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Chapter 324: Sword Formation Master

“Su Zimo has already crossed more than half of the water region. What is he trying to do?”

“By the looks of it, he seems to be sprinting towards the boundaries of the region.”

The wood region was right beside the water region and Feng Haoyu’s metal region was after the wood region!

“Could it be…”

Many cultivators looked on with shock as they thought of a possibility. However, they agreed that their deduction was way too absurd.

Xuan Yi and Liu Hui exchanged glances – both could tell of the seriousness in the other’s eyes.

They had a slight understanding towards Su Zimo’s character as well.

This was a man with a heart of a tiger and was decisive in his kills.

If Su Zimo could say something like ‘I can’t rest as long as Feng Haoyu’s alive’, there was a possibility that he would truly cross the regions and hunt Feng Haoyu down… to the death!

But, was that possible?

The disparity in strength between the two of them aside, the Grade 4 killing formations between the regions were enough to block anyone!

Grade 4 killing formations far exceeded the scope of spirit energy and contained supreme Dharmic powers. Even Golden Cores would be destroyed in body and spirit if they were to enter!

Five Elements Umbrella, Water Region.

Su Zimo sped the entire way without concealing his tracks at all. At the same time, the number of cultivators he attracted were increasing – there were more than a hundred by now!

The hundred odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators were all at higher cultivation realms than Su Zimo at four meridians.

Even further away, other cultivators were rushing over.

As everyone expected, he had turned into the greatest target the moment he entered the Five Elements Umbrella!

The intersection of the wood and water region was not far away.

A gigantic light screen stood erected between Heaven and Earth, extending boundlessly into the distance.

There were waves of light shimmering on the screen in a mysterious and beautiful manner. It exuded a frightening aura, as though it was warning the cultivators within the Five Elements Umbrella to stay away from it.

Su Zimo slowed down and gradually stopped.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred Foundation Establishment Cultivators surrounded him from all directions. Unfriendly and murderous, they sealed all of Su Zimo’s escape paths!

There were even more cultivators waiting outside the encirclement, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Su Zimo was expressionless as he swept his gaze across the crowd. He paused for a brief moment when he caught sight of a familiar figure in the crowd.

Shen Mengqi was among the hundred odd cultivators that were surrounding him!

She looked at Su Zimo with a complicated expression and sighed gently. “Su Zimo, even a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator is doomed if he were to get encircled by more than a hundred four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators. You… won’t be able to escape.”

Su Zimo scoffed coldly with an indifferent expression without even looking at her. “For certain people, I only have a word of advice. Don’t seek trouble for yourself and scram as far as possible!”

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Waving his robes, a sword glow flew out of his storage bag and hovered before him.

Everyone focused their gazes and shuddered.

18 flying swords!

The 18 flying swords were neatly arranged, shining with resplendence and sharpness – they were all supreme-grade flying swords!

“Kill him and those supreme-grade flying swords would be ours!” A Foundation Establishment Cultivator was so jealous that he was almost losing his mind.

“Everyone, let’s strike together so that he doesn’t have a chance to crush the jade talisman!”

Right then, a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator of True Fire Sect shouted and summoned his flying sword. It shone brightly and had a frosty cold aura.

The hundred odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were in the encirclement were already lusting with greed to begin with. When they heard that shout, they struck immediately without hesitation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Instantly, countless spirit lights shone and many flying swords interweaved in the air, forming a huge net that engulfed Su Zimo.

Outside the Five Elements Umbrella, many Golden Cores were stunned when they saw that Su Zimo had summoned as many as 18 supreme-grade flying swords.

The emperor narrowed his eyes and exclaimed softly.

He noticed that the 18 flying swords were identical in terms of length, width and etched patterns!

Could it be…

The emperor’s gaze landed on Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi of Ethereal Peak was one of the rare few Sword Formation Masters out there and Ethereal Peak’s Hexagonal Sword Formation was also renowned through the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Before the emperor could finish his thought, he heard a cry from the crowd.

“Goodness, what is that?”

“That seems to be a formation?”

“Sword Formation Master! Su Zimo is a Sword Formation Master!”

Within the water region, Su Zimo controlled 18 supreme-grade flying swords, dividing them into three groups of six flying swords each. Each flying sword shuttled through the air, leaving behind streams of sword qi.

In the blink of an eye, the six flying swords formed a star-shaped sword formation that shone with a bedazzling light.

Hexagonal Sword Formation!

Three Hexagonal Sword Formations spun around Su Zimo like gigantic spinning wheels. They circled and blocked off all the incoming flying swords!

“Everyone, don’t give up. Su Zimo’s spirit energy expenditure must have reached the limit for controlling 18 flying swords! If we continue persisting, he’ll definitely have no strength left to retaliate and will die!”

The moment that Foundation Establishment Cultivator of True Fire Sect spoke, Su Zimo’s voice sounded indifferently.

“Instant Thunder!”

Su Zimo conjured a spirit seal and pointed towards the sky with one finger while controlling his flying swords.


A giant thunderbolt struck the crowd, bursting forth with a dazzling ball of lightning.


More than ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators were caught off guard. They were struck by the thunderbolt and fell to the ground, shrieking continuously.

Even though that cultivator of True Fire Sect had crushed a protection talisman preemptively and defended against the thunderbolt, he looked clearly wretched and was filled with lingering fear.

He was right – Su Zimo indeed did not have much spirit energy left to release spirit arts.

However, Su Zimo’s power of thunder originated from his bloodline! The energy contained within was even more terrifying than his three meridian spirit energy!


Su Zimo waved his hand and a Hexagonal Sword Formation sped off, deflecting a series of incoming flying swords and piercing into the crowd!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Blood spurted out and the air was filled with the stench of blood.

Some cultivators were already injured after barely withstanding the might of thunder – how could they have enough energy left to resist the Hexagonal Sword Formation made up of supreme-grade flying swords?

It crushed everything in its path!

Some of the more alert cultivators crushed their jade talismans preemptively and left the Five Elements Umbrella. Even though they were indignant, their lives were spared.

As for some of the cultivators who were greedier and still harbored designs on Su Zimo’s supreme-grade spirit weapons, most of them died under the Hexagonal Sword Formation.

There was also a portion of powerful cultivators who managed to defend against the might of the Hexagonal Sword Formation. However, they were left severely injured and completely lost their chance for a spot in the Spirit Ranking.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were destroyed by Su Zimo and were in a complete mess!

In the square, the hundred thousand odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators gasped with agape mouths.

The scene before them had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

No one would have expected that a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator would be invincible within the Five Elements Umbrella and even cause such a bloody storm!

One of the cultivators lamented, “I’ve heard that Sword Formation Masters are almost invincible amongst cultivators of the same realm. Seems like those words were not exaggerated at all.”

18 supreme-grade flying swords and a Grade 2 formation… Su Zimo’s combat strength was not weaker than five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!






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