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Chapter 382: Legend of the Saber Emperor

Each time cultivators of the Great Zhou Dynasty entered the ancient battlefield, they would only linger around the borders – how could they have heard of the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea?

If it was not because Su Zimo had brought Ji Chengtian and the others to this place, they might never have known about Xuantian City nor would they have the chance to interact with large sects such as Elixir Yang Sect and Glass Palace in their entire lives.

Experiences as such were rare and precious, serving as eyeopeners.

Su Zimo never had any feuds with Yan Jun. However, the latter had been unfriendly to him right from the beginning, shooting sarcastic remarks whenever he had the chance.

As for the exact reason, Su Zimo had a vague guess.

However, this was a cultivator of Elixir Yang Sect’s Battle Hall after all and Su Zimo was not bothered since Yan Jun had yet to cross his bottom line.

Tang Yu frowned gently and shot Yan Jun a stern look before saying slowly, “The reason why the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea is so famous is because of an old legend related to it.”

Through her tone, it was obvious that the legend was far from simple.

Su Zimo’s group looked serious as they sat upright and listened intently.

Tang Yu said slowly, “The legend… of the Saber Emperor!”

The Saber Emperor!

The moment those two words were said, the void trembled, as if a pitch-dark crevasse had been opened up, sending a chilling gust of wind forth!

The mere mention of those words brought forth an indescribable pressure. It was ancient, as though it had crossed through the archaic times with an indestructible intent that was shocking!

Instantly, a killing intent filled the hall.

Everyone felt as if it had become much more difficult to breathe.

It took a long while before the sensation dispersed.

Tang Yu took a deep breath and said, “The emperor represents invincibility, superiority and uniqueness. He is invincible in the way of the saber with no one that can surpass him, hence the title of the Saber Emperor!”

“While the Saber Emperor may not have been the strongest person in Tianhuang Mainland, he was the one and only emperor in the way of the saber among all the saber cultivators!”

Su Zimo understood.

In any given era, there could be many emperors. However, in any particular domain or path, there could only be a single emperor.

That was the definition of emperor – invincible, supreme and unique!

The emperor of the path of immortality was the Immortal Emperor; the emperor of the fiend path was the Fiend Emperor; the emperor of the way of the sword was the Sword Emperor…

Following that line of deduction, those that become emperors must naturally be among the strongest cultivators of Tianhuang Mainland.

“I believe all of you know that the sword reigns supreme in the current Tianhuang Mainland and the most common weapon of choice for immortal cultivators are flying swords. However, back in the ancient era, there were a hundred weapon classes that fought for supremacy. Apart from swords, there were sabers, spears, halberds, axes, bows and many other weapons. The sword had its own way and so did the saber. There was an emperor for every type of weapon.”

“However, in the ancient era, the human race was blessed with immense luck and gave birth to countless paragons in Tianhuang Mainland, giving rise to multiple emperors. That was a golden era for us humans and we waged a historic war against the other races known as the ancient war. The war lasted for a long time and countless human experts and ancient mighty figures fell. The emperors were all tainted with blood and it was extremely tragic.”

“Although we humans stood victorious after the war, most of the hundred weapon techniques were lost in the ancient battlefield with no future left in sight. The only remaining lineages were the ways of the sword and saber.”

Su Zimo and the rest were shocked when they heard that.

They had never heard of these ancient tales and legends. Right now, they were greatly intrigued.

Even though it was only a few short descriptions, everyone could almost envision that magnificent era before their eyes.

In fact, Su Zimo had an urge to go against the tides of time and follow in the footsteps of his predecessors to witness that glorious history.

Tang Yu continued, “The reason why those two heritages could be passed down from the ancient war was naturally attributed to two people, the Sword Emperor and the Saber Emperor. There are way too many legends regarding these two mighty figures. Some described them as mortal enemies, some described them as bosom buddies and there were even some who said that they were neither friends nor foes, merely appreciative of the others’ talents…”

“No matter what, the final outcome was that the Saber Emperor went far away and left Tianhuang Mainland. Thereafter, there were no emperors for all the other weapons and only the way of the sword reigned supreme, leading to the current state of the cultivation world.”

Su Zimo’s group let out a long breath, unable to calm down for a long time.

It was only now that they understood why most of the cultivators in the cultivation world used flying swords instead of flying sabers and other weapons. So, this was the reason.

Tang Yu said, “The legacy that the Sword Emperor left behind back then is the current Sword Sect, one of the nine immortal sects!”

Su Zimo was secretly impressed.

Originally, he thought that super sects such as the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries only earned their title as the strongest factions of Tianhuang Mainland due to their ancient lineage and strong foundations.

But judging from the situation now, all of those sects had shocking backgrounds!

For example, of the nine immortal sects, Sword Sect’s Founder Master was the Sword Emperor of the ancient times. In fact, he was someone that influenced the future of the world such that the way of the sword was supreme in the current cultivation world.

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo suddenly asked, “Where did the Saber Emperor go?”

Tang Yu smiled faintly. “He traveled far overseas and found a lone island in the ocean, leaving his legacy there.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he blurted, “One of the two islands?”

The top factions of Tianhuang Mainland consisted of the nine immortal sects, eight demon races, seven fiend sects, six Buddhist monasteries, five heretical doctrines, four unorthodox groups, three aristocrat families, two islands and one palace.

“That’s right.”

Tang Yu’s eyes flickered with a hint of admiration as she nodded. “The legacy left behind by the Saber Emperor is one of the two islands, Divine Phoenix Island. The successor of Divine Phoenix Island rarely steps foot onto Tianhuang Mainland. However, each time one of them does, they would definitely be unrivaled paragons that are bound to create waves in the cultivation world!”

Su Zimo lamented.

From this perspective, the Saber Emperor did not lose back then.

The legacy left behind by the Sword Emperor is one of the immortal sects and the legacy left behind by the Saber Emperor is one of the two islands. In terms of reputation, status or strength, the island is not weaker than Sword Sect.

“What does the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea have to do with the Saber Emperor then?” Su Zimo asked.

Tang Yu explained, “It’s said that when the Saber Emperor left Tianhuang Mainland, he left behind a legacy, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea in the ancient battlefield.”

“While the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea truly exists, there has never been any cultivator who has obtained its inheritance for thousands of years. Countless paragons have been produced in this period of time but all of them ended in failure. Gradually, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea became a legend that no one believed in, until…”

With a slight pause, Tang Yu continued, “Around a thousand years ago, a monstrous cultivator appeared in the ancient battlefield. Although he was not from one of the super sects, he had frightening combat strength and could compete against all the legacy disciples of the various major sects!”

“It was said that the person managed to obtain the Saber Emperor’s in the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea!”

Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “The Saber Mountain Spirit Sea still exists after that person obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance?”

“I don’t know the exact reasons why, but it indeed still exists.”

Tang Yu nodded. “You’re considered as a saber cultivator as well and the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea is suitable for you and can help your strength grow rapidly. Naturally, there’s a prerequisite… and that is for you to obtain the inheritance of the Saber Emperor.”






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