incoming Blood Quencher.


The sound of metal clashing rang.

Liu Yun’s figure turned shorter as his feet sank deep into the ground. However, he was not pushed backwards nor did his expression change.

As for Blood Quencher, it rebounded highly against the tremendous force.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and his heart skipped a beat.

On the surface, this was an even exchange.

But in reality, he took the initiative and his Blood Quencher was a grade higher than Liu Yun’s bracers!

Yet, he did not gain any advantage despite such circumstances!

“This is a tough nut to crack!”

Su Zimo realized that he might not be able to kill this person quickly and could not help but shift his gaze towards Di Xing who was not far away.

After that slash, Su Zimo used the remaining momentum of Blood Quencher as it was repelled to redirect towards Di Xing of Malevolent Earth Sect at the side. The blood beam was blinding with a nauseating smell!

A few years ago, deep underground, Su Zimo dealt with some of the fiend heirs before and had some understanding towards the fiend sects.

Among the fiend sects, Overlord Palace was the strongest in body tempering followed by Zenith Sect; the physique of Malevolent Earth Sect’s fiend heir was not strong.

Su Zimo wanted to make use of a ferocious burst attack to kill Di Xing first before dealing wholeheartedly with Liu Yun later on.


As though he had sensed Su Zimo’s killing intent long ago, Di Xing let out an odd chuckle and seven spirit meridians shone on his body. Spirit energy surged as he opened his mouth, spitting out a black smoke that gushed in an illusory and malefic manner!

Although he had yet to clear his eye orifices, Su Zimo’s vision was extremely strong due to his daily cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

But now, he felt his vision go black against the black fog. In that moment of daze, he lost track of Di Xing.

Blood Quencher seemed to have entered a quagmire in this mass of malefic energy and could barely be moved.

The malefic energy enveloped and corroded the blade, causing its spirit light to dim while the blood beam on the blade showed signs of weakening.


Su Zimo harrumphed and held Blood Quencher horizontally across his chest. Channeling his bloodline, a ball of blazing lightning appeared in his palm and he swiped it across Blood Quencher.

The power of thunder was the most masculine and could purge off evil – it was the most effective against such malefic energy.

With a series of crackling sounds, the malefic energy around Blood Quencher was completely purged by the ball of lightning in Su Zimo’s palm!

Five spirit patterns shone on the blade once more as it regained its luster.


Di Xing’s eyes flashed with caution.

In reality, the smoke that he had spat out was far from simple – it was one of Malevolent Earth Sect’s secret skills, Spirit Devouring Malefice!

The Spirit Devouring Malefice was extremely strong and was used to corrode spirit weapons.

Any spirit weapon that was tainted by the Spirit Devouring Malefice would have its spirit qi sucked away. Left unpurged, even its spirit patterns would be erased, rendering the spirit weapons almost useless.


Liu Yun charged over from the side with his bloodline rumbling like lead mercury. A fierce wind blew behind him as he swung his arms and smashed down.

Su Zimo took a wrong step and twisted his body to slash in reverse.


Sparks flew everywhere.

In a flash, Su Zimo’s body swayed as he made use of the energy from that blow’s rebound and crossed his legs, unleashing Divine Steed Fleeting to charge at Divine Steed Fleeting who was not far away with a furious killing intent!

Di Xing was different from Liu Yun.

His physique was average and he was not strong in melee combat – Su Zimo would be able to kill him as long as he could get close.

Seemingly seeing through Su Zimo’s intentions, Di Xing smirked coldly.


Suddenly, he threw out the bone spear in his arms and it hovered in midair. A pitch-black smoke surged out from his fingertip, entering the spear.

The ten-jointed bone spear shone brightly with spirit light and four spirit patterns.

Di Xing’s fingers shifted continuously as he conjured a hand seal while shouting, “Go!”

The moment he said that, the ten-jointed bone spear broke apart and turned into ten bone spikes. Each of them were shrouded with malefic energy as they shot towards Su Zimo at lightning speed.

Su Zimo had just deployed Divine Steed Fleeting when his mind flashed with a warning.

In a dizzying moment, he was welcomed by ten bone spikes.

The spikes shone coldly and were extremely sharp. These were not weaker than normal sharp weapons and holes would definitely appear on one’s body if they found their mark.

The scariest thing was that the ten bone spikes were extremely precise and sealed off all of Su Zimo’s escape routes!

Eight bone spikes occupied eight different directions.

The remaining two bone spikes sealed the upwards and downwards directions.

All ten directions were completely sealed!

Right then, it would be difficult for Su Zimo to avoid the bone spikes even if he made use of Anaconda Swath!

“What a brilliant technique!”

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

Ethereal Sword, one of Ethereal Peak’s three secret skills, was a weapon technique as well and consisted of three levels.

However, compared to the weapon technique of Malevolent Earth Sect, Ethereal Sword was clearly a class weaker.

Ever since he started cultivating, Su Zimo had fought countless battles. However, this was the first time that a cultivator could seal off his movements with just a weapon technique!

Now that he thought about it, it was truly way too lucky that he was able to kill the Malevolent Earth Sect fiend heir back then.

The presence of the ancient spirit lock formation disabled at least half of the Malevolent Earth Sect fiend heir’s powers.

Everything else aside, if the fiend heir could use this weapon technique back then, he would have been invincible.

In that flash, Su Zimo did not have time to think as he swung Blood Quencher while channeling his bloodline. He roared loudly, slashing against an incoming bone spike by making use of his immense burst power.


The bone spike was sent flying and a gap appeared.

Di Xing was not far away!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up. Just as he was about to charge through the gap, the air behind, above, below and on his sides vibrated immensely!

The other nine bone spikes descended, leaving Su Zimo no chance at all!

Even though Di Xing was not far away, Su Zimo had no choice but to deal with the nine bone spikes.

No matter how fast he was, he could not match the speed of the bone spikes.






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