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Chapter 273: Greater Mastery of Organs Refinement

Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Nian Qi sat opposite Su Zimo and praised, “Sir, you’re amazing. Even cultivators from afar are coming because of your reputation.”

“How do you know that they’re from afar?” Su Zimo asked with a smile.

Nian Qi replied, “Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop has been open for two years now. The fact that those two turned up in the middle of the month means that they don’t know our rules. It’s likely that they’re cultivators from outside of the capital.”

“Fu, you’re truly mistaken then.”

Su Zimo smiled faintly and shook his head. “Not only are they from the capital, they’re from the palace!”

“The palace?”

Nian Qi was shocked and probed, “Could they be royalty?”

Su Zimo nodded. “The yellow-robed man in front is not simple. He carries a majestic aura that most cultivators do not possess. Not only that, he’s extremely generous and can offer 2,400,000 superior-grade spirit stones right away. How can normal cultivators possess such a capability?”

Nian Qi nodded, not fully understanding.

Su Zimo continued, “Furthermore, that person exuded a domineering presence. While he was trying his best to conceal it intentionally, that sort of presence is formed after a long time of being at the top. It’s something that’s difficult to hide entirely.”


Nian Qi let out a look of realization. “No wonder I felt that the yellow-robed man had a strong aura. Every single word and action of his carried authority with it.”

Rubbing her chin, Nian Qi seemed to have thought of something inexplicable as she fell into deep thought.

Su Zimo smiled and did not say anything to interrupt her. Dipping his finger in tea, he wrote a word on the table and stood to leave.

“The royal family’s surname is Ji. However, that person said that his surname was Zhou. Was he lying?”

Seemingly in deep thought, Nian Qi mumbled, “Zhou, Zhou, Zhou…”

After a while, her gaze turned around and landed on the table inadvertently where she caught sight of the word that had yet to dry up and emitted a faint fragrance of tea.


Nian Qi exclaimed, seemingly realized something.

After the emperor’s notice, the capital indeed calmed down.

No faction dared to be stupid enough to challenge the royal family’s authority at a time like this.

As for Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, its status in the capital grew daily and so did their reputation.

Every auction at the start of the months would attract many Golden Cores and most of them were at late-stage or perfected Golden Cores.

The Golden Cores were either extremely strong or had powerful backgrounds. Otherwise, they would not have been able to gather that many spirit stones.

A few months later, even cultivators from outside the capital rushed thousands of miles over just to auction for a supreme-grade spirit weapon at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Naturally, the guesses and rumors about Mo Ling’s identity, appearance and background had never stopped.

Many cultivators claim to have seen Mo Ling personally and were proud of it. However, their descriptions of Mo Ling varied completely.

There were all sorts of versions and all kinds of strange.

Only a few pieces of information were widely accepted by the masses.

First, Mr. Mo was a Golden Core and was strong.

The reason for this piece of information, apart from the description of some cultivators, was due to the assassination on a night a couple of months ago.

Second, Mr. Mo had a unique technique for spirit gathering that had a high success rate!

That was something everyone acknowledged with ease.

Not only that, the masses even came up with a name for that spirit gathering technique – Mo Clan’s Spirit Gathering Technique.

Third, Mr. Mo was definitely someone not to be offended in the capital.

Even the Emperor of Great Zhou had specially issued a notice to refer to him as a virtuous talent.

Because of this, even True Fire Weapon Workshop which was backed by True Fire Sect was utterly defeated – who else would dare offend Mr. Mo in the capital of Great Zhou?

Furthermore, one could dream of customizing a supreme-grade spirit weapon in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop once they offended Mr. Mo.

Regarding the rumors out there, Su Zimo could not be bothered to clarify things.

Naturally, he was not hiding his identity intentionally.

It was just that he had been well-off and rarely appeared for the past two years, therefore giving off a sense of mystery to everyone.

Su Zimo had reaped a lot from his two years of cultivation.

Thanks to the large amount of spirit stones replenishment, Su Zimo’s cultivation was already approaching perfected Foundation Establishment!

While his cultivation speed was a little terrifying, it was understandable as well.

For Foundation Establishment Cultivators, it would be fortuitous enough for them to have sufficient spirit stones to cultivate with.

As for Su Zimo, he had a constant supply of superior-grade spirit stones and as such, his efforts were naturally halved.

It was also partly due to his weapon refinement.

To outsiders, Su Zimo could only refine a single supreme-grade spirit weapon once a month.

But in reality, he would spend every single afternoon refining supreme-grade spirit weapons to hone his skills!

As time passed, alongside the continuous practice, Su Zimo’s weapon refinement technique was at a point of proficiency where it was difficult to improve further.

At this point, Su Zimo also realized that it was immensely difficult to refine perfect spirit weapons!

Success was only possible when technique, mental state and environmental factors were interlinked seamlessly.

Since it was called perfect, it meant that there could not be any flaws right from the very first step of weapon refinement – materials selection!

Up till the very last step of quenching, any single slight mistake in the middle would fail to make things perfect.

Initially, Su Zimo intended to create a set of perfect grade flying swords for his sword formations.

However, now that it seemed impossible, Su Zimo could only compromise and refine a set of supreme-grade flying swords.

Of course, Su Zimo’s ‘compromise’ was something that could not be better in the eyes of outsiders!

A supreme-grade spirit weapon was enough to attract countless top-tier Golden Cores to fight for it; a set might attract a massacre!

This day, Su Zimo came forth from his room with a faint smile on his face.

There was slightly more than a month to the sect competition and the dragon egg’s essence energy in his body had been refined and absorbed completely!

He was at greater mastery of his Organs Refinement section!

His five organs qi circulated continuously, nourishing his skin, flesh, tendons, bones and marrow and forming a minor Heavenly Cycle in his body.

Prior to his, at lesser mastery of the Organs Refinement section, Su Zimo had killed the blood-robed youth who was at four-meridian Foundation Establishment back in Dongling Valley when he released all his might with the power of blood qi!

Now, Su Zimo estimated that even if he did not reveal his demonic qi or channel his bloodline, his physical strength alone would be enough to suppress four-meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

If he were to channel his bloodline, it would be more than enough to take down five-meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

If he were to release it together with his blood qi, Su Zimo’s combat strength would be even more terrifying!

Of course, that was referring to the difference in strength.

After all, there were way too many variables that affected the outcomes of fights on the battlefield.

Now that he had refined the dragon egg’s essence energy completely, he had also removed the latent danger of being hunted down by the dragon race.

Prior to this, Su Zimo did not even dare to step out of the capital.

But now, he felt as though he was relieved of a huge burden and broken free of his shackles – he could not help but feel delighted.

“Sir, what are you so happy about?”

Nian Qi sat on the grass and hugged her knees, turning to ask with her clear eyes.

In the past three years, this was a rare time that Nian Qi had seen Su Zimo reveal such a smile.

Waving his hand, Su Zimo said, “Let’s go out for a walk and get some fresh air.”


Nian Qi clapped and smiled like a flower, jumping up from the ground.




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