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Chapter 344: Charging Ahead

None of the cultivators of the three dynasties thought that Su Zimo would dare strike, let alone expect his strike.

Furthermore, they were too close to one another and Duan Mingda was completely unguarded since he knew nothing about Su Zimo. Even as a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, he was cleaved into two by Su Zimo and died on the spot!

The crowd exploded!


“Kill him!”

The Great Shang cultivators were enraged as they roared with bloodshot eyes.

Jiang Yu had witnessed Su Zimo in action before. The moment Duan Mingda died, he summoned a flying sword and leaped into the air to distance himself from Su Zimo.

However, the other cultivators did not know better and remained standing on the spot, summoning their flying swords that glowed with spirit lights and conjured hand seals. They were prepared to strike at the same time to kill Su Zimo.


After killing Duan Mingda, Su Zimo did not pause at all and charged right into the crowd. The cultivator at the front had just summoned his flying sword when his vision blacked out and he was sent flying.

Exploding in midair, the person turned into a mist of blood!


All the cultivators gasped when they saw that.

A simple collision caused a cultivator to explode! The terrifying power of his burst could compare to an ancient ferocious beast!

After devouring the divine dragon, Su Zimo attained greater mastery of the Organs Refinement section.

Every single punch and kick possessed a strength of five thousand kilograms – the body of an ordinary cultivator would not be able to withstand his might in a clash.

While he sent that person flying, Su Zimo swung Blood Quencher and slashed horizontally.


A flash of blood appeared and a huge head flew up. Blood splattered from the broken neck, forming a terrifying sight!

Blood Quencher was blood-colored to begin with. After touching blood, the shade on its blade grew brighter and more blindingly red.

“Everyone, watch out. That person is extremely strong in melee combat. Don’t let him get close to you!”

Jiang Yu rode on his flying sword and shouted from midair.

The remaining Great Shang cultivators were fear-stricken and wished that they could curse out loud.

What’s the point of saying it only now?

Their commander for the expedition, Duan Mingda, who was at six meridian Foundation Establishment, was already dead. As for Su Zimo, he was rampaging through the crowd and many cultivators were chopped down by Blood Quencher before they could even soar into the air.

Even without Blood Quencher, those people would most likely die if Su Zimo closed in on them.

Now that he had that perfect-graded Blood Quencher in his hands, he was just like a tiger who had grown wings!

Even if Su Zimo did not use all his strength, ordinary four and five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators would not be able to withstand the might of a single slash from that heavy saber!

“Instant Thunder!”

Su Zimo pointed forward and hollered softly, “Instant Thunder!”


A deafening sound rumbled from the skies as a thunderbolt as thick as an arm descended instantly. It struck the crowd, turning it into a sparkling sea of lightning.

Many cultivators conjured spirit arts instantly to defend against it.

Seizing the opportunity, Su Zimo entered the crowd once more and flickered left and right. Everywhere his saber was pointed, broken limbs would fly as no one could defend against him.

The Great Shang cultivators at the outer circle summoned two flying swords, scurrying into the air on one while pointing the other at Su Zimo.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Instantly, spirit lights danced the air as beams of light streaked through the air as though there were a thousand rays.

Lowering his body, Su Zimo sprawled on the ground and slithered through the grass like a snake at an extremely fast speed.

The grass swayed, leaving a trail as Su Zimo’s figure was barely discernible – he had dodged more than half of the flying swords.

Behind him, mud flew all over as the flying swords left their marks.

The remaining dozen or so flying swords were hot on his tail. Suddenly, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he rose and channeled his bloodline, causing the sound of tsunami surging to echo from his body.


As his bloodline churned, his bones shifted endlessly while his tendons twitched and sounded in unison. Instantly, Su Zimo’s body swelled up.


He hollered, gripping Blood Quencher tightly as his muscles expanded and knotted together, bursting through his sleeves in an instant.

Two thick arms exerted strength, raising Blood Quencher and cleaving down heavily against the dozen or so incoming flying swords.

Cling! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing echoed.

Right in front of everyone, the dozen or so superior-grade flying swords were snapped into two by a single slash of Blood Quencher as they scattered to the ground without luster.


Gasps could be heard from the Great Shang and Great Xia factions.

It was way too savage!

This was a complete suppression in terms of brute strength and there was no way to resist at all!

Su Zimo’s moves were too swift and decisive!

In a mere 10 breaths, more than 10 Great Shang cultivators had been killed by Blood Quencher, a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator included.

Everyone from Great Xia stood rooted to the spot, a hint of fear appearing in the depths of their eyes.

As for Ji Yaoxue and everyone else, they felt their morales rise instantly.

Waving her arm, Ji Yaoxue said in a deep voice, “Everyone, this is a life and death battle. Kill the enemies with me and take down the traitor!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Everyone from Ethereal Peak, the four Great Zhou guards and Shi Jian were all feeling invigorated and pumped as they roared and charged forward.

Night Spirit’s gaze was cold as it surveyed its surroundings. It did not make a move and stayed by Su Xiaoning’s side the entire time.

“Seven Star Plum!”

“Purple Slash!”

“Duality Smoke Gathering Sword!”

Countless spirit arts collided in midair as the Great Zhou and Great Xia dynasties finally clashed.

Little fatty rode on his flying sword with a gigantic axe in his hand, working with Shi Jian of Southern Mountains Sect in sync.

The four Great Zhou guards stayed close to Ji Yaoxue’s side and did not dare to leave her alone, merely dealing with the enemies with their flying swords.


Leng Rou shouted softly as her sleeves shook and more than 10 talismans appeared. Thrown into the crowd, they exploded instantly, turning into a gigantic sea of flames that engulfed a few cultivators.

Although she was only at three meridian Foundation Establishment, Leng Rou’s attainment in talismans was truly brilliant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten the number one spot of the Talisman Ranking.

Even Su Zimo would not be willing to take on someone like her who could throw out a large number of talismans with every attack.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The few Great Shang cultivators did not die on the spot. However, they were severely injured as their skins tore in a bloodied mess while they shrieked endlessly in the sea of flames.

Pshew! Pshew!

Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak released Ethereal Wings and his flying sword that was at the Void Level. Unpredictable streams of seemingly imperceptible ripples crossed the sea of flames, killing the shrieking Great Shang cultivators.

In the blink of an eye, the situation had reversed!

The Great Zhou faction now had the upper-hand and were ferocious!

In truth, there was another strong faction on the battlefield that had yet to interfere. Right from the beginning, most of the Great Xia cultivators had been eyeing the situation from the sidelines coldly.

Guo Yi’s gaze was fixed on a cultivator of Great Zhou the entire time.

Suddenly, in the chaotic battlefield, Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect glanced askance at the direction of the Great Xia faction and made a few continuous hand gestures.

The gestures were extremely subtle and Guo Yi was the only one who noticed them.

Understanding what it meant, Guo Yi raised his arm and shouted, “Go forth and eliminate the remaining survivors of the Great Zhou Dynasty!”






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