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Chapter 334: Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique

Su Zimo circled the Spirit Weapon Chamber in the palace and did not see anything he wanted, eventually leaving with a casual superior-grade spirit weapon.

Not far from the Spirit Weapon Chamber was the Secret Manual Chamber. Everyone else on the Spirit Ranking had already entered and Su Zimo followed suit.

There were three levels in the Secret Manual Chamber. Su Zimo and the others were only allowed to select a secret spirit art from the first level and make a copy to leave with.

The Secret Manual Chamber was filled with rows of bookshelves and various types of bamboo scrolls arranged in an orderly manner.

Evil Hands.

This was a secret skill. According to the description on the bamboo scroll, the skill could defend against a spirit weapon head on and even snatch the opponent’s spirit weapon!


This was a movement technique. Once cultivated, one would be abnormally agile and possess erratic movement. There were eight foundational points which could give birth to 64 different variations – it was extremely powerful!

Su Zimo walked along the bookshelves and looked slowly.

The many secret skill manuals were an eye-opener for him. Some of them were cryptic and Su Zimo had never heard of them before – it was a novel experience.

However, there was no spirit art that he took particular interest in throughout his walk.

Suddenly, his gaze paused.

Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique.


Frowning slightly, Su Zimo picked up a scroll made up of withered hide.

The disheveled old man of Ethereal Peak had once told him that the limit of a Weapon Refinement Master was refining perfect spirit weapons with five spirit patterns.

Connate spirit weapons had a sixth spirit pattern, the connate pattern.

The connate pattern was born from the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth and wasn’t something that could be made by man!

As Su Zimo’s understanding of weapon refinement deepened, he agreed that the disheveled old man was not wrong.

The birth of Blood Quencher further proved that point.

The condensation of a fifth spirit pattern already required immense opportunities and a Weapon Refinement Master’s perfect mental fortitude and condition. That was not even including the providence within the voids.

As such, a sixth spirit pattern was further out of the question.

As the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou, given his skill in weapon refinement, Su Zimo was filled with extreme disdain towards this Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique. He merely took it to be a nonsensical piece of work by an arrogant and ignorant Weapon Refinement Master.

Su Zimo was about to return the hide manual when his heart stirred and he took a look at the contents as if he was possessed.

After a while, his gaze flickered in deep thought.

“Bro, have you chosen?”

Right then, little fatty’s voice rang out as he ran over excitedly.

Su Zimo turned over and saw little fatty waving a bamboo scroll and whispering, “I found a secret skill that’s extremely suitable for me! Heh!”

Smiling, Su Zimo turned to look at the hide manual in his hands. A flash of determination swept through his eyes as he said in a low voice, “Let’s go. I’ve chosen mine too.”

Arriving at the entrance, Su Zimo and little fatty handed their bamboo scroll and hide manual respectively to an old man.

The old man received and took a look at them. Suddenly, he frowned and raised his head to look at Su Zimo with a strange expression before reminding out of kindness, “Lad, this forging technique is the ramblings of a madman. He didn’t even manage to accomplish it himself. Are you sure you want a copy of this?”


Su Zimo nodded.

The old man smiled and did not persuade further. He made two copies and handed them to Su Zimo and little fatty.

Upon leaving the Secret Manual Chamber, little fatty asked curiously, “Bro, what secret skill did you choose? Why did the old man say that?”

“Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique,” Su Zimo did not hide anything either.


Little fatty was dumbfounded.

Even though he was not a Weapon Refinement Master, he knew some common knowledge about the cultivation world such as how connate spirit weapons were born from the spirit qi of

Heaven and Earth.

“Connate… spirit weapons can be refined?” Little fatty could not even speak coherently anymore.

Su Zimo shook his head. “I’m not sure. This hide manual merely mentions a possibility. I can’t be sure since I haven’t tried it before.”

In reality, rather than calling it a forging method, the Connate Spirit Weapon Forging Technique was more like a restoration technique.

The hide manual mentioned a method.

First, one had to obtain a damaged connate spirit weapon.

The so-called damage did not refer to the spirit weapon itself, but the breaking of the sixth spirit pattern.

Coincidentally, Su Zimo had such a damaged connate spirit weapon in his storage bag – the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

Second, he had to search for a Connate Spirit Fire.

The Connate Spirit Fire was much more terrifying than a Level 3 Spirit Fire. Possessing a higher temperature and sentience, it was often hidden deep underground and was rare to come across.

Even if it was a damaged connate spirit weapon, there were no impurities within.

In other words, by using a Connate Spirit Fire to forge a connate spirit weapon, one could ignore the first four steps of weapon refinement completely and head straight to spirit gathering once the spirit weapon was heated to a scarlet red state.

Because the temperature of the Connate Spirit Fire was too high, even Weapon Tripods could not withstand it.

As such, spirit gathering could only be conducted without the protection of a Weapon Tripod.

After condensing five spirit patterns in a row, one could use the sentience of a Connate Spirit Fire for a possibility of repairing the sixth connate spirit pattern.

While everything sounded simple, one would realize that it was completely ridiculous upon careful thought.

Before this, there was no Weapon Refinement Master in Tianhuang Mainland who could ensure a 100% success rate of condensing four spirit patterns, let alone five or six.

Furthermore, the entire process had to be done without the protection of a Weapon Tripod!

The slightest mistake would cause the Weapon Refinement Master to die on the spot!

Which Weapon Refinement Master would risk their lives to restore a damaged connate spirit weapon with a success rate less than one in a thousand?

But now, the most dangerous and difficult part of the entire process has become much simpler for Su Zimo.

If there was a person in Tianhuang Mainland who could restore connate spirit weapons, it would have to be Su Zimo.

Of course, what the forging technique mentioned was merely a possibility. After all, no one had attempted it and there was no guarantee for its success.

Su Zimo was not adamant about it, merely memorizing the forging technique in his heart to wait for an opportunity.

Not long after the two of them waited in the Secret Manual Chamber, Leng Rou walked out of the Talisman Hall; her expression was cold and no one could read her emotions.

“How was it, Sister Leng Rou? You’ve reaped quite a bit, right?” Little fatty leaned over and asked with a cheeky smile.


Leng Rou nodded and her gaze shifted, looking at Su Zimo in a seemingly unintentional manner.

Coincidentally, Su Zimo glanced over as well. He smiled and said, “Senior Sister Leng, I’ve wanted to refine a spirit weapon for you. However, I was not skilled enough previously and did not have the chance to do so.”

“This flying sword is for you. Do see if it’s suitable.”

Su Zimo took out a flying sword from his storage bag and handed it to Leng Rou.

She received it over and injected spirit energy into it. Instantly, four spirit lights shone from the blade.

It was a supreme-grade flying sword!


Leng Rou exclaimed and lost her composure.

Back then, she had refined two Grade 2 Talismans specially for Su Zimo.

Even though he said nothing at that time, he had always remembered it.

Su Zimo commended, “If it’s not suitable, I’ve got some other here. You can also customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon with me. Just let me know of your requests.”

Leng Rou replied hurriedly, “It’s pretty good. But… it’s too expensive.”

In a casual manner, Su Zimo replied, “It’s fine. These are the only things I have plenty of.”

Little fatty was stunned and thought to himself, “Bro truly has game. I’ve got to learn more from him in the future…”





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