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Chapter 280: Two Commanders


The remaining Scarlet Vulture guard let out a loud roar and a vicious light flashed through his eyes.

From the way Su Zimo attacked earlier on, there was no way he could escape at this distance!

The only shot he had at living was to contend with Su Zimo for a couple of rounds while waiting for the reinforcements of the other Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk guards.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was already before him.

The dagger-axe in the hands of the Scarlet Vulture guard shone brightly. Exerting strength in both arms, it shook and the Scarlet Vulture guard drew a semicircle in midair, slicing towards Su Zimo with chilling intent.

Spirit energy surged and the dagger-axe seemed to have gathered a typhoon of spirit energy that was extremely terrifying!

Su Zimo’s expression remained unchanged as he extended his palm in a simple manner, welcoming the incoming dagger-axe without any perceivable force – a coil and a tremble like a tongue!

The typhoon of spirit energy surrounding the dagger-axe dissipated instantly.


The dagger-axe vibrated immensely and the Scarlet Vulture guard could no longer hold it. His palm cracked and was filled with fresh blood as he let out a pained shriek.

Under the watchful gaze of countless people, the moment both sides made contact, the weapon of the Scarlet Vulture guard was already taken away by the unknown green-robed cultivator!

Everyone’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He was only a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, but he was able to go head on with a spirit weapon using his body alone?

Just how strong was this person’s physique?

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he gripped the dagger-axe he snatched over and stabbed it upwards in reverse!

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Flashes of blood appeared.

The throat of the Scarlet Vulture guard opposite was pierced and his eyes dimmed as he collapsed to the ground in a thud.

Everyone looked on in shock as their jaws dropped open in disbelief.

The situation had changed way too quickly that many people were unable to react to it yet.

From the time Su Zimo attacked till now, four people had already died on the spot in no time!

It was already shocking enough for everyone when Su Zimo killed two cultivators from True Fire Elixir Workshop.

When he decisively suppressed two Scarlet Vulture guards with extreme dominance later on, everyone was horrified!

“Decisive to kill. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a ruthless cultivator,” Within a crowd, an old man lamented and was secretly shocked.

“Hmph, so what if he’s decisive to kill? He’s still a dead man.”

“That’s right. That person might have a chance of surviving if he had only killed disciples of True Fire Elixir Workshop. But now that he even killed the Scarlet Vulture guards, that’s akin to openly challenging the authority of the royal family!”

Everyone’s gazes were fixed tensely on Su Zimo as they conversed, afraid that he would rush into the crowd and kill them wantonly.

After all, Su Zimo was already a dead man in their eyes.

Since he knew that he was going to die, it was only normal for him to kill a couple more people.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo placed his hands behind his back with a nonchalant expression after killing the four people without any other extreme actions.

The Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk guards had already arrived and were forming an encirclement. Su Zimo did not escape either, as though he had already given up.

However, what puzzled everyone was that there was no trace of panic or fear in Su Zimo’s eyes – they were deep and dark like ancient wells without the slightest bit of fluctuation.

At that moment, the green-robed cultivator with four corpses surrounding him turned into a mystery.

No one could read him at all.

Initially, everyone was unprepared over how sudden that man had attacked.

In the end, his calmness confused everyone.

Suddenly, an old man said in a low voice, “Actually, that green-robed cultivator… might not die.”

“What do you mean?” Someone asked.

The old man continued, “Did you guys notice that the real fault does not lie in that person since He Xing was the one who struck first? If we look at things from that perspective, it would be a reasonable explanation for the man’s actions thereafter even if they may be extreme.”

While fighting was not allowed in the capital, if someone strikes another person, it was impossible for the latter to receive the attacks motionlessly on the spot – he was definitely free to retaliate.

The old man’s intentions were simple – if everything was established on the premise that He Xing struck Su Zimo first, Su Zimo’s actions later on would be considered as self-defense.

“That’s not going to help. This person is dead for sure.”

“That’s right. Even if he has the side of reason, he’s faced against the two powerful factions of True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards. What status does he have to contend against those two factions?”

“Unless this person’s status is so high that even the Emperor of Great Zhou has to give him some face, there’s no way he’s going to survive from this!”

Not far away, Su Xiaoning had just snapped out from her shock and was about to run towards Su Zimo when she stopped.

Su Zimo’s eyes were narrowed as he shook his head imperceptibly with a sharp gaze.

The situation was complicated and uncertain right now – he was not sure what would happen in the end either.

Given such circumstances, Su Zimo did not want Xiaoning embroiled in it.

The siblings’ hearts were closely linked and Xiaoning understood. Even though she did not step forward, her eyes revealed a deep worry.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before long, the Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk guards closest to the place arrived. Looking at the few corpses on the ground, most of the guards had cold expressions as their glared at Su Zimo with boundless killing intent.

“What’s going on?”

Right then, a cold and sinister voice was heard.

In front of everyone, a figure flew over with lightning speed and appeared in midair in the blink of an eye, standing upright in the air without anything beneath his feet.

It was a Golden Core!

The person wore scarlet robes and had a bald head. Carrying a cold aura, his gaze was sharp as an eagle’s.

“Greetings, commander!”

In midair, many Scarlet Vulture guards called out in unison.

The person who had arrived was the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards, the man nicknamed ‘Bald Vulture’ with vicious methods and a violent temperament.

Bald Vulture had a unique set of torture that would ensure living hell for any cultivators that fell into his hands!

It was said that some cultivators who had offended Bald Vulture previously were tormented by it for an entire month until their minds broke down into insanity. Finally, they were killed bit by bit in a miserable manner without resting in peace.

There was a saying in the Great Zhou Dynasty that one would rather commit suicide than land in the hands of Bald Vulture!

Right after Bald Vulture arrived, another figure descended as well. Wearing a pure white shirt, the woman had extraordinary features as a long sword hung on her waist – she was graceful as a feather.

“Greetings, commander!”

Upon seeing this person, the numerous White Hawk guards in midair cupped their fists and bowed.

The White Hawk guards were all female cultivators. Now that they shouted in unison, their clear voices attracted the attention of everyone present.

The person who had arrived was the commander of the White Hawk guards, Bai Yuhan.

As the sect competition approached, the capital had two guard squads patrolling in daily shifts, leaving the other guard squad to rest before rotating.

The guard squads that were on patrol in the capital today were the Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk guards. Now, the two commanders of the squads had arrived.

As she looked at the four corpses on the ground, Bai Yuhan frowned slightly. Her gaze scanned Su Zimo before she shook her head.

To her, this green-robed cultivator was unfamiliar and did not carry a sect badge on his waist – it was highly likely that he was an itinerant cultivator from out of the capital.

If so, that person’s fate was already decided.




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