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Chapter 338: Opportunity?

“How terrifying!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

He had only unlocked his third spirit meridian around two weeks ago.

If he was cultivating normally in Tianhuang Mainland, he would require a year at least to unlock the fourth spirit meridian.

To his surprise, his fourth spirit meridian surfaced the moment he stepped foot onto the ancient battlefield!

Based on his cultivation speed, he would be able to unlock it completely in less than 10 days!

Sensing the dense spirit qi in the surroundings, some cultivators gasped for air greedily in an intoxicated manner, wishing that they could cultivate immediately.

Jiang Yu stood at the front of the crowd and turned around, sweeping his gaze across everyone like an eagle. He declared loudly with a calm expression, “Everyone, listen up!”

Everyone’s voices gradually faded.

“Everyone, this is the ancient battlefield where danger lies in every step.”

After a slight pause, he glanced at Su Zimo in a seemingly unintentional manner and said in a deep voice, “No matter what your status was back home, you have to obey my instructions in the ancient battlefield if you wish to survive!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo frowned.

Jiang Yu was the commander designated by the emperor and he had the highest cultivation realm among everyone present – no one was questioning him.

Jiang Yu continued, “I know that there are some among you with decent capabilities. However, let me warn you that if you dare be brazen and arrogant in the ancient battlefield, the only thing that awaits you is death! Don’t think that you’re a somebody just because you’re able to kill people above your cultivation realm. Some disciples of the top sects arriving here are able to do the same and are even stronger than you! This is a place where you find out that there’s always someone better than you out there!”

Even though Jiang Yu did not say it explicitly, everyone could tell that he was clearly referring to Su Zimo.


Su Zimo lowered his eyes in silence.

Jiang Yu was clearly hostile towards him.

However, Su Zimo did not know where that hostility stemmed from.

It might be because of Ji Yaoxue.

It might also be because of Dai Xu whom he killed.

After all, there was a chance that Jiang Yu was old friends with Dai Xu back in the palace.

Furthermore, given Dai Xu’s capabilities, there was a high chance that he would be entering the ancient battlefield this time round as well if he wasn’t dead.

Su Zimo’s silence was not because he was afraid of Jiang Yu, it was because he couldn’t be bothered.

In this entirely foreign ancient battlefield, there was no need for Su Zimo to attack this man out of some hostility.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak looked displeased but none of them could say anything since Jiang Yu did not refer to anyone explicitly.

Ji Yaoxue furrowed her brows and hollered softly, “Commander Jiang!”

Jiang Yu turned his head slightly and asked, “What orders do you have, third princess?”

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt something amiss.

Even though the emperor had designated Jiang Yu as the commander for the expedition, Ji Yaoxue was still of a higher status than him.

However, Su Zimo had a feeling that not did Jiang Yu not respect Ji Yaoxue, his tone towards her was even a little frivolous.

That was very strange.

There could be reasons for Jiang Yu’s hostility towards him.

However, there was something worth pondering about Jiang Yu’s attitude towards Ji Yaoxue.

Ji Yaoxue did not sense anything unusual and merely reminded, “Commander Jiang, we should hurry on and find a resting spot before it turns dark.”


Jiang Yu responded.

The ancient battlefield was filled with living beings from the ancient era. At night, birds and beasts roamed freely!

Demons ruled over forests in the night.

For the nights in the ancient battlefield, ancient living beings ruled over the place. If one lingered outside without exceptional strength, they would definitely be met with certain death!

Typically, in areas like the depths of the ancient battlefield, there would be huge cities where many powerful cultivators gathered.

However, there were no such cities on the edge of the ancient battlefield.

Jiang Yu retrieved a map from his storage bag and checked against it before standing before Ji Yaoxue. “Third princess, we are here now. There’s a mountain nearest to this place with a cave at its foot. We can settle down at that place temporarily.”

“Alright, let’s head there.”

Ji Yaoxue nodded.

A map as such was sketched by cultivators who had returned alive from the ancient battlefield. Besides the copy in Jiang Yu’s hands, no one else had any.

As Ji Yaoxue and Jiang Yu were discussing, Su Zimo turned around and whispered to everyone from Ethereal Peak, “Stay close to me later. Don’t get separated.”

“Night Spirit.”

Su Zimo patted Night Spirit on the head and pointed to Xiaoning.

It understood his intentions and came to Xiaoning’s side to protect her along the way.

It was only after completing the arrangements that Su Zimo felt more relieved.

Right then, Jiang Yu came before everyone and said in a deep voice, “I’ll arrange for the advancing formation. The 10 cultivators of the Spirit Ranking will take the outer perimeter and allow the Elixir Refinement and Talisman Masters who are weaker to walk in the middle. The third princess will be right in the center while I’ll stay at the front to scout the path along with the other eight Great Zhou guards.”

There was nothing inappropriate with the arrangement and some Elixir Refinement and Talisman Masters expressed their thanks profusely.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Yu waved, identified the direction, and led everyone towards the destination.

The surroundings were filled with barren land, gravel and strange rocks. There was not a single bit of vegetation that could be seen as dead silence shrouded them in a slightly repressing manner.

Thankfully, they did not encounter any dangers along the way.

After walking for about two hours, Jiang Yu suddenly stopped and exclaimed softly.

Out of curiosity, many cultivators looked forward.

On the nearby gravel, there were pitch-black skeletons that had long dried up and had no flesh.

A brief count revealed dozens of corpses and there were storage bags beside each of them.

The eyes of many cultivators lit up – it was obvious that those storage bags no longer had owners!

This was an opportunity!

No one had expected that they would encounter such an opportunity right after entering the ancient battlefield.

The eight Great Zhou guards at the front were eager and looked towards Jiang Yu instinctively.

He nodded, giving silent acknowledgment that those storage bags could be taken away.

The eight guards took large strides and sped towards the corpses ahead.

Many cultivators at the back could not wait any longer and sprinted ahead, wanting to get a storage bag for themselves.

“Don’t go!”

Right then, Su Zimo frowned and shouted softly.

He sensed a dangerous aura.

Furthermore, Night Spirit’s reaction confirmed his point!

At that moment, Night Spirit’s head was lowered and it was growling ahead, standing in front of Su Xiaoning.

Initially, everyone from Ethereal Peak wanted to join the crowd. However, they stopped instinctively upon hearing Su Zimo’s voice.

While they could not understand, they chose to believe in him.

However, other than those from Ethereal Peak, other cultivators, including Elixir Refinement and Talisman Masters, dashed over.

The only ones that remained on the spot were those from Ethereal Peak, Ji Yaoxue, Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect and Jiang Yu!

Initially, Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect wanted to head forward as well. However, he caught a sideway glimpse of Jiang Yu standing motionlessly and could not help but frown. A cold glint flickered through his eyes and he eventually decided against heading forth.






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