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Chapter 370: Incoming Storm

Part of the reason why Su Zimo stayed on in Xuantian City was to resolve the feud with the three Mounted Bandits. At the same time, he was curious about the ancient sect ruins that Tang Yu mentioned.

A sect ruin that could gather a few of Tianhuang Mainland’s major factions was definitely far from ordinary.

Of course, the prerequisite of exploring the ruin was that he had to establish a firm standing and reputation within Xuantian City!

The battle against the Four Mounted Bandits was inevitable.

From the moment he killed Bao Yunfeng, Su Zimo had no intention of resolving things amicably with the Four Mounted Bandits!

Against these villainous and violent people, there was no way Su Zimo was going to swallow things and go against his heart just because of their formidable strength.

If he had any unhappiness, he would just go for sweet, direct vengeance furiously to quell that displeasure!

The worst case scenario would be for his demonic cultivation to be exposed. At the most, he would just raise hell at that time!

For the next few days, Su Zimo sat at a street corner exposed to all motionlessly. With an empty mind, he cultivated with the calmness of an old monk.

On the third day, Su Zimo’s fifth spirit meridian appeared and took shape, stabilizing completely with spirit energy surging within it in a full manner.

Su Zimo’s breakthrough did not cause much of a reaction in Xuantian City.

After all, to most of the cultivators, it did not matter whether Su Zimo was at four or five meridian Foundation Establishment. In fact, even if he got to six meridian Foundation Establishment, the outcome would not change much.

Most of them were just waiting to watch the show.

Everyone wanted to know how the three Mounted Bandits were going to torment Su Zimo given their methods and the number of innocent cultivators who would be implicated due to their wrath!

As time passed, the tension in Xuantian City got heavier as it meant that the three Mounted Bandits were closer to returning.

This day, dark clouds shrouded the city and thunder rumbled.

The skies seemed to be painted ink-black as the clouds changed rapidly and rumbled. The air was filled with a damp scent indicating the arrival of a thunderstorm!

A perfectly retained residence stood at the east side of Xuantian City. At the entrance, a handsome man in luxurious robes stood with hands behind his back, looking at the dark clouds with a slightly raised chin. His eyes were clear, resembling glass.

A cultivator sped over from the distance with a sect badge hanging on his waist – the handsome man in the residence had an identical one as well.

If one were to pay attention, they could vaguely make out a single word – glass.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Pei.”

The disciple arrived before the luxuriously-robed man and bowed slightly, greeting with politeness. “We have news. The three Mounted Bandits have returned to the city!”


The luxuriously-robed man replied indifferently, still gazing at the skies.

The disciple continued, “I heard that Elixir Yang Sect is up to something. Young Master Tang Yu is leading a group of cultivators towards that mansion, but we don’t know why.”


Extending his palm, the luxuriously-robed man looked at his long, slender fingers with a mocking expression as he said indifferently, “The Four Mounted Bandits, the dhole, wolf, tiger and leopard. Now that the leopard is dead, the remaining three beasts will definitely go mad! Anyone who offends them at a time like this is only asking for it.”

“Our aim is the ruins of Elixir Pool Sect. There’s no need for us to waste our strength here. That Su guy is… merely an ant that’s overestimating his own strength.”

West side of Xuantian City.

In a palace, a black-robed cultivator sat in the middle with a huge gold saber. A bone spear laid across his knees horizontally. Although his eyes were shut, there was a murderous aura around him.

“Fiend heir, the three Mounted Bandits have returned to the city!”

“Got it.”

The black-robed cultivator replied casually without opening his eyes.

Almost at the same time, Puppet Sect, Thousand Crane Sect… the few factions within Xuantian City caught wind of the news as countless gazes watched the long street.

Before long, a storm poured and lightning flashed in the skies, interweaving like a web that threatened to engulf the ancient city!

The storm was heavy and fierce. In the blink of an eye, the green robes that Su Zimo was wearing were drenched.

Even so, he continued sitting where he was, upright with his eyes closed. He had a calm expression, as though he was indifferent towards everything.

Not far away, Tang Yu looked at the green-colored figure with a dazed expression. A moment later, she snapped out of her stupor and glanced askance. “Uncle Liang, do you think he can survive for 15 minutes?”

“It’s difficult.”

Uncle Liang shook his head. “The three Mounted Bandits aside, just the thousands of desperadoes they have with them are enough to tear that man apart.”

“My brother will definitely make it!”

Standing beside Tang Yu, Su Xiaoning gripped her fists and said resolutely.

Beside her, Night Spirit sprawled on the ground quietly, protecting Xiaoning in silence.

On the long street.

The rain grew heavier and the wind gusted more intensely.

In that storm, the sounds of hooves could be heard from far away, intensifying in volume and clarity!

Gradually… the hooves sounded like thunder!

Even the storm could not cover up the surging killing intent coming from the end of the long street!

Vaguely, three figures appeared in the misty rain, approaching from afar – it was the three Mounted Bandits!

The ancient remnant beasts that all three of them rode on let out heavy panting sounds. With bloodshot eyes, they gave off a feral aura as they glared at the street corner keenly.

Behind the three of them was a large army of mounted riders, coming with ferocity!

At a glance, there were over a thousand people!

A thousand desperadoes coupled with a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator… this was a force not to be underestimated in the ancient battlefield, let alone Xuantian City!

In reality, top factions like Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect were stronger than the Four Mounted Bandits.

However, there were many factions gathered within Xuantian City right now contending for the ruins of Elixir Pool Sect.

No one was willing to provoke the Four Mounted Bandits lest their strength was weakened for the contention of the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

At the street corner, Su Zimo was long drenched and his black hair was stuck together, looking absolutely wretched.

1,000 feet…

500 feet…

The three Mounted Bandits were closing in and Su Zimo could even sense the stench coming forth from the mouths of their three ancient remnant beasts.

However, he did not move still.

Suddenly, when the three Mounted Bandits entered the vicinity of 300 feet, Su Zimo opened his eyes and a gigantic bow had appeared in his hands out of nowhere!

He bent the bow and loaded the arrows.

Bow like a full moon and arrows like shooting stars.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of arrows tearing through the air was almost melded into one.

That bow was none other than the Moon Concealment Bow, the quasi-connate spirit weapon!

When five spirit patterns lit up on the bow in Su Zimo’s hands, Lang Tan felt a sense of uneasiness.

The next moment, a cold flash appeared before him, almost closing in!

The speed of the arrow was too fast and any ordinary six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator would have been dead!

However, Lang Tan’s reaction was much faster than ordinary cultivators given his countless life and death experiences in the jungle.

In a flash, he slanted his face sideways.

A cold beam brushed by his cheek, cutting a blood wound – it was a close shave!

He had dodged it!

However, before Lang Tan could relax, his eyelids twitched and he saw another cold beam shooting over, aimed at his glabella!

The second arrow was arriving and he had no chance to react at all!

These were consecutive arrows!

Lang Tan felt his hair stand on end.

It was extremely lucky that he was able to dodge the first arrow.

However, there was nothing he could do to evade this second arrow.




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