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Chapter 343: Exchange With Your Lives!

Jiang Yu’s expression changed as he said hurriedly, “This woman is clearly trying to sow discord between us. Fellow Daoists from the Great Shang Dynasty, let’s not fall into her trap.”

Indeed, anyone could tell that Ji Yaoxue was trying to sow discord.

However, the amazing thing about her remark was that even if those from the Great Shang Dynasty did not fall for the trap, it would be difficult for Jiang Yu to gain their trust in the future. In fact, he might even be suspected, doubted and killed later on!

Duan Mingda pondered for a moment before smiling. “There’s no need to worry, Fellow Daoist Jiang Yu. You’ve done a great deed, so why would we suspect you?”

“That’s right. The most important thing right now is to kill off this group of Great Zhou cultivators first,” Another cultivator replied.

Suddenly, Duan Mingda’s expression changed as he glanced sideways at the distant horizon.

There were people coming over!

A group of about 60 cultivators was speeding over with a ferocious killing intent. In the blink of an eye, they had arrived.

It was the Great Xia Dynasty!

The crowd gasped.

Su Zimo swept his gaze and could not help but frown when he noticed the shock and fear in the eyes of Duan Mingda and the others.

By the looks of it, this wasn’t communicated between the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties.

However, the Great Xia cultivators arrived right after the Great Shang cultivators. Su Zimo did not believe that such a coincidence could happen in this world.

There must be something amiss!

With the arrival of the Great Xia cultivators, it was now a three-way fight and the situation instantly became a little strange.

Right now, the strength of Great Zhou was the weakest while Great Xia and Great Shang were on par.

However, Great Xia and Great Shang were in a confrontational state, both wary of the other, afraid that the other side would stand to gain from their losses.

Moreover, the arrival of the Great Xia Dynasty was indeed rather strange.

If Jiang Yu was the spy and led the Great Shang cultivators here, who was the one who brought the Great Xia cultivators over?

Could it truly be a coincidence?

Ji Yaoxue’s eyes flickered as she suddenly declared, “Fellow Daoists of the Great Xia Dynasty, I’m the princess of Great Zhou. May I know who’s the commander for your expedition?”

From the Great Xia camp, their leader was a man clad in steel armor. His expression was cold as he asked in a deep voice, “I am Guo Yi. What do you seek, princess of Great Zhou?”

“Fellow Daoist Guo, I represent Great Zhou to seek an alliance with Great Xia so that we can wipe out the Great Shang cultivators!”

Ji Yaoxue said, “Furthermore, we want nothing from the storage bags and items that are left. The only thing we want is to kill that traitor of Great Zhou!”

The moment she said that, Duan Mingda and the other Great Shang cultivators were startled.

Even though there were less than 20 cultivators on the side of Great Zhou, they would definitely be a threat if they were to join forces with Great Xia!

The situation was starting to disadvantage the Great Shang Dynasty.

Duan Mingda chuckled and eased the tension in the air before declaring loudly, “Fellow Daoist Guo Yi, the remaining cultivators of Great Zhou are already at the end of their flight and there’s nothing to fear. Ji Yaoxue’s aim is for us to have an internecine outcome. Fellow Daoists of Great Xia, please do not fall for it.”

Guo Yi of Great Xia remained silent. He swept his gaze over Su Zimo and the others thoughtfully.

A moment later, he suddenly remarked, “How about we join forces to kill the Great Zhou cultivators first. As for the spoils of war… our two dynasties can split it evenly!”

“Of course!”

When they heard that, Duan Mingda and the others agreed readily with bright eyes.

Ji Yaoxue and the others felt their hearts sink.

The Great Shang Dynasty alone was enough to wipe them out, let alone combined with the Great Xia Dynasty.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Guo Yi’s decision was staggered. It was as though he had only said that after he received an order.

The coincidental appearance of the Great Xia Dynasty coupled with Guo Yi’s reaction confirmed Su Zimo’s guess that there was a spy within the remaining Great Zhou cultivators as well!

Furthermore, the status of that spy in the Great Xia Dynasty was even higher than Guo Yi’s!

Earlier, that spy had used a special technique to transmit information, causing Guo Yi to come up with the decision of working together with the Great Shang Dynasty.

Subtly, Su Zimo surveyed the remaining Great Zhou cultivators. His gaze paused briefly on one of them before looking away.

Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect!

When they heard that Great Xia and Great Shang were joining hands, the Great Zhou cultivators were sad, indignant, frustrated and despaired.

However, Jun Hao was the only one… who was calm.

He was so calm, as though he was not worried about his safety at all.

Guo Yi and Duan Mingda’s group were still discussing how to share the spoils of war when Su Zimo looked up at the sky and walked over leisurely.



Ji Yaoxue and the rest were shocked, shouting instinctively.

Su Zimo seemed oblivious and arrived not far from Guo Yi and Duan Mingda’s group before asking indifferently, “It’s getting late. Are you guys done discussing?”

“This is the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou, a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator. He’s in possession of 18 supreme-grade flying swords and a perfect spirit weapon, Blood Quencher!” Jiang Yu said in a deep voice.

The cultivators of Great Xia and Great Shang fell into an uproar. They looked at Su Zimo with burning eyes, as though they wanted to skin him alive.

“Perfect spirit weapon? Are you serious?” Duan Mingda narrowed his gaze and glared at Jiang Yu, enunciating every word.


Jiang Yu nodded. “He refined that Blood Quencher personally in front of everyone during the Great Zhou Dynasty’s sect competition!”

Duan Mingda turned to Guo Yi and said with a fake smile, “Brother Guo, how should we split that perfect spirit weapon?”

A perfect spirit weapon was enough for Golden Cores to wage a bloody battle!

Be it Great Xia or Great Shang, no one would give it up so easily.

Guo Yi raised his brow slightly and asked, “What do you suggest, Brother Duan?”

“I do have a suggestion.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo spoke.

“Oh? What?”

Duan Mingda and Guo Yi turned around and looked at Su Zimo calmly; they did not hide the mockery and sarcasm in their eyes.

To the both of them, Su Zimo was like a fish on a chopping board right now!

“Anyone who wants Blood Quencher…”

Suddenly, Su Zimo paused and stomped his feet heavily on the ground.

With a loud boom, the ground shook!

He charged forward with a flash as a deafening sound echoed from his body. Thunder rumbled, his blood sounded like a tsunami mixed with the sound of tigers and leopards and was extremely terrifying.


In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already closed in. He roared and said the first word. At the same time, a massive blood-colored saber appeared in his hands.


Five spirit patterns shone on the saber in a bedazzling manner like a blazing blood sun. It emanated with a blood stench and a torrential killing intent!

The cultivators of Great Xia and Great Shang were taken aback.

Duan Mingda and the others who were facing Su Zimo felt an apocalyptic might surging over that they could not defend against!


Su Zimo swung his arms and Blood Quencher drew a perfect arc in the air, shining forth with a horrifying bloody glow!


Right now, it was too late to dodge. Duan Mingda did not have time to think as he whipped out a protection talisman and crushed it on the spot. Before he could do anything else, Blood Quencher had already descended from above!


Those who wanted Blood Quencher had to exchange for it with their lives!

With Su Zimo’s last word, Duan Mingda’s body was split into two by Blood Quencher and blood splattered everything – even the protection talisman could not save his life!

A six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was killed with a single cleave.






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