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Chapter 260: Breaking the Peace

In the past half a year, even though the reputation of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop had skyrocketed, it was mostly targeted towards Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators since one could only customize middle-grade spirit weapons. As such, its influence was limited.

However, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’s reputation only truly grew after news of it accepting orders for customized superior-grade spirit weapons spread!

Superior-grade spirit weapons were symbols of many Golden Cores.

Usually the first thing that a Foundation Establishment Cultivator would do after forming a core would be to raise the grade of their spirit weapons.

However, even the cheapest superior-grade spirit weapon required at least 3,000 superior-grade spirit stones.

If they wanted a customized superior-grade spirit weapon, the price would be even higher and they would have to prepare ten sets of materials!

Most cultivators who just attained Golden Core cultivation realm would not have the purchasing ability.

As such, many Golden Cores would only possess a superior-grade spirit weapon that was truly theirs when they were at mid or late-stage.

With the appearance of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, many Golden Cores who had just formed a core saw hope.

From that day on, every afternoon, instead of Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Golden Cores were the ones gathered in front of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop!

This was quite a spectacular scene.

In the capital, other than the Emperor of Great Zhou, there was no one else who could have such a great influence!

Furthermore, even these Golden Cores did not dare to violate the rules of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop lest they were disqualified from being able to customize superior-grade spirit weapons.

“What’s the background of this Mo Ling? How arrogant of him to let us Golden Cores wait outside.”

“Can’t you see that even Perfected Being Liu has been coming here for seven days straight? If a late-stage Golden Core like him is obeying the rules, we had better wait as well.”

“True geniuses often have weird temperaments. This person must be inordinately proud of his abilities.”

Spring came and autumn passed.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already stayed in the capital for a year and a half.

There was only one year left before the sect competition.

To cultivators, a year and a half passed extremely swiftly.

However, for Su Zimo, he was transforming at every moment of the year and a half!

It was a transformation in all aspects!

In terms of weapon refinement, Su Zimo was becoming more skilled and his understanding of it deepened as well.

His unique Thousand Tempered Finger technique was also being trained to absolute perfection through continuous practicing.

After the Thousand Tempered Finger was perfected, Su Zimo had confidence of refining supreme-grade spirit weapons with 100% certainty!

With sufficient resources of spirit stones, Su Zimo’s cultivation was also increasing steadily as he approached perfected Foundation Establishment.

Of course, what delighted Su Zimo the most was that the essence energy of the dragon egg in his body was half gone!

With another year, Su Zimo could refine all the essence energy of the dragon egg completely. Given the way things were going, he would be able to attain greater mastery of the Organs Refinement section by then as well!

At greater mastery of his Organs Refinement section and if Su Zimo no longer concealed the existence of his demonic qi, a complete release of his power of bloodline would be able to crush all Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Of course, that was not realistic unless Su Zimo wanted to be the butt of all criticism.

In the year and a half, Night Spirit had already absorbed the essence energy of the dragon egg completely – it was much faster than Su Zimo.

Its body grew even bigger and it was half as tall as a human, covered with black scales that were incomparably tough.

Without a bit of luster, the scales allowed Night Spirit to meld into night completely without being discovered!

Looking at Night Spirit’s body, a thought would flash through Su Zimo’s mind from time to time.

That body was completely made to kill!

In terms of nimbleness, strength, burst, defensive capabilities, speed and various other attributes, they were fused to perfection on Night Spirit’s body.

Ever since the assassination attempt of the Shadow Rat, there had been a few similar situations in the residence.

However, before Su Zimo could make a move, the cultivators and spirit demons that probed were buried under the claws of Night Spirit without being able to make a single peep!

As Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’s business grew, the number of Golden Cores that visited daily to customize superior-grade spirit weapons increased.

The influence of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop within the capital grew as well.

From dukes and officials down to the merchants and common folk, everyone knew of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Among them, True Fire Weapon Workshop suffered the greatest.

Previously, they were the number one in the capital.

Now, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop was showing signs of replacing them!

Even though both weapon workshops were peaceful on the surface, everyone knew that it was a mere facade.

Sooner or later, that peace would be broken!

This morning, a series of sudden knocks rang outside Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Nian Qi’s figure flashed as she walked to the main door. When she opened it, she saw a rotund cultivator dressed as a merchant, looking somewhat nervous.

“Fellow Daoist, spirit weapon customization only begins at noon. You’re too early,” Nian Qi said.

“N-No, I’m not.”

The merchant waved hurriedly and coughed. “I-I’m the owner of this residence.”


Nian Qi was stunned.

“Let him in.”

Right then, Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

Nian Qi turned to the side and the merchant hurriedly bowed and expressed his thanks. He walked carefully into Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, as if the land belonged to someone else, not him.

“Here’s the rent for the remaining two years. Have a look.”

Su Zimo placed a storage bag on the table and pushed it in front of the merchant.

Flustered, the merchant waved his hands hurriedly, “No, how can I accept your rent. I don’t deserve it, fellow Daoist.”

Su Zimo smiled and asked, “Is there anything else other than the rental?”


The merchant’s face was uneasy as he rubbed his hands and said with a trace of pleading in his eyes, “I hope that you can help me forge a superior-grade spirit weapon, fellow Daoist.”

Su Zimo wanted to reject him on the spot.

However, he thought about how he might not have had a place to stay in the capital if not for this person’s residence.

Furthermore, a superior-grade spirit weapon was nothing much for him.

After pondering for a while, Su Zimo nodded and agreed to it.

Returning to his secret chamber for weapon refinement, Su Zimo took out the Weapon Tripod and began refining the weapon.

The merchant requested for a flying sword, the most common and simplest of customized spirit weapons.

Even so, Su Zimo was not sloppy about it and completed every single step with utmost seriousness.

At the tempering stage, a flash of inspiration appeared in Su Zimo’s mind, unraveling every single doubt he had repressed for the past half a year in his mind!

The Thousand Tempered Finger technique was perfected!

Accompanied by tinkling sounds, Su Zimo’s fingers were as light as elves, striking the body of the sword as the impurities within were purged bit by bit.

After tempering was over, Su Zimo realized that he might be able to create his first supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Spirit gathering began.

One spirit pattern.

Two spirit patterns.

It was almost effortless for Su Zimo for the first two spirit patterns.

At the third spirit pattern, Su Zimo encountered some obstacles. However, he still managed to complete it successfully after a couple of attempts with his spirit perception.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo did not stop there and chose to attempt condensing the fourth spirit pattern!




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