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Chapter 279: Massacre

Pang Ming’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Su Zimo’s words.

What did that mean?

Did it mean that this green-robed cultivator still dared to…

Before Pang Ming could finish his thoughts, Su Zimo’s figure flashed with a swift motion of Divine Steed Fleeting and appeared before the former instantly. He said coldly, “Since you can’t keep your beast in control, I’ll control it for you!”

A ferocious aura engulfed him, suffocating him as his heart trembled.

Suddenly, Pang Ming felt like it wasn’t a human who had charged at him, but a demon beast that was even scarier than the spirit lion beside him!

The spirit lion seemed to have sensed danger as its fur stood on end. Its already huge body expanded once again, looking extraordinarily brave!


It hollered towards Su Zimo, trembling the void as its bared its fangs in a feral manner.

The lion’s roar was extremely powerful and carried an immense might – the sudden burst of power would indeed be shocking to ordinary cultivators.

However, Su Zimo did not seem to have heard anything.

It was no exaggeration to say that after cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Su Zimo was much stronger than this spirit lion in all aspects of his body.

It wasn’t just an ordinary spirit demon, even the roar of an ancient remnant beast might not be able to shock Su Zimo!

At the same time as its roar, the spirit lion leaped into the air and waved its paws, opening its mouth to chomp down on Su Zimo’s neck viciously!

“You must be courting death!”

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Su Zimo scoffed coldly and extended his arm, pressing the lion’s head down to the ground heavily with a backhand palm strike!

This was not any exquisite move, but a battle of brute power.

The spirit lion made use of power from all limbs and leaped up. Coupled with its powerful body as a demon, it should have the upper hand.

However, in front of everyone, the moment the spirit lion leaped up, Su Zimo pushed it down in an even more ferocious manner!


Pressing down on the spirit lion’s head, Su Zimo smashed it into the ground barbarically as the stone slabs shattered and fresh blood spilled everywhere.

A large crater was formed on the ground and the lion’s skull was completely shattered – it was clear that it died.


All the cultivators witnessing the scene gasped in shock.

How strong was this person’s body?

He had actually crushed a spirit demon to death with a single palm!

“That person must have cultivated some powerful body tempering technique. He looks frail but his body’s burst power is too immense.”

“Could he be from Southern Mountains Sect? I heard that they have the strongest body tempering techniques amongst the five major sects.”

“He doesn’t seem to be from our Southern Mountains Sect. Has anyone seen this guy before?” A Southern Mountains Sect cultivator asked puzzledly.

Just as Pang Ming pulled out a middle-grade flying sword, the spirit lion in front of him was already dead.

It was too fast!


Pang Ming shivered in fear when he saw Su Zimo’s gaze as his scalp tingled while his legs went weak.

At that moment, he finally realized that the green-robed man had no intention of letting him off at all!


Not far away, two Scarlet Vulture guards hollered and charged over. The Scarlet Vultures they were riding on gave off a sharp and piercing screech, glaring at Su Zimo intently with ferocious intent.

Pshew! Pshew!

The two Scarlet Vulture guards wielded a dagger-axe in one hand while slapping their storage bags with the other, summoning their flying swords that shot towards Su Zimo when they pointed it forward.


At the same time, Pang Ming composed his mind and injected spirit energy into the flying sword in his palm crazily. It shone brightly and stabbed forward with a whoosh.

Three flying swords tore through the air at the same time in three different directions!

Su Zimo gave a slight sneer and bent down, almost sticking to the ground as he slithered forward.

His body contorted to an unimaginable degree like an anaconda, barely dodging the three flying swords without any injuries!

The next moment, Su Zimo stood up before Pang Ming and extended his arm, grabbing the latter’s throat with a tight squeeze!


Pang Ming’s Adam’s apple was shattered and his eyes nearly popped out. With a tilted head and outstretched tongue, he collapsed limply to the ground, already dead.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already killed two men!

The crowd was in chaos.

This was the capital of Great Zhou! In broad daylight, under the circumstances where the Scarlet Vulture guards were nearby, no one had expected that this green-robed cultivator had dared to murder not one, but two people!

“That person is crazy.”

That was the thought that flashed through the minds of most cultivators as they quickly scattered, afraid that they would be implicated.

“How dare you act so brazenly in the capital, ruffian!”

Within that short period of time, the two Scarlet Vulture guards had arrived.

Off in the distance, other Scarlet Vulture guards were speeding towards this place with some other white spots rushing over like lightning.

Today was Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk’s turn to patrol the capital.

The white spots in the skies were White Hawk guards.

Su Zimo looked at the Scarlet Vulture guards that rushed over and scoffed coldly with mocking eyes. “So, you two aren’t blind after all. You came in time this time.”

Everyone present could hear the sarcasm in Su Zimo’s tone and were secretly shocked.

This man was truly audacious and dared to provoke anyone!

At the next moment, an even more shocking scene happened!

Su Zimo did not avoid or dodge against the incoming Scarlet Vulture guards. His eyes lit up as he extended his arms and leaped, grabbing the claws of the two spirit vultures that were in midair.

The spirit vultures were shocked and flapped their wings, causing strong gusts to blow and gravel to fill the skies – they were using all their might to fly upwards.

On the other hand, the two Scarlet Vulture guards riding on the spirit vultures were indifferent. Their eyes gushed with killing intent as they stabbed their dagger-axes towards Su Zimo viciously!

“Come on down!”

Su Zimo gave a loud shout and exerted strength in both arms, yanking the two spirit vultures down from midair in an unreasonable manner!

The strength of two spirit vultures could not compare to this seemingly frail scholar!

Bang! Bang!

Almost at the same time, the two spirit vultures landed heavily on the ground, letting out mournful wails as dust swirled around them.

As for the two Scarlet Vulture guards, they lost their balance and they nearly ended up stabbing one another with their dagger-axes.

Immediately, the two men leaped down from their spirit vultures, looking extremely pathetic.


Su Zimo took a big step forward and trampled the spirit vulture beneath him to death immediately. With a flip of his body, he plunged straight into the arms of a Scarlet Vulture guard and leaned in fiercely!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The person stumbled back three steps before stopping.

Immediately, the blood on the person’s face faded. While the armor he was wearing was still intact, his body within had already exploded into a blood mist as his limbs flew everywhere!

That seemingly simple lean contained all of Su Zimo’s strength.

Although that Scarlet Vulture guard was at perfected Foundation Establishment, there was no way his body would be able to endure such a terrifying burst of power.

The other Scarlet Vulture guard had just channeled his spirit energy and his dagger-axe shone with a bright light. He was about to go forward when he caught sight of what happened and hesitated, shuddering.

The nearby Scarlet Vulture and White Hawk guards were rushing over – there was no need for him to risk his life against this lunatic just for a moment of anger.

When everyone arrived, this person would naturally be executed!

Su Zimo’s gaze was deep and unfathomable. It was as if he had seen through the man’s intentions instantly as he stepped forward and said indifferently, “Don’t think about leaving, hand your life over!”




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