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Chapter 335: Nine Forbidden Grounds

According to little fatty, after the battle at Dongling Valley three years ago, monkey fell into a frenzy and almost went insane, nearing causing a huge disaster. Thankfully, he was protected by senior crane.

However, monkey was disheartened and chose to leave Ethereal Peak with the spirit tiger following suit.

During that period of time, little crane, monkey and the spirit tiger had an extremely good relationship. If it wasn’t for senior crane stepping in, little crane would have left with them as well.

To Su Zimo, it was not necessarily a bad thing that monkey left Ethereal Peak.

It had an arrogant personality and did not like to be restricted. Without him around, it was bound to cause trouble and it was better off returning to the barren mountains.

Given monkey’s abilities, coupled with the fact that the spirit tiger was with it, they should not be in any danger.

Su Zimo, Xiaoning, little fatty, Leng Rou and Ji Chengtian were about to leave the palace when they caught sight of a girl in pink and wearing a veil standing at the entrance of the palace. She looked very quiet as though she was waiting for someone.

Little fatty and the rest had some impression of the girl in pink – she accompanied Chief Steward Gu Xi to watch the sect competition and seemed to have an impressive background.

“Bro, she should be looking for you, right?” Little fatty asked softly.

Before the sect competition ended, the Blood Crow King created trouble. Under the circumstances where even the Emperor of Great Zhou remained silent, Gu Xi stood out and protected Su Zimo – that was something everyone witnessed.

Naturally, Su Zimo knew that the girl in pink was Demoness Ji but he did not explain.

Arriving before Demoness Ji, Su Zimo cupped his fists in a composed manner. “Help me thank Senior Gu for her life-saving grace.”


Demoness Ji snorted and rolled her eyes at Su Zimo, pretending to be angry. “I should be the one you should thank! If I didn’t plead for you, do you think that Auntie Gu would have bothered about you?”

Little fatty and the others circled their gazes between Su Zimo and Demoness Ji with strange expressions.

Demoness Ji’s tone did not sound like she was blaming him. Instead, it was more like she was wheedling!

Furthermore, from what she said, it seemed like the relationship between the two of them was not simple!

Leng Rou frowned slightly and said nothing.

“Thank you, Dem… Miss Ji,” Su Zimo almost blurted the word ‘demoness’ and hurriedly changed.

She giggled and pondered for a moment. “I’m here to tell you something. That man from Blood Crow Palace is someone Ethereal Peak can’t afford to offend. After entering the ancient battlefield, you had better not return to Great Zhou. It’ll be best if you can leave the Tianhuang North Region entirely.”

Su Zimo frowned.

Demoness Ji reminded, “Think about the emperor’s attitude today and I’m sure there are some things you will understand.”

She was implying that even the Emperor of Great Zhou was unwilling to offend Blood Crow Palace. As such, Su Zimo should make use of the chance to enter the ancient battlefield to leave the Tianhuang North Region!

“What’s the background of Blood Crow Palace?” Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Demoness Ji replied, “There’s a total of nine forbidden grounds in Tianhuang Mainland. Be it humans or demons, they will definitely die upon entering the forbidden grounds! Two of them are located in the Tianhuang North Region and the founder of Blood Crow Palace should be from one of them.”

Nine forbidden grounds!

Su Zimo and the rest were shocked. Even though this was the first time hearing of that term, all of them felt a chill run down their spines.

What were the nine forbidden grounds such that a single person from within could strike fear into the entire Great Zhou Dynasty – how terrifying were the forbidden grounds?

“That’s all.”

Brushing past Su Zimo, Demoness Ji paused for a moment and sent a voice transmission. “If you take this opportunity to join the fiend sects, you can avoid this calamity.”

With that said, Demoness Ji left.

Ji Chengtian and the others had terrible expressions, frowning in deep thoughts.

They were no fools. Even if Demoness Ji had not said anything, all of them could tell that Blood Crow Palace did not have a simple background!

For people like Su Zimo, little fatty and the others who had not joined the sect for a long time and did not have deep feelings for Ethereal Peak, there was no need for them to stay in the sect knowing that it might be annihilated.

“Bro, what do you think?”

Little fatty could not help but ask on the way back.

Su Zimo did not say anything.

The ancient battlefield was indeed a great opportunity for one to leave the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty or the Tianhuang North Region.

Some time later, the various factions and sects of Tianhuang Mainland would have experts opening up a passageway to the ancient battlefield using their supreme Dharmic powers.

As long as Su Zimo and the others found other passages during that one year within, they could exit using a different path when it was time to return and they would be teleported out of the Great Zhou Dynasty. In fact, they might even be teleported to the South and West Regions or somewhere in the Middle Continent.

However, Su Zimo was hesitant.

He was different from others.

It was not because he had deep feelings for Ethereal Peak; he was worried that his departure would implicate his older brother in Yan Country, Su Hong.

If even the Great Zhou Dynasty was unwilling to go against Blood Crow Palace, the imperial edict would naturally be unable to protect Su Hong.

He was someone that Blood Crow Palace would definitely want to kill!

The people of Blood Crow Palace were evil and capable of killing all living beings in a city!

If they did not find him, Blood Crow Palace might find clues leading them to Su Hong in a fit of anger and that was something Su Zimo did not want to happen!

Before long, Su Zimo and the others returned to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

When they arrived at the entrance, he was surprised to see someone.

It was Shen Mengqi.

Su Zimo frowned, not knowing why she had come.

“Brother, ignore her.”

Su Xiaoning knew what happened in Ping Yang Town back then and was naturally displeased with Shen Mengqi.


When she saw Su Zimo and the others walking over, Shen Mengqi took the initiative to head up first. Looking uneasy, she revealed a smile and called out.


Su Zimo asked calmly.

“Zimo, it’s like this. Erm…”

She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I see that you have obtained spots on both the Weapon and Spirit Rankings. If that’s the case, you have an additional one…”

Shen Mengqi did not continue, merely looking at Su Zimo somewhat nervously in anticipation.

He replied indifferently, “I already have someone in mind.”


Her eyes dimmed in disappointment. Forcing a smile, she asked, “Can I ask who it is?”

“My spirit beast.”

Su Zimo did not choose to hide the truth.

He had intended to take Night Spirit along for that spot.

The reason why he did not choose Nian Qi was because if he had to choose between the two of them, it would have to be Night Spirit.

Even though Nian Qi had been by Su Zimo’s side for three years, comparatively, he had a deeper relationship with Night Spirit despite the fact that it was a spirit beast.

Furthermore, Nian Qi’s current cultivation realm wasn’t high and was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment – it might not be a good thing for her to enter the ancient battlefield.

When she heard that, Shen Mengqi was agitated and said in rage, “Su Zimo, you don’t have to humiliate me like this even if you don’t want to give it to me!”

“Did I humiliate you?” Su Zimo did not understand why Shen Mengqi was so agitated all of a sudden.

She questioned, “You’d rather give the spot to a spirit beast than me! Isn’t that humiliating me?”


He shook his head and scoffed coldly, “Night Spirit saved my life, why can’t I give it to it? Furthermore, why should I give it to you?”

Shen Mengqi opened her mouth as though she wanted to say something. However, nothing came out and she merely stood rooted to the ground in a daze, looking pale as a sheet.

Su Zimo had already swept his robes and left.





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