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Chapter 371: Ten Consecutive Arrows


Chai Li, who was beside Lang Tan, was the first to react. Withdrawing a long saber at his waist, his spirit energy surged and seven spirit meridians lit up!

With a holler and furious killing intent, Chai Li swung a reverse slash onto the incoming arrow.

The cold light dissipated and the arrow was split into two.

Su Zimo’s gaze narrowed.

It was extremely difficult if one wanted to stop an arrow that was tearing through the air.

It was not just a test of one’s eyesight and reaction, but also their accuracy as well as the timing of striking with the saber.

Given Su Zimo’s bloodline, arm strength and the fact that he was using a quasi-connate spirit weapon, the Moon Concealment Bow, that arrow was extremely powerful and even the strongest six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator would not be able to deal with it!

However, for Chai Li who was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment, he was able to take on that arrow unscathed!

That was the reason why seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were terrifying.

Be it in terms of reaction, speed or strength, they were significantly superior in all aspects.

In reality, Chai Li was the one feeling shocked at the moment!

Even though he had defended against that arrow, his palm felt like it was about to split and his wrist was a little numb!

What did that mean?

It meant that the power of that arrow was enough to threaten him!

Suddenly, Chai Li realized that it was no wonder why Bao Yunfeng died.

Before he was finished with his thought, the third arrow right after the second!

The next moment, the fourth, fifth, sixth… and tenth arrows!

Ten consecutive arrows enveloped the three Mounted Bandits!

The storm poured and the arrow rain was incoming!

Chai Li and Hu Meng’s expressions changed starkly and they were no longer bothered to save Lang Tan as they scurried to protect themselves.

Thanks to Chai Li’s defense of the previous arrow, Lang Tan managed to catch some breathing space. He whipped out a saber with his left hand and crushed a protection talisman with his right.

The moment the protection barrier was formed, the cold beam arrived.


Cracks spread out on the surface of the protection barrier – it was pierced with a single arrow!


Lang Tan’s expression changed.

The killing power of that single arrow was so terrifying!

His protection talisman was one of the top-tier Grade 2 Talismans and could defend against a full powered attack of a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

However, it was destroyed by a single arrow right now!

Yet another flash of light shot through the misty rain and approached.

By now, Lang Tan had nowhere to dodge with his protection talisman crushed. The only thing he could do was to grip his saber with both hands and slash forward with all his might.


When the saber collided with the arrow, sparks flew everywhere and the saber was actually repelled!

The cold light paused for a moment before it pierced through Lang Tan’s chest, causing a bloody arrow to exit from the back.

Lang Tan fell from his Black Bane Wolf and his eyes gradually dimmed as his lifeforce left his body.

The entire process of Su Zimo opening his eyes, withdrawing the Moon Concealment Bow and loading it happened at almost the same time.

He had only attacked when the three Mounted Bandits were within 300 feet.

If the distance was too far, the power of the arrows would be reduced and they would be too slow, giving a longer reaction time to his opponents.

If the distance was too near, a bow wouldn’t be too useful.

Around 300 feet or 100 meters was sufficient for Su Zimo – the arrows would be almost instant against the three Mounted Bandits who were charging over.

Within 100 meters, the 10 consecutive arrows killed Lang Tan of the Four Mounted Bandits on the long street!

All the cultivators who saw it happen were secretly shocked.

If they were in Lang Tan’s place, it would be difficult for them to survive the 10 arrows as well.

Not far away, Uncle Liang nodded. “I’ve got to say that this person’s trump cards are very strong and can even threaten seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators. However, his flaws are obvious too.”

The advantage of a bow was in ranged combat.

At melee distance, a bow was nothing but a burden.

After the 10 arrows, the remaining two Mounted Bandits and thousands of mounted riders charged over and had already arrived before Su Zimo!

Even if Su Zimo was in possession of a connate bow, it would be useless given such proximity, let alone the fact that the Moon Concealment Bow was only a quasi-connate spirit weapon.

Next up was melee combat!

The slightest mistake could lead to a decapitation.


Hu Meng was the first to arrive as he wielded a massive copper spear with a face on its tip and shone with four spirit patterns in his hands. It looked like it weighed five tons as Hu Meng swung it towards Su Zimo!

The copper spear was so powerful that rain could not even fall through its arc of attack!

“Look! It’s a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!”

“Hu Meng has also advanced to seven meridian Foundation Establishment!”

Seven spirit meridians shone on the surface of Hu Meng’s body.

The remaining two of the Four Mounted Bandits were both at seven meridian Foundation Establishment!

Uncle Liang sighed. “That Su Zimo is unlucky. A single seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator is more than enough to kill him. To think that even Hu Meng has advanced to seven meridian Foundation Establishment.”

Standing behind Tang Yu was a man with a haughty expression. He crossed his arms and sneered, “15 minutes? He’s not going to even last 10 breaths!”

“That’s not for sure,” Tang Yu frowned.

Xiaoning looked intently at the battlefield with slightly shivering arms, revealing the nervousness she felt.

Sensing her emotions, Tang Yu glanced sideways and held Xiaoning’s palm, nudging it slightly to comfort the latter.

Xiaoning took a deep breath of air and gradually composed herself.


The moment Hu Meng struck, Su Zimo put away his Moon Concealment Bow and withdrew a gigantic blood-red saber from his storage bag.

Blood Quencher arrived with a torrential killing intent!

Oo! Oo!

The bronze spear was considered as a special weapon. While it wasn’t mobile, its advantage was in its might.

Furthermore, the features on its face were extremely life-like, resembling an enraged Vajra with formidable might that rattled one’s heart.

During a fight, cultivators will tend to meet one another’s gaze every now and then. As long as they were slightly distracted and lost focus in their strength, they would practically be smashed to a pulp, without even a corpse left!

Su Zimo was churning his bloodline and using his full might for each of the 10 consecutive arrows.

Otherwise, he couldn’t have killed one of the three Mounted Bandits head-on as well.

But right now, Hu Meng had rushed over. This was the time when Su Zimo had just exhausted his strength and had yet to recover – all he could do was raise Blood Quencher to defend it in front of himself passively.


An ear-piercing sound of metal clashing echoed when the copper spear collided against Blood Quencher.

Su Zimo’s body trembled and he staggered three steps back!

Right after, Chai Li did not give Su Zimo any breathing room and charged over on the Black Feather Dhole that he was riding on. He slashed his saber horizontally, aimed at Su Zimo’s throat.

Su Zimo raised his saber to defend once more.


Once again, Su Zimo’s body shook as though he was struck by an irresistible force. His body retreated and his feet dug through the ground, opening up two ravines that were filled with rainwater instantly.

“The difference in strength is too great. He’s not a match for them at all.”

“That’s right. That person is going to die instantly once the thousand odd cultivators strike.”

“I reckon that his internal organs are probably ruptured after receiving two blows from Chai Li and Hu Meng. He’s probably putting on a strong front.”

Both sides had only exchanged a few blows but it was enough to give many hints about the situation.

Su Zimo was indeed disadvantaged on the surface.

However, in reality, it was only because his energy had run out due to the consecutive arrows. His enemies had merely seized the opportunity while he was weak to strike, creating that false appearance of an advantage.

In fact, the moment he received the second attack from Chai Li, Su Zimo’s killing intent had already surged. He almost could not contain the demonic qi in his body and wanted to retaliate by bursting forth with his power of blood qi!




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