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Chapter 283: Because He Is Mo Ling

Rain Admiration Pavilion.

In an elegant place in the palace, this was where members of the royal family would listen to and admire rain from.

Clear water flowed in front of the pavilion with lotus flowers and leaves floating on it. Beside the pool were Japanese banana trees and green bamboos.

Be it the gentle rain of spring or the casual showers of autumn, the sound of them landing on the different plants would bring about a different state of mind for those listening. The different sounds ringing in their ears and mind created varying sensations.

Not long after Su Zimo and the other two entered the palace, someone came forward and brought them here.

There were only two people in the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

One of them was Bai Yuhan who came before them.

The other person wore golden brocade robes and his long hair draped over his shoulders. Standing in front of the window, he looked up at the sky. While his back was facing everyone such that his face could not be seen, he exuded an indescribable dignity which left one impressed.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

The bearded man and Bearded man knelt on one knee immediately and shouted with cupped fists.


The Emperor of Great Zhou’s voice was deep and magnetic.

Looking at the back view of the emperor, Su Zimo’s eyes flickered.


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At this moment, a guard of the imperial army dashed over. “Ten elders of True Fire Weapon Workshop and True Fire Elixir Workshop requests an audience with Your Majesty!”


The emperor replied with a single word.

Bald Vulture glanced sideways at the bearded man in a provocative manner and laughed coldly.

The bearded man was unmoved and his expression was calm.

Before long, ten Golden Cores tore through the air – almost all of them were old men with long beards!

While those Golden Cores were from True Fire Sect, they had resided in the capital for hundreds of years.

Elder Zhang of True Fire Weapon Workshop was considered young among the ten.

The emperor did not turn around nor did he say anything, merely looking up at the skies.

Unknowingly, the skies were already filled with clouds and it seemed like a downpour was about to rain down.

No one could read the emperor’s thoughts.

The atmosphere within the Rain Admiration Pavilion suddenly seemed a little suffocating and gloomy.

Standing out, Bai Yuhan said, “If there’s anything you guys want to say, say it here. Your Majesty will make the final decision.”

The ten elders of True Fire Sect exchanged glances and someone stood out, pointing at Su Zimo. “That person killed wantonly in the capital and has no regard for the law. Not only did he kill two of our True Fire Sect disciples for no reason, he even murdered two Scarlet Vulture guards! He has no morals!”


Right then, a thunder boomed.

Immediately after, rain poured down heavily.

Amidst the pouring rain, Bald Vulture said slowly, “Your Majesty, this person disregards our laws and that’s equivalent to challenging the authority of you. It won’t do for us to not kill him. We wouldn’t be able to appease the commoners and maintain our law and order!”

“In addition, even though this lad committed a heinous crime, Mu Dongqing, as the commander of the Azure Falcon guards, is even standing up for him instead of avoiding trouble! He nearly caused a massive battle and an internal fight between the guard squads! I feel that Mu Dongqing should be stripped of his position as the commander of the Azure Falcon guards and be imprisoned eternally!”

The rain outside became heavier as Bald Vulture’s words fell.

Landing on the leaves of the Japanese banana trees, the raindrops portrayed a sound of urgency as a killing intent shrouded the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

The emperor stood with his hands behind his back, merely watching the heavy rain outside without saying anything.

The Rain Admiration Pavilion fell into a momentary silence.

The atmosphere was turning increasingly heavy.

A moment later, Su Zimo spoke slowly, “Everyone missed out something. He Xing was the one who attacked me first.”

Elder Zhang of True Fire Weapon Workshop sneered, “From what I know, He Xing merely wanted to slap you. That would be humiliating at most, but you chose to kill him!”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “Anyone who humiliates me will have to die in regret.”


Elder Zhang burst into laughter. “What a joke! Who are you such that He Xing has to pay with his life for humiliating you?”

“I’m someone that He Xing cannot touch. If he touches me, he’ll have to die!” Su Zimo enunciated each and every word.

The ten elders of True Fire Sect were startled.

They could vaguely sense that Su Zimo was not joking.

Bald Vulture had also noticed that something seemed to be amiss with the situation.

The fact that Su Zimo could maintain his composure in the presence of the emperor meant that he had something to fall back on!

“On what basis?!”

Elder Zhang gritted his teeth and asked.

Right then, another voice sounded from the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

“On the basis that he’s the number one Weapon Refinement Master in the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the master of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop — Mo Ling!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice only to see the emperor turn around slowly, revealing his appearance. He had a wide forehead and bright, clear eyes accompanied by an aura of authority — this was the yellow-robed man who had visited Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop a couple of months ago!

The moment he said that, other than the bearded man, everyone present were dumbfounded.

That green-robed cultivator was Mo Ling?

Wasn’t Mo Ling a Golden Core?

That person was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment realm, how could he refine supreme-grade spirit weapons?

Elder Zhang’s mind was in an absolute mess – how did Mo Ling survive the assassination attempt that night a couple of months ago as a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator?

If the emperor had not said it personally, no one would have believed it.

Even now, everyone present had doubts about it.

The bearded man was relatively calm since he knew about Su Zimo’s identity earlier on.

A flash of realization flickered across Bai Yuhan’s eyes as she thought to herself, “So, that’s your trump card. No wonder you are so calm.”

No matter what True Fire Sect or Bald Vulture had to say, as long as Su Zimo’s identity was made known, he could turn the entire situation around!

Among them, the most stunned person was the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards, Bald Vulture.

How could this be…?

How did it suddenly turn into this…?

Bald Vulture had thought of countless possibilities but the only thing he did not expect was that this person was Mo Ling!

If that was truly the case, the fact that He Xing wanted to humiliate the number one Weapon Refinement Master in the capital of Great Zhou would only mean that he deserved to die.

Unknowingly, the rain outside had stopped!

The heavy rain left as suddenly as it came.

The emperor looked at Su Zimo with burning eyes and asked with a smile, “Mr. Mo, it’s been a long time. How have you been?”

Initially, the emperor thought that his sudden appearance would definitely cause Su Zimo to be shocked.

On the contrary, Su Zimo looked calm and composed.

He merely bowed slightly with cupped fists. “It’s my honor.”

The reason for that composure was because a few months earlier, Su Zimo had already deduced the identity of the yellow-robed man!

Bald Vulture knew that his actions had already offended Su Zimo and made up his mind. “Even if you are Mo Ling and it’s justified for you to kill He Xing, why did you have to kill my Scarlet Vulture guards?!”

Su Zimo replied, “The Scarlet Vulture guards chose to ignore things when He Xing and Pang Ming instigated the spirit lion to hurt others. Why were they suddenly trying to kill without second thoughts when it came to me?”

“In fact, commander, I suspect that you harbor ulterior motives along with True Fire Sect. You guys worked together to set up this trap in Yongxing City today to have me killed!”

The moment he said that, the expressions of the ten elders of True Fire Sect and Bald Vulture changed.

Su Zimo’s words were as sharp as a sword piercing at their hearts!

Previously, the emperor had made a clear declaration that no one was to cause trouble for Mo Ling in the future.

Now, of all people, they clashed with Mo Ling. If they could not explain it clearly, it would indeed cause the emperor to misunderstand.

By then, they would be the ones incurring the wrath of the emperor!

With just a few words, the entire situation had turned!

Outside the Rain Admiration Pavilion, a ray of sunlight broke through the gray clouds and scattered on the water, reflecting a beautiful light.




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