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Chapter 301: Saved the Both of Them Before

“Then, I want to kill you now. What do you want?”

The emperor’s question was like a sword with a sharp edge that stabbed forth, sealing all of Su Zimo’s retreat paths.

His killing intent was almost tangible at this point.

Shrouded by that killing intent, Su Zimo could not move at all!

The Rain Admiration Pavilion fell into an eerie, terrifying silence!

Even Bai Yuhan, who was standing at the side, felt a sense of trepidation, let alone Su Zimo who was at the vortex of the storm.

The emperor’s cultivation was unfathomable to begin with. Coupled with the unique aura possessed by the emperor, this was a sort of pressure that ordinary people would not be able to endure.

Even if it was a Golden Core in place of Su Zimo, he would be kneeling with a frightfully pale expression.

However, Su Zimo stood upright, neither servile nor overbearing with a straight back.

“You want to kill me.”

Su Zimo finally spoke and paused for a moment.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat!

Ji Yaoxue could vaguely sense something and was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Raising his head, Su Zimo had a deep gaze that shone with a demonic glint as he stared back and said slowly, “You want to kill me, so first, I’ll kill…”

“Eh? What are you guys doing?”

Before Su Zimo could say ‘you’, a gentle and soft voice rang from outside the Rain Admiration Pavilion. It was soothing and interrupted Su Zimo’s sentence.

His heart skipped a beat – that was a familiar voice.

Everyone glanced in the direction of the voice.

A young girl in a light pink dress stood with her head tilted to the side. She had an innocent look on her face as she looked into the Rain Admiration Pavilion with a curious and pure expression.

The moment he saw that girl, the killing intent within the emperor’s eyes vanished instantly. While he was still suppressing Su Zimo with his aura, his gaze had turned extremely tender, as though he was worried he might scare the girl.

“Yan’er, why are you here?” The emperor’s tone sounded reproachful and doting.

The girl in pink wheedled, “I heard that sister has returned. I missed her so I came back to take a look too!”

“Eh? Sister, why are you standing there motionlessly and crying?”

When the girl in pink walked into the Rain Admiration Pavilion, she asked with raised brows, looking confused and innocent at the sight of Ji Yaoxue weeping at the side.

The emperor released an invisible force from between his brows inconspicuously, removing the restraints on Ji Yaoxue.

He said in a deep voice, “Xue’er, leave this place first along with Yan’er.”

“I’m not leaving.”

Ji Yaoxue looked at the emperor with teary eyes and shook her head resolutely.


Right then, the girl in pink suddenly exclaimed and covered her cherry lips. She looked at Su Zimo with an incredulous expression while her eyes were filled with surprise.

“Young… Young Master Su! Is that you?”

The girl in pink ran to Su Zimo’s side excitedly and clutched his arm with a death grip, refusing to let go as though she was afraid he might disappear the next moment.

Everyone was stunned!

Apart from Su Zimo, everyone else in the Rain Admiration Pavilion gaped at the scene in astonishment.

The emperor was stunned as well, subconsciously removing the pressure he was applying on Su Zimo, afraid that the girl in pink might be accidentally injured.

Su Zimo was rather calm.

The moment she entered, he had already recognized her – this was the fiend heir of the Pure Maiden Sect, Demoness Ji!

However, she looked angelic and innocent right now. With a charming and ignorant gaze, she was like a naive and ignorant girl.

If not for the fact that they were identical in appearance, Su Zimo would not have dared to confirm it.

However, he recalled that Demoness Ji indeed had such capabilities.

Be it innocent, charming, elegant or pitiful, she was able to portray all of those images without any flaws.

It was as though split personalities were hidden in Demoness Ji’s body and could be switched at will.

Su Zimo did not reply as he did not know what Demoness Ji was up to.

“Young Master Su, I’ve been looking for you for so long. To think that you would be here.”

Demoness Ji clutched at the hem of Su Zimo’s robes and pouted her lips in an aggrieved manner.

“Yan’er, you…”

Pausing for a moment, the emperor pointed at Su Zimo with an odd expression. “You know that person?”


Demoness Ji shook her head. “I only know that his surname is Su but I don’t know what his name is. However, Young Master Su saved my life before!”


The emperor opened his mouth slightly, dumbfounded. His expression froze and his mind was in a mess.

The Imperial Army soldiers at the side, Bald Vulture, Bai Yuhan and everyone else were losing their composure, watching with widened eyes and jaws that nearly dropped to the ground.

What was up with this Su Zimo?

The emperor only had two daughters and he saved both of their lives before?

Was this person born to save princesses?

Ji Yaoxue was also slightly dazed as she blinked her watery eyes and looked on.

Su Zimo had even saved her younger sister as well?

The emperor coughed gently and regained his composure, asking with a frown, “Yan’er, what’s going on? When did he save you?”

“Back in Chiyu City!”

Demoness Ji replied, “Three years ago, I went to Chiyu City with Auntie Gu. I sneaked out once while Auntie Gu wasn’t around but I ended up coming across six bad guys! If not for Young Master Su’s appearance, I would have been doomed!”

With that said, Demoness Ji puffed out a breath of air and stuck out her tongue, as though she was still experiencing lingering fears.

Her words were indeterminable – if Su Zimo had not experienced it himself, he would not have doubted her.

Furthermore, judging from the emperor and Ji Yaoxue’s expressions, Su Zimo realized that neither of them knew what sect Demoness Ji was from!

“Silly child!”

The emperor shook his head helplessly.

Demoness Ji continued, “Later on, I pressed Young Master Su for his residence and background so that father could reward him immensely. However, Young Master Su left right away and I couldn’t find him even after a long search.”

“Ah, I got it!”

Demoness Ji revealed a look of realization as she clapped her hands together and smiled. “Father, did you find Young Master Su to reward him after knowing about this matter?”

The emperor remained silent and smiled bitterly in his heart.

No matter if Su Zimo had deceived him or killed a soldier of the Imperial Army, this was someone who had saved two of his daughters after all.

Initially, the emperor’s attitude towards killing Su Zimo was complicated to begin with and he didn’t have a strong determination to kill the latter.

Now that this happened, the emperor had completely given up on killing Su Zimo.

However, he was worried about something else.

Circling his gaze between his two daughters and Su Zimo, the emperor sighed softly to himself.

He pondered for a while before saying in a deep voice, “Yan’er, I have something else to discuss with Su Zimo. It’s been a long time since you’ve met your sister. You two can leave first.”

“But, what about him? I’m finally able to meet Young Master Su and I’m not going to let him get away again!”

Demoness Ji pouted and hugged Su Zimo’s arm tightly.

Two soft mounds pressed against Su Zimo’s arm, slightly warm and extremely bouncy – he stiffened instantly.

The emperor said in an exasperated manner, “Don’t worry, I’ll let him go after saying a few words to him.”

“Thank you, father.”

Demoness Ji smiled sweetly and walked to the side with a gentle voice. Tugging Ji Yaoxue by the palm, she chuckled. “Let’s go, sister! We’ll wait outside.”


Ji Yaoxue nodded.

Since the emperor was willing to say that, Su Zimo’s life was naturally not in danger. As such, Ji Yaoxue could finally feel relieved.

The two sisters left the Rain Admiration Pavilion hand in hand.




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