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Chapter 317: So Stupid That They Are Cute

That was completely unexpected.

No one knew the sort of terrifying energy that was hidden in Su Zimo’s bloodline!

Su Zimo cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Void Thunder Manual, devoured a dragon and even brought his bloodline to the blood tsunami realm.

His bloodline was much stronger than the Zenith Spring Water and whatnot.

Everyone from True Fire Sect was dumbfounded.

A person’s bloodline was comparable to rare spirit liquids such as the Northern Frost Ice and Zenith Spring Water?

Before that doubt was resolved, everyone’s eyes and minds were once again drawn in by that newly blood quenched saber.

Its massive and thick blade was grisly red and eye-piercing. Branded onto the blade like blood reservoirs, the five spirit patterns were malefic and were akin to five long blood eyes that were narrowed.

Even though it was merely resting on the spot, the saber gave off a murderous aura!

Sima Zhi rubbed his chin and murmured, “That saber was made with so many rare spirit components. Now that it’s perfect with five spirit weapons, its might should not be inferior to connate spirit weapons.”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s gaze towards Blood Quencher became even more passionate and greedy.

Supreme-grade spirit weapons were already enough to move the hearts of Golden Cores and make them flock for it.

A perfect spirit weapon was something that could lead to a bloody battle!

If they were not in the capital of Great Zhou, or at the foot of the emperor, many Golden Cores would have already taken action and broke out in a wild war!

Sensing that there was something unusual about the gazes and tension in the air, Su Zimo understood.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin by causing another’s greed.

With a flip of his palm, he put away Blood Quencher in his storage bag.

“Mr. Mo, how much do you want for that blade? Name a price.”

At that moment, Perfected Being Yun Shan stood up and spoke.

“That’s right, Mr. Mo. It’s a rare opportunity. How about selling that saber in an auction here? It’ll definitely fetch a good price,” Another Golden Core added.

Su Zimo shook his head. “That saber is priceless.”

Even though he had managed to refine that perfect spirit weapon successfully, he could not guarantee that he could replicate Blood Quencher even if he were to try again.

Similar to connate spirit weapons, perfect spirit weapons were priceless treasures.

Furthermore, Blood Quencher carried his blood!

“You must be joking, Mr. Mo. Everything has a price.”

Perfected Being Yun Shan refused to give up and continued, “Furthermore, given your cultivation realm, it’s going to be difficult to wield that saber, let alone utilize it to its fullest potential. You might as well sell it, Mr. Mo.”

Su Zimo frowned somewhat impatiently and remarked directly, “I’m sorry, the meaning of priceless is that… I’m not selling it!”

Perfected Being Yun Shan’s face darkened and he snorted.

If it was before this, he would have definitely not chosen to be on bad terms with Su Zimo.

However, the birth of a perfect spirit weapon was way too alluring for a Golden Core!

If he could acquire that Blood Quencher, his combat power would be doubled at the very least!

Sima Zhi and Perfected Being Cang Lang exchanged glances – both could read the coldness in the other’s eyes.

Su Zimo returned to his seat, holding a superior-grade spirit stone in his right hand as he recovered the spirit energy within his body slowly and rested.

He had already set the bait and was waiting for the fishes to take it.

In the square, the thousand odd Weapon Refinement Masters began their second round of weapon refinement.

Su Zimo’s weapon refinement earlier on had a huge impact on those Weapon Refinement Masters.

However, while the majority of them paid attention to Su Zimo’s spirit gathering technique, Xue Yi of Ethereal Peak paid attention to his tempering technique.

That was because he had long known that Su Zimo’s spirit gathering technique was something outsiders could not mimic.

After thinking through his insights, Xue Yi felt that he had learned quite a bit and his confidence grew tremendously as he began his second round of weapon refinement.

Tao Feng, who had already refined a superior-grade spirit weapon in the first round, was now conflicted.

In theory, he felt that the act of removing the Weapon Tripod was simply courting death!

However, the truth was that Su Zimo had indeed refined a perfect spirit weapon.

Tao Feng hesitated for a long time before taking a deep breath. He decided to believe in his own weapon refinement technique and began the second round.

Since he had already refined a superior-grade spirit weapon in the first round, it was certain that Tao Feng would already have a spot on the Weapon Ranking.

Hence, he decided that he was going to attempt for a supreme-grade spirit weapon for the next two rounds!

Materials selection, smelting, forging, tempering… all of them were done in one go.

According to his own method, Tao Feng began spirit gathering under the protection of the Weapon Tripod.

One spirit pattern.

Two spirit patterns.

The third spirit pattern… failed!

Tao Feng’s expression was ugly – Su Zimo’s weapon refinement had affected his mental state greatly.

If he continued with his previous method, he might not even be able to refine a superior-grade spirit weapon.

How about giving it a try?

What if removing the Weapon Tripod truly brought about a higher success rate for spirit gathering?

Similar thoughts flashed through Tao Feng’s mind repeatedly.

The more he tried to control, the more he couldn’t control!

I don’t care anymore. Time to give it a try. Since I’ve already refined a superior-grade spirit weapon, it doesn’t matter even if I fail.

At that thought, Tao Feng began his third round of weapon refinement.

Materials selection, smelting, forging, tempering…

At the fifth step, spirit gathering, Tao Feng suddenly removed his Weapon Tripod!

His action naturally attracted countless gazes.

“Look! Tao Feng has removed his Weapon Tripod too!”

“Finally, someone’s going to try it.”

“We’ll know in a bit whether or not that method works.”

Taking a deep breath of air, Tao Feng tried his best to ensure that his mind was calm and he was in peak condition before slowly attempting for spirit gathering.


A light flashed and the first spirit pattern was condensed successfully.

Right after, another light flashed and the second spirit pattern was condensed successfully.

After a while, another light flashed.

The third spirit pattern was condensed successfully as well!


A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

“Seems like Su Zimo was right. Removing the Weapon Tripod truly increases the success rate of spirit gathering!”

Tao Feng also became excited, his eyes shining.

“As long as I gather another spirit pattern, I’ll be in possession of a supreme-grade spirit weapon!”

At that thought, Tao Feng began on spirit gathering once more.

Right then, Sima Zhi, who was at the spectator area, vaguely sensed that something was amiss and he looked towards Su Zimo instinctively.

At that moment, Su Zimo was watching calmly with a faint smile on his lips.

“Not good!”

Sima Zhi was stunned and was about to turn around.


A deafening sound could be heard in the square.

Tao Feng fell to the ground with tightly shut eyes, already fainted. His body was almost riddled with holes from the fragments of the sword as blood gushed out.

There was even a crushed talisman in Tao Feng’s hands.

It was not hard to imagine that he would have been blasted to smithereens if not for that protection talisman!

Now, even if Tao Feng could survive, it would be difficult for him to recover within a short period of time, let alone enter the ancient battlefield along with everyone on the four ranking lists.

This meant that even though Tao Feng’s name would be on the Weapon Ranking, his spot to enter the ancient battlefield would be emptied out!

“Su Zimo, you plotted against True Fire Sect!”

Sima Zhi jolted upright and glared at Sima Zhi with a deep killing intent in his eyes.

“He took the bait willingly.”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently. “Disciples of True Fire Sect are truly so stupid that they are cute.”






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