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Chapter 342: Great Shang Dynasty

Even though Ji Yaoxue did not believe that Su Zimo could take down a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, his words gave her an inexplicable sense of assurance.

It was the same feeling she felt back then in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

Suddenly, Ji Yaoxue thought of something and her cheeks flushed, revealing a flawless beauty.

Just as her imagination was running wild, Su Zimo’s voice rang again. “Someone’s coming!”


Ji Yaoxue snapped back to her senses and followed Su Zimo’s gaze. However, she saw no one.

In her bewilderment, Su Zimo’s eyes narrowed and flickered as he suddenly declared, “Everyone, please stop. There’s a group of cultivators headed for this direction in an imposing manner. They don’t seem to be friendly. Everyone, be careful.”

The moment he said that, a commotion broke out in the crowd.

Their group of 50 cultivators had suffered a massive loss and were down to less than 20 who were exhausted. If anyone had ill intentions, there was a high chance they might not survive!

Jiang Yu walked right at the front and his back was facing Su Zimo. A cold and murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

“There’s nobody?”

Many cultivators looked around and upwards nervously. However, they saw nothing but emptiness.

All of a sudden!

The sound of clothes fluttering sounded in the air ahead. At first, it was barely audible but it grew louder as time went on.

Before long, shadows appeared on the horizon and sped over at an extremely fast speed.

“Commander Jiang, what should we do? Are they targeting us?” A fearful cultivator asked in a low voice.

Jiang Yu did not reply and only smiled coldly.

There were over 50 cultivators on the other side and they arrived in front of them in the blink of an eye. The few Great Zhou guards yelled with changed expressions, “The Great Shang Dynasty!”

Upon hearing those words, everyone’s hearts sank.

Jun Hao frowned, seemingly surprised.

Ji Yaoxue’s expression turned extremely terrible as well.

The Tianhuang North Region consisted of four great dynasties, Great Xia, Great Shang, Great Zhou and Great You. There were always wars at the borders and the dynasties coexisted like fire and water.

Under such circumstances, it was almost equivalent to the death penalty for them to encounter cultivators from the Great Shang Dynasty!

Su Zimo’s gaze landed on Jiang Yu and his heart stirred as he vaguely understood something.

The appearance of the Great Shang Dynasty’s cultivators was too coincidental and perfect – this was their weakest moment.

Furthermore, the cultivators of the Great Shang Dynasty had located them with such precision in less than a day – it was as though someone was guiding them.

None of it made sense.

However, everything could be explained if Jiang Yu was someone from the Great Shang Dynasty.

He had intentionally led everyone to the corpses previously because he wanted to make use of the Blood Centipedes to weaken their group.

After escaping, Jiang Yu refused to let everyone rest and continued sprinting until their spirit energies were nearly depleted. At their weakest moment, the Great Shang Dynasty appeared…

Everything was so logical and perfect.

“I am Duan Mingda of the Great Shang Dynasty. I heard that the third princess of Great Zhou is here so I’ve come specially to invite you over as a guest.”

Even though she was referred to as a guest, they were actually kidnapping Ji Yaoxue forcefully.

The person who spoke wore a brocade robe and looked at Ji Yaoxue smugly.

Following that, Duan Mingda swept his gaze across the others and let out a cruel smile, saying coldly, “As for the others… they shall be killed without mercy!

“Prepare for battle!”

Ji Yaoxue took a deep breath and made a snap decision. “I would rather die in battle than be taken captive. Cultivators of the Great Shang Dynasty, you have belittled me!”

At that moment, the tenderness on Ji Yaoxue’s face was gone, replaced with a steely and murderous look!

She glanced sideways and whispered, “Zimo, take everyone with you and escape as far as possible. You don’t have to care about me.”

Su Zimo raised his brows gently and did not reply.

Afraid that he wasn’t judging the situation properly, Ji Yaoxue continued, “I’m the one they want so I have to die along with them. However, it’s different for you guys! You can survive! Zimo, promise me that you must live on and tell father about what happened today.”


Right then, a cold laugh sounded.

Ji Yaoxue took a couple of steps forward and turned around. He looked at Ji Yaoxue and Su Zimo mockingly and shook his head. “It’s too late, third princess! None of you shall escape today!”

“Jiang Yu, you’re indeed the traitor!” Ji Yaoxue’s expression turned cold.

Everyone else from the Great Zhou Dynasty were rooted on the spot, yet to understand what was happening.

“Commander Jiang, why are you…”

Even the Great Zhou guards could not believe what was happening and asked subconsciously.

Duan Mingda chuckled softly. “Fellow Daoist Jiang, you have done well for us to be able to take down everyone from the Great Zhou Dynasty and even capture a princess.”

“That’s right.”

Another Great Shang cultivator laughed and nodded. “Your Majesty will surely reward Fellow Daoist Jiang immensely for your great contribution! Your future will be bright!”

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Si Yutang’s face was ashen as though he had lost his parents as he mumbled repeatedly.

The others looked extremely terrible as well.

Initially, Jiang Yu was their only support as a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

But now, their six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was in the same camp as those from the Great Shang Dynasty!

Jiang Yu’s next sentence made everyone’s hearts sink to the bottom.

“Ji Yaoxue, you had better give up. Apart from me, Brother Mingda is also at six meridian Foundation Establishment. It’ll be difficult for you guys to escape even if you have wings!”

Everyone was shocked.

Two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

After Jiang Yu went over to the other side, Ji Chengtian and the other five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were the ones with the highest cultivation realms remaining.

Their combined strength could not match a single six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Furthermore, everyone was exhausted and their combat powers were reduced.

Ji Yaoxue asked slowly, “Jiang Yu, my Ji Family has treated you well. Why are you repaying our kindness with ingratitude?”

Jiang Yu replied, “Indeed, the Ji Family hasn’t let me down. However, I would have died in the ancient battlefield 10 years ago if not for those of the Great Shang Dynasty.”

“So, you’ve already sold your life to the Great Shang Dynasty 10 years ago?”

“So, that’s a reason for you to forget about who your benefactors were? To forget who were the ones who brought you onto the path of cultivation and imparted techniques to you?”

“So, that’s a reason for you to forget about the Ji Family’s kindness to you?”

Ji Yaoxue questioned loudly with a sharp gaze, unable to quell the raging flames in her heart.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yu replied expressionlessly and coldly, “I don’t want to die. So, you guys will have to die!”


Ji Yaoxue laughed.

Jiang Yu continued, “Ji Yaoxue, if you surrender obediently, I can guarantee that you won’t suffer. But, you had better not do anything foolish!”

“There’s no need to talk further. Let’s fight! Let’s see what kind of an ending an ungrateful wolf like you will meet in the Great Shang Dynasty!”

Ji Yaoxue commented icily, “Everyone from the Great Shang Dynasty, listen up! If this man can betray the Great Zhou Dynasty, he can do the same to the Great Shang Dynasty!”

When they heard that, the expressions from the people of the Great Shang Dynasty changed.

Duan Mingda’s gaze flickered for a brief moment as well.

Su Zimo praised internally.

Ji Yaoxue’s statement was not weaker than any physical weapons! It was a killing remark that struck right at Jiang Yu’s vital spot!





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