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Chapter 349: Clues of the Ruins

At the borders of the ancient battlefield.

A spirit light streaked through the air at an extremely fast speed.

If one focused their gaze, they would be able to make out faintly a spirit vessel carrying 10 cultivators and a demon beast. At the bow of the vessel, a green-robed cultivator stood steering its direction.

The green-robed cultivator was Su Zimo.

On the spirit vessel, the injured cultivators had already bandaged their wounds simply and changed into new sets of robes. Only, they still looked pale, fatigued and weak.

Everyone looked at the green-robed cultivator at front, filled with emotions and deep thoughts.

It could be said that they would have all been dead for this ancient battlefield expedition if not for him.

Right now, they did not even have the strength to ride on their flying swords.

However, even after slaying three six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the battle, Su Zimo had the energy to control the spirit vessel, carrying everyone with it. His physique was truly something that shocked everyone.

There was a hint of fear in the depths of Jun Hao’s eyes.

Before long, the spirit vessel stopped at the foot of a mountain.

Leaping down, Su Zimo found a cave at the foot of the mountain based on the map. It was spacious inside and they could settle down temporarily.

Once everyone entered the cave, Su Zimo guarded the entrance to lay down formations.

Even though everyone had stopped the bleeding from their injuries, the stench of blood would still spread. The living beings of the ancient era were extremely sensitive to such a smell and would definitely find their way here.

Therefore, Su Zimo had to lay down some simple array formations at the entrance of the cave to isolate the sounds and auras within before adding concealment formations. It was only then that they could be considered safe.

These were all support formations and were relatively simple. Before night arrived, Su Zimo was already done with them.

Ji Yaoxue came over and said, “Zimo, let’s take turns standing guard tonight.”

“That’s right, bro. Take a rest tonight and we’ll take turns standing guard. Don’t worry!” Little fatty patted his chest and declared confidently.

Throughout the entire process, everyone did not help much. They felt embarrassed and wanted to try their best to share Su Zimo’s burden.

“There’s no need.”

Su Zimo waved his hand. “Rest well and regain your strength as soon as possible. Night Spirit will guard over here.”

At the mention of Night Spirit, a look of fear flickered through everyone’s eyes.

Even though it merely attacked for a brief moment during the battle in the day, it was way too shocking.

If the feeling that Su Zimo gave off to everyone was one of unpredictability, the feeling that Night Spirit gave off was one of fear!


On this day, everyone had been through too much and were worn out physically and mentally. Now that they were finally relaxed, most of them fell asleep.

Night Spirit rose and walked out of the cave stealthily. It melted into the darkness and vanished.

Su Zimo was not worried about Night Spirit.

Its strength right now was equivalent to the peak of Foundation Establishment. Furthermore, they were at the borders of the ancient battlefield right now and there was nothing that could threaten it.

Sitting quietly in the cave, Su Zimo tidied the day’s gains.

There were a total of 60 storage bags!

Even though there were no supreme-grade spirit weapons within them, there were many superior-grade spirit weapons and plenty of elixirs.

He chose a couple of perfect-grade elixirs and put them away for his own use while placing the rest together.

After tidying everything, Su Zimo took out a few maps and matched them.

A fragrance wafted over as Ji Yaoxue came over and sat down beside him.

“What’s wrong? You can’t get to sleep?”

Su Zimo turned his head slightly and asked in a soft voice.

In the darkness, Ji Yaoxue pursed her lips and whispered, “Zimo, thank you… for today.”

“It’s fine.”

He smiled.

Ji Yaoxue relaxed at the sight of Su Zimo’s smile and asked curiously, “What are you looking at?”

“You came at the right time. Do you know of any clues to the ancient ruins?” He asked.

Cultivating in the ancient battlefield was only one aspect. More importantly, it was obtaining the Meridian Unlocking Elixir along with other treasures and inheritances.

All of those items only existed within the ruins of the ancient battlefield.


Ji Yaoxue shook her head. “Most of the ruins around the borders of the ancient battlefield have been looted entirely and there are few that are undiscovered.”

“Take a look at this.”

Su Zimo opened up the few maps in his hands and placed it before Ji Yaoxue, pointing to a red dot. “This location has been indicated on these few maps. I suspect that this is an ancient ruin that was discovered by the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties!”


Ji Yaoxue held up the few maps and matched them before nodding.

Even though she was moved, there was a look of worry in her eyes. “We’re currently shorthanded. This ruin will definitely attract many factions and cultivators, leading to a cruel battle.”

“It’s alright.”

Su Zimo smiled gently. “There are no powerful sects and top tier cultivators at the borders of the ancient battlefield. Furthermore, we’ve already destroyed a large part of the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties’ strength. They won’t be a threat.”

“When should we set off?” Ji Yaoxue asked.

“10 days from now.”

Su Zimo replied in a deep voice, “Heal your injuries in the 10 days and stabilize your cultivation realm. Once everyone has recovered, we’ll set off.”

The two of them chatted a little more before Ji Yaoxue went back to rest upon Su Zimo’s persuasion.

Shifting his gaze, he looked towards Jun Hao in the crowd.

He had a vague feeling that there was something amiss about Jun Hao. However, he could not kill the latter just because he looked strange without concrete evidence.

However, Su Zimo was certain that there was a Great Xia Dynasty spy of high status among the people remaining.

Retracting his gaze, he smiled gently.

No matter who the spy was, that person would not dare to behave recklessly from today on.

Those tricks were nothing but a joke in the face of absolute strength!

Late at night.

A dark shadow entered from outside the cave stealthily without alerting anyone.

Sensing something, Su Zimo opened his eyes and glanced at Night Spirit.

He could sense a blood stench emanating from Night Spirit’s body and it was somewhat familiar.

It was the Blood Centipede King’s aura!

In that 6 hours, Night Spirit had returned to that desert and killed the Blood Centipede King!

Su Zimo chuckled – he was the only one who could guess what Night Spirit was thinking.

In the day, Night Spirit had to protect Su Xiaoning and could not venture too far. It was most likely fed up that it could only run from those Blood Centipedes.

Now that Su Zimo was guarding this place at night, Night Spirit went over and killed that Blood Centipede King straight!

Rising, Su Zimo nodded to Night Spirit.

The two of them had a tacit understanding. Now that Night Spirit had returned and was guarding the cave, Su Zimo left the place.

Due to the Soundproof Formation, it was quiet within the cave.

The moment he left the cave, Su Zimo heard the roars of beasts and the cries of birds. The world shook, the trees swayed and the grass rustled. It was as though there was some terrifying existence nearby that was absolutely frightening!

It was a completely different world inside and outside the cave!

Despite being in such an environment, Su Zimo did not show the slightest trace of fear. Instead, he looked slightly excited and his blood was rumbling.

At night, the world belonged to the ancient demon beasts.

However, it also belonged to Su Zimo!

After all, from a certain perspective, Su Zimo… was a demon!






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