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Chapter 257: Gaining Reputation

Tan Fei was undecided for a long time.

“I know that you have your concerns.”

Right then, Su Zimo spoke, “How about this? Give me your materials first. If I manage to refine the spirit weapon successfully, you can pay me the 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones. If I fail, tell me how much spirit stones your materials cost and I’ll compensate you.”

When he heard that, Tan Fei’s eyes lit up.

He asked hurriedly, “How many days do I have to wait?”

Su Zimo replied calmly, “There’s no need. Just wait here. That middle-grade spirit weapon will be ready soon.”


Tan Fei was stunned.

Lin Xuanji was stunned as well.

How much confidence did Su Zimo have to say something like that?

“Alright then. The materials required for the spirit weapon are all in this storage bag,” Tan Fei decided to give this place a shot.

Su Zimo took over the storage bag and looked inside. Instantly, he knew what needed to be done.

He did not return to his room and instead moved out his Weapon Tripod. He was going to refine that middle-grade spirit weapon in front of the three of them right in that courtyard!

For this first deal of business, he had to resort to extreme methods to deal with the situation so that he could attract more cultivators to patronize!


A Level 3 Spirit Fire floated in his palm as he began to warm the Weapon Tripod.

When he saw the scarlet color of the Level 3 Spirit Fire, Tan Fei’s confidence grew.

Warming, smelting, forging…

Even though the three of them were not Weapon Refinement Masters, they could tell that Su Zimo’s technique was not rusty at all, as though he had practiced countless times.

When they saw Su Zimo refining the weapon, they could not help but feel a sense of amazement!

“He’s got some skills,” Lin Xuanji mumbled.

Nian Qi clenched her fists subconsciously – she was even more nervous than Su Zimo was!

Fourth step, tempering.

A series of clanging sounds came from the Weapon Tripod, crisp and clean.

Su Zimo did not follow the technique of the ancient tempering manual entirely. Instead, he combined it with the projection image left by Dao Lord Extreme Fire and formulated a Thousand Tempered Finger technique unique to him.

Su Zimo was still in the midst of exploring and mastering this Thousand Tempered Finger technique.

While the current state of purging impurities was still not ideal, it was much better than before and he could create a weapon that could withstand two spirit patterns.

Before long, smelting was over.

Fifth step, spirit gathering.

Even though Lin Xuanji and the other two did not know how to refine weapons, they knew that spirit gathering was the most critical step.

Whether a middle-grade spirit weapon could be forged depended on whether two spirit patterns could be condensed.

The three of them watched intently with bated breaths.

But the next moment, Su Zimo did something that gave them a fright.

Suddenly, Su Zimo put away the Weapon Tripod and began to condense spirit patterns without the protection of a Weapon Tripod!


Lin Xuanji was the first to react as he retreated violently.

In truth, given his cultivation realm, even if the spirit gathering failed and the weapon exploded, it wouldn’t harm him.

However, it would be embarrassing to be left in a sorry state covered in dirt.

Tan Fei was stunned for a moment and fled right after as well.

He ran to the front door before turning back and watched the situation from afar as he hid behind the door.

Nian Qi’s feet moved a little.

She wanted to escape as well, but she was embarrassed that Su Zimo might look bad. As such, she had no choice but to stay where she was.


Right then, a bright light shone in front of Su Zimo!

A spirit pattern formed on the blade of the weapon!

“The first spirit pattern was condensed successfully?”

Lin Xuanji stared with widened eyes and his jaws were almost dropping to the ground. He thought to himself, “That works?”

Time passed slowly, as if it was trawling.

Su Zimo was attempting to condense the second spirit pattern the entire time. Sometimes, he would stop all of a sudden before repeating the condensation process.

Even though the second spirit pattern had yet to be condensed, the situation that the three of them were worried about did not happen either.

All of a sudden!

Just as the three of them were letting their imaginations run wild, another flash of light appeared in the courtyard.

The second spirit pattern was condensed!

Tan Fei was overjoyed and leaped over.

Letting out a breath of turbid air, Su Zimo soaked the saber in cold water to quench it into shape!

Accepting the saber with both hands, Tan Fei loved it more the more he looked at it.

It was exactly as he had specified. With a dark blade that was streamlined, it was sharp and could slice metal like mud.

“Fellow Daoist, this is the payment. Please accept it.”

Tan Fei took out a storage bag and handed it to Su Zimo.

Opening it, Su Zimo was stunned for a moment. “3,000 middle-grade spirit stones is fine. You’ve given me too much.”

“It’s only right.”

Tan Fei replied hurriedly, “You’ve only taken a single set of materials to create this middle-grade spirit weapon. Indirectly, that saved me quite a bit of spirit stones for the materials. This is what you deserve.”

Su Zimo did not decline further and accepted it.

Patting his chest, Tan Fei declared, “Fellow Daoist, don’t worry. Someone with your skills shouldn’t be buried. I’ll definitely help to promote you upon returning.”

Su Zimo smiled in acknowledgment. “Thank you for that.”

Tan Fei left in high spirits, mumbling before he left, “Godly skills! What godly skills!”

Lin Xuanji remarked with lingering fear, “No matter what, you’re the first person who dares to remove the Weapon Tripod while attempting spirit gathering. What an eye-opener.”

Su Zimo turned to Nian Qi. “Let’s set another rule for the weapon workshop. All weapon refinements are to be done in the afternoon. Anyone who comes at any other time will not be entertained!”

“I don’t think that’s very suitable.”

Nian Qi hesitated. “After all, most cultivators will be visiting for the first time. They won’t know of such rules.”

“It’s fine, they’ll know after a few times.”

Su Zimo smiled and continued, “We’re going to have many more rules in the future…”

In truth, be it in terms of price or materials required, Su Zimo’s weapon workshop was far superior than any other out there!

The only thing he lacked was an opportunity.

However, the opportunity had arrived – Tan Fei.

Su Zimo believed that it wouldn’t be long before word of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop spread to every corner of the capital. Many cultivators will know about them and their reputation would skyrocket!

In the capital, there were people refining weapons daily.

In the weapon refinement scene of the capital, things were stagnant as well.

Su Zimo’s performance today was like a stone tossed into a lake, causing a series of ripples to spread out on the calm surface waters of the capital.

“Have you heard? There’s a new weapon workshop beside Jishui River that has many strange rules.”

“Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop? Yeah, I heard of it.”

“It’s said that the Weapon Refinement Master is called Mo Ling[1] has a weird temperament and he only forges weapons in the afternoon. Furthermore, you can get your hands on your weapon the same day you order it.”

“Most importantly, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop only requires a single set of materials and it only costs 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones! That’s truly a weapon workshop of conscience.”

“I plan on checking it out tomorrow.”

“Why don’t we go together? Count me in.”

It was as if Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop had popped up overnight and its influence was spreading rapidly, turning into a hot topic of discussion between cultivators.

[1] As you can guess, Spirit is pronounced as Ling. However, it’s inconvenient to name the weapon workshop as Mo Ling because Su Zimo named it using his and Night Spirit’s name




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