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Chapter 363: Standoff

Su Xiaoning furrowed her brows slightly. “Since the Four Mounted Banditss are so villainous, why aren’t there anyone from the immortal sects coming forth to uphold justice?”

In her mind, those of the immortal sects are obligated to slay evil and uphold justice – how could they stand by the sidelines?

Ji Chengtian shook his head. “There’s no such thing as righteous warriors in the cultivation world and it’s the same for those in the immortal sects. Immortals and fiends merely differ in terms of the Dao they seek.”

“That’s right. None of those warriors get to live a long life,” Little fatty nodded.

Leng Rou added, “The Buddhists live with compassion and speak of purifying the masses. However, look at the number of monks passing through Xuantian City and yet, none of them are coming forth to try and purify the villainous Four Mounted Bandits.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo spoke, “What’s the cultivation of the Four Mounted Bandits?”

Little fatty replied, “Their leader, Chai Li, is at seven meridian Foundation Establishment while the other three, Lang Tan, Hu Meng and Bao Yunfeng are at six meridian Foundation Establishment. It’s said that they grew up drinking the milk of ancient remnant beasts and lived in the jungles for many years, dominating the place while building up their bodies. Every single one of them is immensely strong and is comparable to demon beasts!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Seven meridian Foundation Establishment!

They were finally coming across a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator in the depths of the ancient battlefield!

Su Zimo’s current strength could suppress all six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators be it through immortality cultivation techniques or melee combat.

However, he had no confidence against seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators without using his power of blood qi.

After all, his cultivation realm was only at four meridian Foundation Establishment and he had yet to achieve lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section for the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness with his mouth and eye orifices yet to be cleared.

The eight meridians are progressively tougher to unlock.

Comparatively, the gap between the later meridians was wider as well.

On the surface, a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was merely a single meridian above a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator. However, the difference in strength was exponential!

Even if dozens of six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators joined forces, they might not be a match for a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

In the end, if one unlocked all eight meridians, the difference would be even more significant.

If the Four Mounted Bandits had a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator among them with a demon beast-like physique and specialized in melee combat, even Su Zimo would have a tough time dealing with him.

There was a long period of silence in the mansion.

A while later, little fatty continued, “However, I heard that Bao Yunfeng, the number four of the Four Mounted Bandits, is the only one in Xuantian City right now. The other three have gone out and might only return a couple of days later.”

Su Zimo’s group was in a passive position in the current situation.

Now that night had descended, they would be faced with countless ferocious beasts and ancient living beings if they escaped from Xuantian City. Apart from Su Zimo, the rest were most likely doomed.

However, if they were to continue staying in the city, the Four Mounted Bandits would definitely not let them survive the night given the latter’s vengeful nature!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Suddenly, the ground began to shake uncharacteristically as the sound of galloping rumbled like thunder from far away. It was headed in their direction at an extremely fast speed!

“Get away! They’re from the Four Mounted Bandits!”


The crowd was in a mess as shrieks could be heard. Some of the cultivators who could not dodge in time were trampled into meat sludge without a corpse left.

“Their leader seems to be Bao Yunfeng!”

“It’s him! Given the ancient remnant beast, Cloud Seeking Leopard, that he’s riding on, there’s no mistake about it!”

Not far away, a dust cloud billowed with the piercing stench of blood. A muscular man, tall with black hair that draped over his shoulders, led the pack with a fierce and violent gaze.

Beneath the man was a massive and ferocious leopard. It had sharp claws and its body was covered in luxuriant fur that had a cloud-like pattern. Shimmering in the darkness, its eyes shone with a cold gleam.

An ancient remnant beast, the Cloud Seeking Leopard!

“What happened? Why are they so angry?”

“Haven’t you heard? Dozens of cultivators under the Four Mounted Bandits were killed by an outsider at the north gate!”

“Huh? Who could be so bold?”

“Those few sitting over there. I heard that the green-robed cultivator was the one who killed them.”

There were some cultivators pointing at the mansion.

A commotion of this size instantly attracted the attention of many cultivators. Even though it was at night, the number of cultivators gathered gradually increased.

In a two-story building not far away, a handsome young man in a white shirt sat by the window. Behind him was an elderly man, standing with his hands down.

The handsome young man held a folding fan and his features were like a painting. With smooth and delicate skin, he had an indescribable bearing of elegance.

At that moment, seeing that it was already late, the white-robed man had just stood up and was about to leave when he caught sight of what was happening. Out of curiosity, he could not help but ask, “Uncle Liang, what’s happening over there?”

The elderly man behind the white-robed man replied, “I heard that the green-robed cultivator killed Chou Wanli.”


The white-robed man scoffed coldly. “Chou Wanli? Good kill! Someone so villainous should have died a long time ago!”

Even though his tone was cold, the white-robed man’s voice was exceptionally soothing.

“Young master, let’s go. There’s nothing to see here. The few of them are bound to be dead now that Bao Yunfeng has brought so many people with him,” The elderly man bowed.

“It’s alright.”

Waving it off, the white-robed man said, “Let’s take a look first.”

With that, he opened his folding fan and sat down once more. Turning slightly, he revealed his slender and fair neck as his bright gaze was fixed on a delicate face in that broken mansion.

Hundreds of cultivators ran over in the dark with menacing expressions and ferocious auras. The cold gleam of spirit weapons shone disturbingly against the moonlight.

At this moment, Ji Chengtian and the rest had barely rested for the time it takes an incense stick to burn. Their bodies were still aching, but their enemies were already knocking on the door!

“What should we do?”

Everyone looked towards Su Zimo subconsciously.

Su Zimo was in a lotus position, still resting and recuperating.

Night Spirit was sprawled on the ground. Without even lifting its head, its pitch-black eyes were hidden in the night as it took a swift glance at the ancient remnant beast, the Cloud Seeking Leopard.

The moment Bao Yunfeng stepped into the courtyard, Su Zimo suddenly opened his eyes and shot up from the ground.

Bao Yunfeng had led more than a hundred desperadoes for the attack. Their aura was so terrifying that the surrounding cultivators felt chills running down their spines.

However, another monstrous aura exploded the moment Su Zimo opened his eyes and stood up!

It was as though a tempest had been set off, howling and gushing furiously.

Alone, Su Zimo stood motionlessly on the spot and his body looked frail. However, his aura was no weaker than Bao Yunfeng’s group!

The aura of Bao Yunfeng’s group resembled a blood storm.

However, what stood behind Su Zimo resembled mountains of corpses and oceans of blood!


Not far away, on the second floor, the elderly man called Uncle Liang exclaimed slightly when he saw that.

The white-robed man’s eyes lit up with interest as well.



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