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Chapter 261: Life Exchange

Time trickled bit by bit. It was almost noon and Su Zimo had yet to come out of his secret chamber.

The merchant was getting impatient as he paced around the courtyard endlessly, frowning with a grim expression.

At this moment, he felt a sense of regret in his mind.

From his point of view, the reason why Su Zimo did not appear for such a long time must be because the weapon refinement had failed.

Two years of rent was equivalent to 6,000 superior-grade spirit stones. That was equivalent to two superior-grade spirit weapons.

Coupled with the one he had just customized, he had made a loss of three superior-grade spirit weapons!

“Just for the sake of getting acquainted with a Weapon Refinement Master, I threw in three superior-grade spirit weapons. What a loss!” The merchant was frustrated internally.


Su Zimo finally came forth from his secret chamber, looking visibly fatigued – it seemed to have drained him significantly.

When the merchant saw this, he was even more certain of his speculation.

“Fellow Daoist, where’s my superior-grade spirit weapon?” The merchant approached with a fake smile.

Su Zimo shook his head. “I didn’t refine a superior-grade spirit weapon…”

True enough!

The merchant retracted his smile and his face darkened. Without waiting for Su Zimo to continue, he interrupted, “Fellow Daoist Mo, the two years of rental that I did not collect from you along with the loss I made for this superior-grade spirit weapon… let’s talk about compensation!”


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Su Zimo furrowed his brows, gradually realizing what was happening. A look of mockery flashed in his eyes and he asked, “Does that mean that you don’t want this supreme-grade spirit weapon then?”


“Supreme-grade spirit weapon?”

The merchant was stunned, wondering if he had heard wrongly.

Nian Qi’s beautiful eyes were widened in disbelief as well.

Su Zimo flicked his palm open and a fresh flying sword laid calmly, exactly the way the merchant had specified.

He injected spirit energy into it and a bedazzling spirit light shone from the sword!

Four rays of spirit patterns flashed consecutively, almost blinding the merchant!

“F-Four spirit patterns?”

The merchant was so frightened that he fell to the ground on his butt, remarking with a trembling voice as his jaws dropped.

“A supreme-grade spirit weapon!”

After a long time, an ear-piercing shriek echoed in every corner of the residence.

The merchant’s eyes shone with excitement. He was so emotional that he wanted to grab the supreme-grade flying sword right away. However, he was embarrassed and was at a loss.

It was no wonder why the merchant lost his composure.

Golden Cores had a lifespan of 500 years.

Typically, with the passage of time, Golden Cores would deepen in their cultivations and accumulate more resources, eventually obtaining one or two superior-grade spirit weapons.

However, other than the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland, most Golden Cores might not even obtain a single supreme-grade spirit weapon in their entire lives!

“Fellow Daoist Mo, Sir Mo…!”

The merchant said with a fawning smile, “You’re the best Weapon Refinement Master, please don’t stoop to my level. I was only spouting nonsense just now, please don’t take it for real.”

Even though the merchant was a Golden Core, the moment Su Zimo could refine superior-grade or even supreme-grade spirit weapons, their statuses were already reversed.

“Take it.”

After making the most critical step of progress on his weapon tempering technique, Su Zimo was in a great mood and could not be bothered to get calculative with this person.

“Sir Mo, this residence belongs to you from this day forth. Feel free to live as you please,” The merchant was smiling so widely it was about to bloom as he took over the supreme-grade flying sword.

His residence could only sell 100,000 superior-grade spirit stones at most.

However, a supreme-grade spirit weapon cost 500,000 superior-grade spirit stones at least!

No matter how he looked at it, this transaction was a huge gain for him – the light had shone at the end of the tunnel!

With high spirits, the merchant left Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

On that very day, an earth-shaking piece of news spread throughout the capital quickly!

From today on, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop would no longer refine superior-grade spirit weapons. Instead, they would customize supreme-grade spirit weapons!

What did it mean by customizing supreme-grade spirit weapons?

It meant that Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop was extremely confident that they could refine supreme-grade spirit weapons!

Throughout history, there had never been Weapon Refinement Masters who would dare to boast of such a thing!

Of course, the rules of customizing supreme-grade spirit weapons in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop were very different from previous rules.

First, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop would only customize a single supreme-grade spirit weapon each month.

It would not open for business at all other times.

Second, at the start of each month, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop would conduct an auction and the highest bidder would obtain the chance to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon for the month.

Third, the cultivators would have to prepare 30 sets of materials for the supreme-grade spirit weapon.

When the news spread, the capital exploded instantly!

Many Golden Cores experts appeared one after another, exiting from their seclusions in a bid to head to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

The allure of a supreme-grade spirit weapon was too great for Golden Cores but there was no market for it.

Given Su Zimo’s capabilities, he only needed one set of materials to refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon every afternoon.

With that, he could refine 30 supreme-grade spirit weapons in a month!

That was a terrifying figure!

If all of them were placed in the market, it would cause a huge stir and might even cause many troubles. As a result, the price of supreme-grade spirit weapons would drop as well.

Therefore, Su Zimo thought up another method.

To outsiders, he would only refine a single supreme-grade spirit weapon each month.

However, in reality, Su Zimo would make use of the 30 sets of materials to refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon daily and continue to raise his weapon refinement technique.

That night, two Golden Cores arrived at True Fire Weapon Workshop, looking travel-worn with frost on their faces.

Both Golden Cores were old with white beards and hair with wrinkles on their faces. Their eyes were turbid and exuded an aged aura.

“Meng Han, Liang Qiu. Please come in, fellow Daoists.”

Elder Zhang went forward and quickly welcomed them into the back hall.

“Elder Zhang. It’s been many years since we last met. How have you been?” Meng Han nodded and cupped his fists.


Elder Zhang shook his head and gave a long sigh.

Liang Qiu said, “Don’t worry, Elder Zhang. Our purpose for this trip is to resolve this matter for the sect. You can rest assured.”

“That’s right. The two of us don’t have much lifespan left. Rather than dying of old age, we might as well give our lives to fight this guy in exchange for the glory of True Fire Sect,” A vicious glint shone in Meng Han’s eyes.

For the past year and a half, True Fire Weapon Workshop has been enduring.

However, when news of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop being able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons spread, Elder Zhang could no longer sit still.

The influence of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop was growing.

If it was allowed to develop further, it would not only affect the business of True Fire Weapon Workshop. Even True Fire Sect’s reputation would be damaged severely!

True Fire Sect sent two Golden Cores to the capital right away.

The two of them were Liang Qiu and Meng Han.

True Fire Sect’s plan was clear – to exchange lives!

In the Great Zhou’s capital, there were three great guard squads, Scarlet Vulture, Azure Falcon and White Hawk. The commanders of those squads were all Golden Core experts!

The three guard squads patrolled the streets day and night in shifts and security was tight.

Any activity would lead to the guards’ instant arrival.

Liang Qiu and Meng Han were aiming to kill Mo Ling in his weapon workshop before the guard squads arrived!

This was an assassination attempt of no return, exchanging their lives for his!

Of course, if not for the fact that Liang Qiu and Meng Han were at the end of their lifespans, they would not do something like this.




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