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Chapter 325: Crossing Regions


Suddenly, a figure dashed over at lightning speed, radiating a powerful aura. Beneath his clothes, five spirit meridians shimmered and spirit energy gushed.

It was the only five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator in the water region – Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak!


Before Ji Chengtian had even arrived, a sword beam shot out through a tremble of his sleeves.

The strange thing was that just as the sword beam flashed, it disappeared without a trace along with the flying sword; it was as though the sword beam was just an illusion.

“Everyone, watch out! That’s one of Ethereal Peak’s secret skills!”

One of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators exclaimed in shock.

The moment he finished speaking, a sharp blade penetrated his shoulder blood and fresh blood gushed out as he fell.

Even till the end, that person had not managed to discover any traces of the flying sword!

There were three levels to Ethereal Sword. First was Shadows and second was Void.

The fact that Ji Chengtian had summoned his flying sword and yet it was hidden and almost undetectable meant that he had already cultivated to the Void realm.

But of course, the so-called Void was not without a trace; it was merely extremely difficult to detect.

With Ji Chengtian’s spirit energy as a five meridian coupled with the secret skill of Ethereal Peak, ripples appeared in the void wherever his flying sword passed. It appeared unpredictably followed by flashes of blood and repeated shrieks.

Initially, the hundred odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were surrounding Su Zimo were already massively defeated by his Hexagonal Sword Formation. Now that they were being harvested by Ji Chengtian’s flying sword, they were instantly annihilated.

While more cultivators were gathering in the surroundings, none of them dared to act rashly.

Ji Chengtian heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Su Zimo was fine. “Thankfully, I wasn’t too late.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Ji.”

Su Zimo nodded and expressed his thanks.

Scanning his surroundings, Ji Chengtian said in a low voice, “There are still hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators left in the water region. If we were to get trapped, it’ll be easy for us to get hurt as well. Junior Brother Su, follow me closely. We’ll leave this place first!”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Senior Brother Ji, hurry and leave first. You don’t have to bother about me.”

“Junior Brother Su, what do you mean by that?” Ji Chengtian frowned and was perplexed.

Pausing for a moment, he came to a realization. “Don’t worry, Junior Brother Su. I’ll guarantee your safety with me around!”

Su Zimo turned to look at the gigantic light screen not far away and kept silent.

“Junior Brother Su, you…”

Ji Chengtian’s lips slowly opened as though he had thought of something.

Nodding with a smile, Su Zimo retracted his 18 supreme-grade flying swords and walked towards the gigantic light screen. His footsteps were firm without any hesitation!

Before participating in the Spirit Ranking competition, Su Zimo had already understood that his only chance of killing Feng Haoyu was within the Five Elements Umbrella!

After the end of the sect competition, the Blood Crow King would accompany Feng Haoyu and they were in the capital to boot – Su Zimo would have no chance of striking.

If they were to enter the ancient battlefield, no one could predict what would happen in that completely unfamiliar environment.

Therefore, Su Zimo had already made a decision the moment he entered the water region – he would kill Feng Haoyu even if it meant that he had to cross two Grade 4 killing formations!


At the spectator area, Ji Yaoxue jolted up and exclaimed in shock as her expression changed.

“Seems like Su Zimo is really going to cross the regions.”

“Fufu, he’s honestly too naive and doesn’t listen to advice. He can’t blame anyone for having a death wish.”

Ji Yaoxue turned around hurriedly, hoping that the emperor could teleport Su Zimo out.

Noticing Ji Yaoxue’s actions, Perfected Being Cang Lang said all of a sudden, “Third princess, the Spirit Ranking competition has already begun and outsiders can’t interfere casually. Otherwise, what integrity is there to speak of for the sect competition?”

“That’s right,” The elders of True Fire Sect chimed in hurriedly.

Back when the emperor allocated Su Zimo into the water region, Perfected Being Cang Lang and the others were already dissatisfied. However, they could not express their displeasure clearly.

Now that Perfected Being Cang Lang made that statement in front of everyone, it would be hard for the emperor to save Su Zimo even if he wanted to.

“What should we do, senior brother? Think of something!” Liu Hui looked anxious.

Pondering for a moment, Xuan Yi suddenly said, “Junior sister, do you remember that year’s Five Peaks Face-off where Zimo attained number one of four peaks? Array Peak was one of them.”

“So what?”

Liu Hui frowned. “If you tell me that Zimo is talented in array formations and is already able to set up and dispel Grade 3 formations, I can believe that. However, Grade 4 formations can only be set up by Nascent Souls and they delve into the profoundness of Dharmic powers. Even you can’t deal with them, let alone Zimo!”

“The Five Elements Umbrella is the emperor’s Dharmic weapon and those are Grade 4 killing formations inside! Zimo’s practically headed for death!” Liu Hui sighed deeply again.

“There’s something that none of you know.”

Xuan Yi replied, “Back when Zimo crossed the Ten Formations Pagoda, he dispelled the killing formations at the fastest possible speed!”

“What do you mean?” Liu Hui was taken aback.

Xuan Yi lamented, “It’s hard to say if it’s other types of array formations. However, Zimo might have some unique method of dispelling killing formations.”

“Look, he’s already inside!”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

In the water region, Su Zimo had already entered the gigantic light screen into a Grade 4 killing formation!

Ji Yaoxue and the others watched the Five Elements Umbrella nervously with fixed gazes and bated breaths.

The moment Su Zimo crossed the light screen, the scenery before him changed. Suddenly, he was located in a huge valley with thick, steep walls on both sides.

Before he could think about it, there was a loud boom in front of him and the mountains shook.

A huge torrent rushed over from the front and gushed into the valley, rumbling in a furious manner!

Su Zimo summoned his flying sword and soared into the skies hurriedly.

While it seemed like a simple torrent, Su Zimo’s spirit perception alerted him that the torrent was extremely dangerous.

Even a single splash could not be underestimated.

The moment Su Zimo rose into the air, everything above him was pitch-black as though his vision was blocked.

Raising his head, he saw that the valley was shaken; rocks slid down and the flowers and trees on both sides of the valley were falling along in the mudslide!

This killing formation was situated between the water and wood regions. Every single drop of water and piece of wood within the formation was condensed with supreme Dharmic powers.

Even a single drop of water or leaf was more than enough to destroy a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Endless pieces of wood fell from above, covering the skies while a torrential current surged beneath him – Su Zimo was in a hopeless situation!

Right then, Su Zimo closed his eyes.

By now, his five senses were useless – the only way for him to get out of the valley alive was to use his spirit perception!

Killing formations were immensely powerful. However, in a similar fashion, the flaws within killing formations were the most obvious out of the few types of formations.

Su Zimo rode on his flying sword, maneuvering within an extremely narrow space. Occasionally, he would accelerate to dodge an incoming wave.

Sometimes, he would pause suddenly and manage to dodge falling branches before him.

Between the water and wood formed by the supreme Dharmic powers and everyone’s shocked gazes, Su Zimo advanced through the narrow gap carefully and closed in towards the wood region.






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