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Chapter 281: Drawing Swords

“What’s going on?”

The commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards, Bald Vulture, surveyed the surroundings and asked expressionlessly in a low voice.

Some cultivators from True Fire Elixir Workshop rushed forth and recounted the entire incident with added gossip.

“Hahahaha… ”

Bald Vulture looked at Su Zimo playfully with a cruel gaze as he laughed in a maniacal manner.

“It’s over. That green-robed cultivator is definitely going to be tortured to death in the hands of Bald Vulture.”

“If I were him, I’d commit suicide right away. At least, it’ll be an easier death.”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

The commander of the White Hawk guards, Bai Yuhan, could not help but frown when she heard the recount.

The entire incident seemed fishy.

It was originally a feud between True Fire and Azure Frost Elixir Workshop. Or rather, it could be said that it was a private grudge between He Xing and Su Xiaoning.

Even though Pang Ming insinuated the spirit lion to injure Su Xiaoning and knock her Elixir Furnace over while He Xing bullied her, the situation was still within control.

It was only after this green-robed cultivator appeared that the situation spiraled out of control completely…

It was true that He Xing had attacked first, but the green-robed cultivator’s reaction was way too extreme – he killed two men right away without giving the other side a chance to explain things!

Furthermore, even if he killed He Xing in self-defense, it did not make sense for him to kill the two Scarlet Vulture guards thereafter.

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Bai Yuhan looked over at Su Zimo instinctively but found herself slightly stunned.

He was encircled by two guard squads of the capital; he was faced with two commanders and one of them was even the cruel Bald Vulture. Yet, that man did not show any bit of fear at all!

In fact, Bai Yuhan could not see a hint of panic in the eyes of that person!

He had killed in the capital and he was even so decisive in killing guards of the capital. Yet, he was calm and composed in the face of this heavy encirclement – just what sort of backing does that man have?

Bald Vulture looked down at Su Zimo from above. Excitement could be seen in his eyes as he said sinisterly, “Very good, very good. It just so happens that I’m bored during this period of time and someone offered himself to relieve my boredom, hehe.”

“You won’t be able to touch me.”

Su Zimo suddenly spoke, looking at Bald Vulture calmly.

The moment he said that, the crowd fell into an uproar.

This man was of a lowly status and yet he dared to openly challenge the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards – did he really want to die?!

Bald Vulture’s face darkened.

Ever since he took on the position as the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards, no one had dared to speak to him like this through the years!

“Kid, let me tell you. Even if the Heavenly King came today, he wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Bald Vulture said coldly, “Don’t worry, I have a hundred ways to make your life a living hell! By the end of it all, you will kneel before me and begging for mercy for me to kill you!”

Right then, another voice could be heard from afar.

“You truly wouldn’t be able to touch him.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, only to see a figure rushing over as fast as lightning. He strode through the air in an extremely fast speed and arrived in the blink of an eye.

The man wore a green armor and was tall with a dark, bearded face. He was none other than the commander of the Azure Falcon guards, Mu Dongqing!

When the bearded man caught sight of Su Zimo, he shot a look signaling for the latter to be assured.

Su Zimo nodded slightly as a form of greeting.

Today, it should be the Azure Falcon guards’ turn to rest and the bearded man should not have appeared here.

However, he must have been informed by someone to be able to arrive in time.

Sweeping his gaze, Su Zimo found out that Nian Qi was gone and instantly had a hunch about what happened.

“That lass sure is smart.”

Su Zimo muttered to himself internally.

The appearance of the bearded man and his statement shocked the onlookers as they could vaguely feel that the situation had changed again!

“Mu Dongqing, you are on break for today’s shift. What are you doing here?” Bald Vulture looked at the bearded man and Su Zimo before asking suddenly.

The bearded man said in a seemingly casual manner, “Nothing much. I came over to take a look seeing that the commotion had gotten quite big.”


Bald Vulture smiled. “It’s none of your business here. It’s enough that I’m here, you can leave.”


The bearded man nodded and descended on the ground. Grabbing Su Zimo by the arm, he rose into the sky – he was trying to take Su Zimo away from this place!


Bald Vulture’s expression changed and his body flashed, appearing before the bearded man instantly. Blocking their way, he asked slowly with a darkened expression, “Mu Dongqing, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Nothing much.”

The bearded man stood in front of Su Zimo with no change in his expression.

Bald Vulture pointed at the corpses on the ground and sneered, “This person has no eyes for the law and slaughtered people in the capital, even killing two of my Scarlet Vulture guards. You want to take him away just like that? Mu Dongqing, aren’t you bold?!”

The bearded man frowned.

Suddenly, Su Zimo whispered in his ears and the bearded man’s eyes lit up before saying in a deep voice, “Bald Vulture, since He Xing was the one who attacked first, he brought his own death to himself. As for your Scarlet Vulture guards, they had lost their honor and it was a dereliction of duty for them to be biased and failing to notice what had happened.”

“Mu Dongqing, it’s Azure Falcon’s turn to rest today. You don’t have the rights to interfere in the matters here!” Bald Vulture’s eyes shone brightly and the coldness in his tone intensified.

The bearded man said in a low voice, “Today, I’m Mu Dongqing and I don’t represent the Azure Falcon guards! No other Azure Falcon guards will interfere in today’s matters as well!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Bald Vulture suddenly laughed in a sinister manner, making one’s hair stand on end.

After a moment, the laughter stopped.

Slapping his storage bag, Bald Vulture pulled out two silver hooks that shone with a frosty, cold glint before saying slowly in an intimidating manner, “If you insist on protecting him, you’ll be going against me and the entire Scarlet Vulture guards! Don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

Upon hearing that, the Scarlet Vulture guards in midair withdrew their spirit weapons and glared at the bearded man with fierce, unfriendly expressions.

The bearded man fell silent.

Bald Vulture was exerting pressure on him using the entire squad!

As long as he dared to make any objections, he would be making enemies with the entire Scarlet Vulture guards!

Just when the crowd thought that the bearded man was about to give him, he did not take a single step back and wiped his hand gently across his storage bag. Instantly, a gigantic hammer appeared in his palms, emanating a sturdy and heavy aura.

That was tit for tat!

“Like I said, you won’t be able to touch him today!”

The bearded man had a burning gaze and the hammer in his hands trembled, radiating with a brilliant spirit light. Four spirit patterns shone in a bedazzling manner, attracting a series of surprised gasps!

Four spirit patterns, it was a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Everyone was shocked.

One the one hand, they were shocked at the supreme-grade spirit weapon in the hands of the bearded man.

On the other hand, no one had expected that the bearded man would make an enemy out of the entire Scarlet Vulture guards just for that green-robed cultivator!

The hammer in the bearded man’s hand shone with a bright spirit light. Given the situation, the numerous Scarlet Vulture guards in midair channeled their spirit energies, causing the dagger-axes in their hands to shine brightly while flying swords hovered above the skies.

In the blink of an eye, the two parties had drawn swords and were on the verge of fighting!




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