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Chapter 336: Inheriting the Secret Skills

Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Even though there had been some commotion, Ethereal Peak was the biggest winner of this sect competition.

In the small courtyard beside Jishui River, everyone from Ethereal Peak along with Nian Qi and Xiaoning had a hearty celebration.

However, everyone had their own troubles.

Late at night.

Everyone had dispersed. Under the hazy and cold moonlight, a green-robed cultivator sat by the side of Jishui River alone, staring at the glistening water surface in a daze.

Beside him was a pitch-black and majestic beast sprawled on the ground.

After growing up, Night Spirit was stalwart and its limbs were extremely strong. Every single muscle it had possessed explosive strength while its claws that were hidden in the gaps of its fingers were unusually sharp. Its head resembled a wolf and it had a shocking bite strength.

This was a perfect body that was born to kill.

Right then, a series of footsteps appeared behind him.


Xuan Yi’s voice rang out.

Su Zimo was about to stand up when Xuan Yi pressed against his shoulder and sat down. “I’m planning to impart the other two secret skills of Ethereal Peak to you tomorrow. I hope that you’ll be able to master them before entering the ancient battlefield.”

“I don’t think that’s appropriate?” Su Zimo frowned.

Ethereal Peak’s three secret skills were no trifle matter. Without the permission of the sect master, anyone who imparted them privately would be going against the sect rules!

“It’s alright.”

Xuan Yi replied, “I’ve already relayed a message about the sect competition. I’m sure the sect will hear of it before long and they’ll agree with my decision.”

Pausing for a moment, Xuan Yi continued, “Furthermore, this is an unfulfilled wish of Wen Xuan. I’m fulfilling it on his behalf.”

Su Zimo nodded and did not decline further.

It was clear that the remaining two secret skills, Ethereal Wings and Ethereal Sword, would provide significant boosts to his battle prowess.

For the next ten days, Su Zimo’s time was almost spent entirely on cultivating the two secret skills.

Due to the short period of time, Level 1 of Ethereal Sword, Shadows, was not cultivated successfully yet.

However, Su Zimo comprehended Ethereal Wings swiftly and was able to use it with ease.

With Ethereal Wings, it meant that Su Zimo would be able to soar through the skies like Golden Cores without depending on external objects. Furthermore, it would provide a boost to his agility and mobility in the air.

From a secret skill perspective alone, Ethereal Wings was much more functional than the other two skills.

Not only could it be used as a life-saving technique, it was multifarious and its agility could be used offensively as well. Even for Golden Cores, Ethereal Wings was still extremely useful.

The ancient battlefield did not merely contain elixirs and spirit weapons, there were also all sorts of secret skills and inheritance of powerful sects.

It was said that Ethereal Wings was obtained by a disciple of the sect who had entered the ancient battlefield in the past.

On this day, the palace sent men to gather everyone from the four ranking lists in preparation to enter the ancient battlefield!

Before leaving, Xuan Yi instructed, “Keep your sect badges and be as low-key and cautious as possible within the ancient battlefield. Don’t be reckless. All of you are in possession of supreme-grade flying swords so don’t reveal them until it’s a life or death fight.”

“There are far too many factions stronger than the Great Zhou Dynasty in Tianhuang Mainland. Even in the Tianhuang North Region, the Great Zhou Dynasty’s strength is considered to be inferior. Above it, there are super sects and above that, there are the legendary immortal sects…”

The mention of that had Su Zimo’s heart skipping a beat.

He had heard Demoness Ji mention about the nine different factions of Tianhuang Mainland before.

Those nine factions did not refer to nine different sects – the various factions added up to dozens of sects!

For example, the immortal sects had nine major sects.

There were seven fiend sects and the Pure Maiden Sect which Demoness Ji was in was merely one of them.

In that sense, the Great Zhou Dynasty was truly nothing when compared to those factions and sects, let alone Ethereal Peak.

“Zimo, especially you.”

Xuan Yi reminded, “You have so many supreme-grades and even a perfect spirit weapon in your possession. While no one might harbor designs on you in the capital, you have to be extremely careful once you enter the ancient battlefield!”

“Even comrades who enter the ancient battlefield with you cannot be trusted,” Liu Hui added.

Su Zimo nodded.

A perfect spirit weapon was enough to trigger a bloody battle between Golden Cores.

It was easy to imagine what would happen if news of him possessing a perfect spirit weapon was leaked out in the ancient battlefield.

“Go on.”

Xuan Yi waved his hand. “In that one year, it’ll be good if you guys have the chance to find a passage to leave the Great Zhou Dynasty and the Tianhuang North Region…”

When they heard that, Su Zimo and the rest were shocked.

Even though he did not state it explicitly, Xuan Yi’s meaning was very clear.

Su Zimo and the rest left Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and arrived deep in the palace with the lead of a city guard.

Inside, a huge and majestic palace hall was erected. They entered and saw that the other cultivators of the ranking lists were already present.

Apart from the 40 of them, there were 10 other people and Ji Yaoxue was among them.

When Ji Yaoxue saw Su Zimo and the rest enter, she smiled and nodded at him.

Given the strength of the Great Zhou Dynasty, they could send 50 people into the ancient battlefield with each teleportation.

Apart from the 40 people of the four ranking lists, the Great Zhou Dynasty would also select 10 other cultivators to enter the ancient battlefield.

Other than Ji Yaoxue, the other nine must have been carefully selected and were extremely strong – their duty was to protect the third princess.

In the center of the hall, there was an ancient stone array formation.

The long and massive rocks chosen for the formation were about half the height of a person and there were mysterious array patterns etched on them. Complicated and incomprehensible, they illuminated with light.

Five stone pillars stood around the stone formation.

There was a cultivator seated at the top of each stone pillar. Their auras were restrained and they had steady bearings. Although their cultivation realms could not be read, they were probably at least Nascent Souls or even Void Reversions!


At that moment, the emperor surveyed everyone and said slowly, “The ancient battlefield is not a friendly place. In it, there are some living beings from the ancient era and some of them are even more violent than ancient remnant beasts and pure-blooded ferocious beasts! Every step in the ancient battlefield is filled with killing intent and danger. However, great opportunities await alongside the dangers!”

“Some become famous throughout the world after returning from the ancient battlefield, some raise their sects and family clans to prominence after returning. Of course, many more die without ever getting the chance to return.”

“This is a test. If you can survive the year, you will be reborn and truly establish your foundation, ensuring your core formation! If you die, be it whether you’re a genius or monster, you’ll be forgotten by everyone.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo felt a sense of déjà vu.

Back then, Die Yue said the same thing that night she threw him to Cang Lang Mountain Range alone.

That was the truth as well. Under the baptism of blood and life and death experiences, Su Zimo had built an indestructible foundation for his cultivation path that year!

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