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Chapter 295: Unreasonable

In other words, it meant that putting aside the fact that the bid was at 2.01 million superior-grade spirit stones, even if the bid was at 10 million, none of it matters if the young master did not want to make that person a spirit weapon…

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s face darkened and his mouth twitched.

At that moment, he felt an extreme discomfort as though he had just punched a cotton ball and could not exert any strength at all.

Sensing the mocking gaze of everyone around, Si Yutang and Shen Mengqi felt their cheeks burn in shame.

Si Yutang had experienced Nian Qi’s savageness in rebuttals and was still shrouded in the trauma of ‘so what if you’re rich’, so he naturally did not dare to provoke her anymore.

Shen Mengqi was angry and indignant. She could not help but head up and question, “Fellow Daoist, aren’t you unreasonable? It was agreed on at the start that the highest bidder would win!”

“Please don’t try to reason with me.”

Nian Qi waved her hands hurriedly and blinked her big, sparkling eyes as she explained in all seriousness, “That’s because, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop has never been a reasonable place.”

“You… ”

Shen Mengqi’s body swayed and her face turned pale – she felt stifled and lost.


A series of laughter burst forth from the crowd.

Naturally, this was a pleasant surprise for Perfected Being Yi Ning.

She stepped forward with a smile and cupped her fists. “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Nian Qi.”

Nian Qi nodded.

Perfected Being Cang Lang tried his best to calm himself down and suppress his anger. “Young lady, since you said that your young master makes the decision, fine! I want to meet Mr. Mo!”

“You think he’s someone you can meet at your behest?” Nian Qi glanced sideways at Perfected Being Cang Lang and scoffed coldly.

“Young lady, I don’t understand why the rights of customizing a supreme-grade spirit weapon for this auction went to someone else. But I would like you to inform him that Perfected Being Cang Lang of Iridescent Clouds Palace wishes to meet him!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang reared his head slightly with a proud look in his eyes. “I’m sure Mr. Mo must have heard of my name before!”

“Young lady, I can understand if you’re insensible. However, through my experience, I’m advising you not to make a decision for your young master regarding this matter or you might get punished for it!”

Nian Qi frowned slightly and hesitated.

Perfected Being Cang Lang continued, “I believe that no one in the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty will reject to being friends with me!”

His words were extremely arrogant and firm!

Indeed, Perfected Being Cang Lang was qualified to speak of such words given his status and cultivation.

No matter what, Nian Qi was not even 20 years old and was still a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. For a moment, she was stunned by Perfected Being Cang Lang’s aura and could not make a decision.

Nian Qi’s expression was apprehensive.

Prior to this, Su Zimo had only instructed her to ignore any bids from cultivators of Iridescent Clouds Palace.

She did not know the reason why either.

At this moment, the aggressive and confident aura exuded by Perfected Being Cang Lang filled her heart with worry.

Was she being too reckless by making an unilateral decision of her own and establishing a powerful foe as such for her young master?

“Fellow Daoist Nian Qi, since it has already been decided, let’s not…” Perfected Being Yi Ning said hesitantly.

She was a little anxious that things might change if Nian Qi heads in to ask Mr. Mo about things. However, she could not bring herself to say everything openly.

Perfected Being Cang Lang spoke again with great confidence, “I dare to declare that Mr. Mo will definitely change his mind if you inform him about it! Additionally, if the spirit stones are not enough, I can raise it to 2.5 million superior-grade spirit stones!”


Everyone gasped when they heard that.

He raised the bid to 2.5 million just like that!

Everyone could feel Perfected Being Cang Lang’s determination in getting his hands on that supreme-grade spirit weapon.

When she heard that, Perfected Being Yi Ning sighed and shook her head as well.

She could retain her confidence if Perfected Being Cang Lang’s bid was a mere 10,000 above hers.

However, Perfected Being Cang Lang’s bid was 2.5 million right now. If she was Mr. Mo, she would choose him as well.

Everything aside, the price alone was an entire 500,000 superior-grade spirit stones higher!

There was no reason for Mr. Mo to reject this offer at all.

Nian Qi pondered for a moment and said, “Wait a moment. I’ll go in and ask my young master.”

Returning to the residence, Nian Qi closed the door shut and sped towards Su Zimo’s cultivation room.

Before long, she arrived in front of his room and knocked on the door gently.

“Come in.”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

Nian Qi pushed the door open and went straight to the point. “Sir, something happened at the auction.”

“What’s wrong?” Su Zimo sat on the ground without rising up and asked casually.

“There was indeed a cultivator from Iridescent Clouds Palace that arrived for this auction. I ignored him entirely and gave the rights to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon to another cultivator. However…”

Nian Qi sorted out her thoughts before continuing, “That Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivator seems rather powerful and says that he wants to meet you. He even said that you must have heard of his name and will definitely change your mind.”

“Oh?” Su Zimo raised his brow.


Nian Qi added, “That Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivator has already raised the bid to 2.5 million superior-grade spirit stones. It’s an entire 500,000 more than the second place bidder!”

“So amazing?”

Smiling, Su Zimo turned and stretched his body while asking in a relaxed manner, “What’s his name?”

“Perfected Being Cang Lang.”

Su Zimo’s actions suddenly paused.

“What’s wrong, sir?” Nian Qi asked curiously.

Su Zimo smiled with a hint of mockery flashing in his eyes. His tone was filled with emotion as he replied softly, “Nothing, he’s an old acquaintance.”

“So, are you meeting him?” Nian Qi could not figure out Su Zimo’s intentions.

“Yes, definitely. But now is not the time.”

Su Zimo replied calmly, “Furthermore, he’s right about one thing. I have indeed changed my mind.”

“By the looks of it, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop must have some special rules?”

Outside the crowd, Ji Yaoxue asked in a puzzled manner.

“I don’t know.”

Bai Yuhan shook her head. “However, there must be some deeper meaning as to why Mr. Mo laid down such a rule.”

Ji Yaoxue frowned and fell into deep thought. Her gaze changed as she murmured softly, “Or could it be that Mr. Mo has some sort of a feud with Iridescent Clouds Palace?”

“I’m not sure about any feuds he has with Iridescent Clouds Palace, but I know he’s definitely at loggerheads with True Fire Sect,” Bai Yuhan replied.

Within the carriage in a small alley not far away.

Demoness Ji suddenly said, “I remember something. Su Zimo seems to have a grudge with Perfected Being Cang Lang!”

“Oh?” Gu Xi was surprised.

Demoness Ji recalled. “Back in the palace of Yan Country, he killed a cultivator of Iridescent Clouds Palace and even had another disciple of Iridescent Clouds Palace relay the message that he would definitely take the life of Perfected Being Cang Lang!”

“If that’s the case, that would explain the strange outcome from the auction just now.”

Gu Xi thought for a moment before shaking her head. “However, Su Zimo is only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. He is still far from being able to take Perfected Being Cang Lang’s life.”

“One is at Foundation Establishment while the other is at Golden Core, there’s definitely a difference in strength. However, they are definitely comparable in terms of status by now,” Demoness Ji replied.

Everything aside, the mere weight of the words ‘Mr. Mo’ was definitely enough to match Perfected Being Cang Lang!

“Now that that is clear, the outcome of Nian Qi relaying the message will be…”

Demoness Ji grinned from ear to ear. “Hehe, there’s going to be a good show to watch!”



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