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Chapter 296: Kneel Down!

Si Yutang said softly, “Master, don’t worry. The maidservant is just ignorant and has not heard of your name, that’s understandable. Once she reports the matter, Mr. Mo will definitely change his mind.”


Perfected Being Cang Lang nodded.

He had the confidence that there was no reason Mr. Mo would reject someone who bid 2.5 million superior-grade spirit stones and select somebody else.

Si Yutang turned to his side and said tenderly to the dejected Shen Mengqi, “Junior sister, you don’t have to be upset too. There’s no need for us to stoop to the level of a maidservant.”

Right then, the door to the residence opened with a creak and a gap opened.

“She’s out, she’s out!”

A commotion broke out among the crowd.

Perfected Being Cang Lang was not the only one; the surrounding cultivators were also awaiting a final outcome.

Nian Qi walked out with a calm expression as she looked at Perfected Being Cang Lang and nodded. “You are right, Perfected Being Cang Lang. Our young master has indeed heard of your name and as you have expected, he has changed his mind as well.”

The dark clouds on Perfected Being Cang Lang’s face dissipated and he smiled again, looking to his sides smugly.

Perfected Being Yi Ning’s eyes dimmed.

Although she had expected this outcome, she could not help but feel disappointed still.

Si Yutang even sneered unreasonable, “Little maidservant, didn’t your young master ask you to apologize to my master?”

Nian Qi smiled without saying anything.

“Time to go, time to go!”

Some cultivators did not linger and turned to leave the moment they saw that there was an outcome.

Nian Qi continued, “Our young master even said that if it’s Perfected Being Cang Lang, he’s willing to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon for you for free without accepting any spirit stones!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was elated upon hearing that.

A huge sense of pride and happiness rose within him over the change from 2.5 million spirit stones to a free customization.

“Is Perfected Being Cang Lang that amazing?”

“He’s pretty much. He’s only a little over 200 years old and he’s already at perfected Golden Core. He has the greatest hope of advancing to be a Nascent Soul Perfected Lord.”

“Perfected Being Cang Lang is truly influential. To think that he could get a free customization.”

In fact, Perfected Being Cang Lang felt light-headed as he listened to the discussions in the crowd and enjoyed everyone’s envious gazes.

This was someone who had lived for more than 200 years after all. Perfected Being Cang Lang contained the ecstasy in his heart and nodded his head with cupped fists in every direction.

Although he seemed like he was indifferent, as if he had already expected this outcome from the start, he could not hide the smugness between his brows.


While Perfected Being Cang Lang was able to hold back his excitement and pretend to be calm, his disciple, Si Yutang, could not hold it in any longer as he burst into laughter with a glowing expression.

Nian Qi smiled and said, “However, my young master said that he has a request for helping you to customize a free supreme-grade spirit weapon.”

“Say it.”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was in a good mood as he waved his hand and said proudly, “As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely do my best to accommodate.”

“Rest assured, Perfected Being, this request is very easy for you.”

Suddenly, Nian Qi retracted her smile. Her tone turned cold as she enunciated word for word, “My young master said… He. Wants. You. To. Kneel. Down!”

The crowd fell silent.

There was complete silence and one could hear even a pin drop!

Every cultivator present was stunned and dumbfounded, looking towards Nian Qi and Perfected Being Cang Lang instinctively.

“He. Wants. You. To. Kneel. Down!”

Although the crowd was noisy, everyone heard those six words clearly and there was no mistake about it.

Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan were frozen.

Not far away, within a carriage in a small alley, a sweet voice sounded with laugher. “Ha, I knew it! Su Zimo is very interesting!”

Si Yutang’s laughter stopped abruptly.

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s expression stiffened. Turning his head slowly, he narrowed his gaze and asked faintly, “Young lady, what did you just say? If you have the guts to say it again, I’ll listen.”

“You didn’t hear it clearly?”

Nian Qi was nonchalant towards Perfected Being Cang Lang’s threat as she replied indifferently, “As long as you kneel down, my young master will refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon for you.”

“Oh, right! He even said that if you were to kneel down AND kowtow, he can refine an additional supreme-grade spirit weapon for you!”


Although the cultivators present did not know why Mr. Mo would make such a decision, it was a complete and absolute humiliation to Perfected Being Cang Lang!

No matter how valuable a supreme-grade spirit weapon was, how could Perfected Being Cang Lang kneel in front of everyone?

While kneeling down was easy, he would definitely lose all face in the cultivation world from this day forth.

“Fufufufu… ”

Perfected Being Cang Lang suddenly laughed.

“You’re a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, a mere maidservant. How dare you insult a Golden Core! Even if this is the capital, I can kill you right now!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s long and narrow eyes shone with a cold killing intent. His hands that were originally behind his back were now placed on his storage bag and his voice was chilling.

Everyone could sense Perfected Being Cang Lang’s killing intent!

In the eyes of everyone, Nian Qi was only a maidservant.

Given Perfected Being Cang Lang’s status and position, he might not be severely punished if he were to kill a maidservant forcefully right now.

Nian Qi’s expression remained unchanged as she continued, “Our young master has already expected that you would definitely be enraged out of shame upon hearing the request and that you will try to kill me. However, this is the capital. If you dare to strike first, the other cultivators will have enough reason to stop you.”


Perfected Being Cang Lang smiled. “Who would dare stop me for a mere maidservant like you!”

Nian Qi nodded. “That’s why my young master said that whoever beheads you will get a customized supreme-grade spirit weapon from him!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s expression changed.

Those were savage words that had set him on fire!

The other party was not only humiliating him, they were forcing him to endure it with nowhere to vent!

At this moment, as long as Perfected Being Cang Lang dared to attack Nian Qi, the other cultivators would have enough reason to strike and they would definitely join forces to kill him.

After all, his head could be exchanged for a supreme-grade spirit weapon – who wouldn’t be tempted?

Even if some of the cultivators were worried about his status and did not dare to attack, the commanders of the Scarlet Vulture and Azure Falcon guards had already approached not far away.

If he dared to make any movements out of the blue, those two would definitely strike without hesitation!

Perfected Being Cang Lang looked extremely ugly and unpredictable.

No matter what, his pride was completely smashed today.

However, Perfected Being Cang Lang could not understand why Mo Ling hated him so much.

The fact that he was able to get to where he was today meant that his hands had already been tainted by endless fresh blood – he no longer remembered when and where he sowed a grudge with any cultivator with the surname of Mo.

“From the looks of it, Mr. Mo definitely knows me then?”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was a top Golden Core cultivator after all and he adjusted himself quickly. A look of mockery flashed in his eyes as he sneered, “Since we were acquaintances, why is he being mysterious and hiding inside instead of meeting me directly?”

Nian Qi replied, “My young master said that he would definitely meet you, but now is not the time.”

“When will be the time then?”

“The sect competition!”


Perfected Being Cang Lang nodded and said coldly, “Come that time, I’ll see for myself just who this Mo Ling is!”



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