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Chapter 372: Fierce Battle in the Rain


Chai Li rode on the Black Feather Dhole with a venomous gaze that shone with a cruel glint. Waving his arms, he flew into the air and lunged towards Su Zimo.



On the ground, the Black Bane Wolf, Black Feather Dhole and Rahu Tiger opened their mouths and let out deafening roars!

All three of them were ancient remnant beasts and emanated boundless demonic qi. With massive bodies and sharp claws, they had already cultivated to the peak of Foundation Establishment.

Splitting into three directions, the three ancient remnant beasts charged towards Su Zimo.

It was especially so for the Black Bane Wolf.

After witnessing its owner shot to death by this green-robed cultivator, the only thing it wanted to do right now was to rip this man’s throat into pieces!

In midair, Chai Li wielded his saber and descended from the skies along with Hu Meng and his copper spear.

The thousand odd desperadoes had already charged forward, surrounding the place completely and leaving Su Zimo with no room to escape!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The desperadoes chanted furiously and attacked.

Some of them summoned flying swords, some of them released spirit arts and others wielded sabers and axes…

When they saw that, the spectators shook their heads and sighed to themselves.

Even legacy disciples of factions such as Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect would not be able to escape an attack as such unscathed, let alone a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator such as Su Zimo.

Tang Yu’s gaze was burning and fixed on Su Zimo the entire time.

To her surprise, she could not spot the slightest bit of panic or fear on Su Zimo’s face. In fact, there was a vague trace of excitement in those bright eyes of his!

Su Zimo’s lips were curled slightly, showing a faint smirk.

He was smiling!

What sort of a person is he?

Tang Yu frowned slightly.

She truly could not understand how Su Zimo could smile in such a deadly situation!

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed into the skies, enunciating three resounding syllables.

After his laugh, the rain around him seemed to be repelled by an invisible force as they spilled outwards.

The surrounding desperadoes were shocked – the voice seemed to be rattling their minds, causing their visions to blur!

Everyone’s hands trembled.

At that moment, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and his figure flashed. Before Chai Li and Hu Meng descended, he charged towards the three ancient remnant beasts.

In that pouring rain, Su Zimo left behind a series of afterimages that lingered for a brief moment before vanishing in the raindrops.

“Even three beasts are thinking of taking my life?”

Roaring into laughter, Su Zimo did not hold back the disdain in his eyes as his bloodline churned, letting out the sound of tsunami, thunder and tigers and leopards that caused one to shiver!

Against the three incoming ancient remnant beasts, Su Zimo slashed in reverse.

The gigantic saber’s blood beam expanded, engulfing the Rahu Tiger and Black Feather Dhole within it.

Right after, Su Zimo strode forward and slammed down, using his left fist as a seal and punching onto the Black Bane Wolf’s head.

The Black Bane Wolf’s eyes shone with violence and it did not retreat nor dodge. Instead, it reached out at Su Zimo’s throat with its sharp claws!

The Black Bane Wolf was much bigger than Su Zimo in size.

Under normal circumstances, before Su Zimo could even punch the Black Bane Wolf, the latter’s claws would have already ripped his throat apart.

The Black Bane Wolf’s eyes shone with excitement.

It could visualize the human before it being shred by its claws.

All of a sudden!

A change occurred on the battlefield!

The instant the Black Bane Wolf lunged forward, Su Zimo’s bones and tendons sounded together. His tendons expanded and contracted like a bowstring and echoed with vibrating sounds.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s arm expanded rapidly as he struck first, his fist transforming into a green-black seal that landed heavily onto the head of the Black Bane Wolf.

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Among the spirit demons, wolves were said to have bronze skulls and iron bones. In other words, the head of a wolf was the toughest part of its body!

But right now, the head of the Black Bane Wolf, an ancient remnant beast, was crushed by a single punch from Su Zimo. Its brain juice splattered as it gave a tragic shriek before dying on the spot!

If the Black Bane Wolf was said to have a skull made of bronze and iron bones, Su Zimo’s fist would be equivalent to a diamond that was indestructible and almighty!

After killing the Black Bane Wolf with a single punch, the Black Feather Dhole and Rahu Tiger retreated against the sharpness of Blood Quencher.

At this moment, the attacks of the other cultivators arrived.

The two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators that posed the greatest threat to Su Zimo, Chai Li and Hu Meng, were charging forth once again with their respective weapons.

A bloody battle had erupted completely!

Clang! Clang!

Su Zimo slapped his storage bag and summoned 18 supreme-grade flying swords, conjuring the Candlelight Sword Formation right away!

This time round, the Candlelight Sword Formation was not used offensively, but completely defensively.

The attacks of the thousand odd desperadoes were too concentrated and it was no longer possible to just rely on spirit perception.

Cling! Clang!

The circular sword formation spun and blocked the many incoming flying swords at the back.

Fortunately, Su Zimo had advanced to five meridian Foundation Establishment and had a massive boost in his spirit energy. Otherwise, the Candlelight Sword Formation would have dispersed after a short while under the countless spirit weapons and spirit arts.


Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he weaved between the concentrated attacks, dodging the strikes of Chai Li and Hu Meng. Barging right into the crowd, he wielded Blood Quencher and cleaved around him!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo did not know any saber techniques at all. However, his bloodline was extremely strong and his strength was unparalleled. Coupled with the sharpness and weight of Blood Quencher, he overwhelmed every single location he was at!

The bodies of those cultivators could not withstand the blood beam of the saber – anyone that Blood Quencher touched was sliced into half with fresh blood pouring everywhere.

Even if there were cultivators who could barely withstand the might of Blood Quencher thanks to their own spirit weapons, they were sent flying by the tremendous force transmitted by the sharp blade and their organs were ruptured before they even landed!

Clang! Clang!

Swinging Blood Quencher, Su Zimo clashed against Chai Li and Hu Meng head-on once more.

This time round, Su Zimo did not budge a single step. His bloodline seemed to be boiling as he howled and took a step forward, slashing twice.

Clang! Clang!

Chai Li and Hu Meng’s spirit energies churned rapidly in their dantians as they resisted Su Zimo’s attacks. Their expressions did not change and the killing intent in their eyes merely intensified.


An evil gust of wind blew.

The Black Feather Dhole took advantage of the moment when Su Zimo was fighting Chai Li and Hu Meng to lunge forward, aiming for Su Zimo’s back silently with its sharp claws.

If the attack connected, Su Zimo’s heart could be ripped out!

Without even turning back, Su Zimo whipped backwards. His arm that was hard as a rock earlier on suddenly turned limp and flexible, like an elephant’s trunk. With a swoosh, it struck the Black Feather Dhole on the head.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In front of everyone, the Black Feather Dhole’s head spun a few rounds around its neck before coming to a stop – its neck was snapped completely and it died on the spot!

Seizing that opportunity, the Rahu Tiger charged and bit towards Su Zimo’s neck.

Su Zimo seemed like he had nowhere to run when all of a sudden, a gigantic pair of wings extended behind his back, shining with a bedazzling spirit light.

The spirit wings flapped and Su Zimo rose into the air without anything beneath his feet.


He was still a step too slow.

Su Zimo’s left leg was scratched by the Rahu Tiger’s claws and a few cuts appeared on his robes with traces of blood vaguely shown beneath.

He was injured!

It was less than 15 minutes since the battle started and Su Zimo was already injured.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s situation would only turn more dangerous the longer things dragged on!

The rain was still pouring relentlessly.




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