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Chapter 275: This Is Truly Elixir Refinement

There was only a single word of difference between elixir and weapon refinement on the surface, but in reality, there was a huge difference.

Weapon refinement required a high level of spirit fire.

The higher the level of spirit fire, the higher the efficiency and outcome of the smelting process where impurities were purged.

However, it was different for elixir refinement.

Elixir refinement placed a huge emphasis on the mastery of spirit fire.

That was because spirit herbs were different from the materials used for weapons and they had a low burning point. Even a Level 1 Spirit Fire could refine most of the spirit herbs.

In elixir refinement, there were two extraction processes which required a precise mastery of the spirit fire’s temperature.

If the temperature was too high, the spirit herbs would be burned to a crisp.

If it was too low, one would not be able to extract the essences of the spirit herbs.

While elixir refinement did not require spirit gathering, it required an in-depth knowledge towards the thousands of spirit herbs out there.

The higher the grade of the elixir, the more complex the recipe was and the more things one would be required to remember. The true top-tier Elixir Refinement Grandmasters even had to memorize millions of spirit herbs.

In the empty space, the Elixir Refinement Master from True Fire Elixir Workshop, He Xing, had a Level 2 Spirit Fire and a proficient mastery of it as well.

Su Xiaoning only had a Level 1 Spirit Fire but she was not weaker in terms of temperature control.

The two of them were refining an extremely common elixir – Spirit Regeneration Elixir.

There were three grades to the Spirit Regeneration Elixir and it was used for recovering spirit energy. Naturally, the difference in grade affected the effect of the elixirs.

Both of them were refining Grade 2 Spirit Regeneration Elixirs and there were up to 28 different types of spirit herbs required in the recipe!

Of the 28 herbs, a mistake in a single stalk of herb would result in a failure of elixir formation.

He Xing’s technique was evidently slightly more brilliant.

However, that person’s gaze was extremely evil and would fall on Su Xiaoning’s body from time to time, scanning her from head to toe boldly.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and a killing intent flashed.

Sensing something, Nian Qi looked at Su Zimo with a strange manner before turning to Su Xiaoning in deep thoughts.

“He Xing’s elixir refinement techniques are decent but his methods are somewhat despicable.”

A cultivator from the crowd muttered.

Someone else covered the former’s mouth immediately. “Hush! Softer, lest you get yourself into trouble!”

The spectators were clear.

Most cultivators could tell that He Xing’s intention of looking at Su Xiaoning that way during elixir refinement was to disrupt her mental state!

The greatest taboo of elixir refinement was to get distracted.

Be it during extraction or formation, one’s efforts would go to waste the moment they were slightly distracted.

However, Su Xiaoning was seemingly oblivious to He Xing’s provocation as she extracted the ingredients in her hands with focus meticulously. She was careful and her focus moved the crowd.

To everyone, it was clear that Su Xiaoning’s technique in elixir refinement was inferior to He Xing’s.

However, her focus was countless times stronger than his!

Su Zimo nodded silently in satisfaction.

“What grudge do these two have with one another? Why are they challenging one another in elixir refinement here?”

Su Zimo glanced at a cultivator beside him and asked softly.

The person answered, “Actually, it’s nothing much either. I heard that it’s because of an Elixir Furnace. This lady cultivator from Azure Frost Sect took a liking to it first and had already paid for it in spirit stones. However, He Xing came across it and insisted on paying double to buy the Elixir Furnace. Because the lady cultivator was unwilling, both parties bore a grudge then.”

“Later on, He Xing kept trying to cause trouble for this lady cultivator time and again. Annoyed by it, she agreed to this elixir refinement challenge.”

Su Zimo frowned. “That lady is an Elixir Refinement Master from Azure Frost Sect, but her sect mates are alright with her being bullied by someone from True Fire Elixir Workshop?”

“I don’t know about that.”

The person shook his head. “However, He Xing comes from a strong background and he’s the most promising Elixir Refinement Master of his generation in True Fire Sect. His brother, He Jiang, is said to be extremely strong and is the number one of all Foundation Establishment Cultivators in True Fire Sect. He’s definitely going to make the top ten of the spirit ranking list in this sect competition!”

“Of the He Brothers, one is strong in elixir refinement and the other has terrifying combat strength. They are famous and hold a high status in True Fire Sect. I reckon that the head of Azure Frost Elixir Workshop must be trying to avoid trouble between the two sects and does not want to offend He Xing.”

Su Zimo nodded expressionlessly.

In this short while, He Xing and Su Xiaoning were already at the fourth step of elixir refinement, the secondary extraction.

Seeing that Su Xiaoning was indifferent, He Xing’s gaze got even more daring and he gave off a series of strange laughters.

Su Xiaoning seemed oblivious to it and stared at the Elixir Furnace before her intently, using her spirit fire to control the temperature of the flames before purging the impurities in the combined essence of the spirit herbs bit by bit.

He Xing stood there laughing non-stop.

Su Xiaoning remained silently, merely focusing on her elixir refinement. It was as if she was immersed in her refinement process and had forgotten that she was surrounded by people.

The difference in strength between the both sides was obvious!

He Xing was stronger than Su Xiaoning in terms of elixir refinement technique.

But now, in everyone’s eyes, He Xing was just like a clown.

The warm sunlight shone on the girl’s body, as if she radiated with a glow as colorful lights appeared.

The girl’s nose was sharp and there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead that glistened in a beautiful manner.

At this moment, a thought flashed through everyone’s minds.

This was truly elixir refinement.

This was how Elixir Refinement Masters should be like.

In the hands of that lady, elixir refinement seemed to possess a soul and a life of its own.

She was not refining elixirs, but giving birth to a brand new life.

Looking at the lady refine elixirs, everyone felt an inexplicable sense of gratitude as they found themselves immersed in the world of Elixir Refinement Masters, witnessing the birth of a new life.

Right then, Su Zimo smiled.

He smiled brightly.

Xiaoning had finally found her path.

Su Zimo had dabbled in elixir refinement as well and had even obtained number one of Elixir Peak back in Ethereal Peak.

But at this moment, he could not help but admit that he was far inferior to his sister in terms of elixir refinement!

What he knew was the basics of elixirs.

However, what Xiaoning knew was the truth of elixirs!

Gradually, an invisible aura formed around Su Xiaoning, growing stronger by the moment.

This was the aura of a top-tier Elixir Refinement Master!

He Xing’s expression changed.

Under the repression of Su Xiaoning’s aura, his heart was in a mess and his flames fluttered, almost burning the herbal essence in his Elixir Furnace!

Taking a deep breath, He Xing composed himself and focused on his elixir refinement.

However, it was too late by then.

Su Xiaoning was a step faster in ending the secondary extraction!

A fragrant medicinal aroma wafted out of the Elixir Furnace. Everyone around them could feel invigorated and the spirit energies within their bodies stirred.

Su Xiaoning closed her eyes and rested for a while. By the time she opened them, her gaze was resolute as she began on elixir formation.

At that moment, He Xing was just done with his secondary extraction.

While there was also a medicinal aroma floating out of He Xing’s Elixir Furnace, it was faint and no one felt anything from sniffing it.

If nothing unexpected happened, Su Xiaoning’s elixir would definitely be better than He Xing’s after the formation process!

Through the medicinal aroma, the surrounding Elixir Refinement Masters could already vaguely tell that Su Xiaoning’s elixir might even be a perfect elixir with five elixir patterns!




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