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Chapter 236: Escape

Two figures stumbled out of the primordial forest and descended before the sea of bones.

“Thank you for saving me, master.”

The Blood Crow King said with lingering fear.

If not for the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord, given its own strength, it would not have been able to make it out of the primordial forest.

The Palace Lord nodded and turned back to look at the remnant ferocious beasts that were gradually retreating in the forest before heaving a sigh of relief.

Even with his strength as a Void Reversion, he had to exercise caution while crossing that primordial forest.

If he had truly encountered the king of the forest, even he would have to retreat to protect himself.

“Master, are we still chasing? That lad’s only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Could he have truly made it out of that primordial forest?” The Blood Crow King’s tone was clearly filled with doubt.

Surveying his surroundings, the Palace Lord noticed some traces left behind by Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect. He nodded his head. “Yes, that lad is quite lucky. He must have joined the crowd and managed to get out by chance.”

Narrowing his gaze, the Palace Lord looked at the sea of bones before him in silence.

There was a deep shock in the depths of the Blood Crow King’s eyes.

There were so many white bones piled into a sea.

Furthermore, these bones left behind from the primordial era had yet to decompose till this day. Just how strong were the owners of these bones back then?

“Master, are we crossing this sea of bones?” The Blood Crow King asked at the side warily.

Since there was no trace of Su Zimo in this place, logically, it should mean that Su Zimo entered the sea of bones.

However, for some reason, the Blood Crow King felt a sense of trepidation when he faced the sea of bones.

The Palace Lord nodded. “I’ll locate that lad using the secret skill.”

“Blood Curse Attraction!”

The Palace Lord shouted softly and a dark glow emanated from his eyes.

Like ink, the glow started to spread out before condensing into the word character for ‘green’ in midair, emitting strange energy ripples.


The Palace Lord exclaimed softly as the character dissipated.

The Blood Crow King asked, “What’s wrong, master?”

Frowning, the Palace Lord shook his head. “It doesn’t make sense. That lad’s location shows that he’s already crossed the sea of bones! How did he manage to do it as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator?”

“Could there be more to the background of that lad than it seems?”

The Palace Lord’s gaze flickered as he fell into deep thought.

“Wait here. I’ll go take a look myself.”

The Palace Lord said to the Blood Crow King before walking to the edge of the sea of bones and chanting a mysterious incantation.

Right after, the Palace Lord bit his tongue gently and spat out a drop of blood essence.

That blood essence, under the augmentation of the incantation, formed a blood-colored barrier that enveloped the surroundings of the Palace Lord.

The Palace Lord stepped foot into the sea of bones!

He was a few steps in when the sea of bones surged with bone waves, seemingly sensing something.

Countless white bones surged from the ground, taking on the form of white boned ferocious beasts; terrifying and menacing, mysterious flames danced in the sockets of their skulls.


Waves of roars sounded from the sea of bones as the winds and clouds churned.

The Blood Crow King’s legs turned jelly as it witnessed the scene from the edge of the sea of bones.

Given his cultivation, it could naturally sense the frightening aura that was being emitted from those white boned ferocious beasts.

Any one of those white boned ferocious beasts would be able to crush him into pieces with ease!

Surrounded by the many white boned ferocious beasts, the Palace Lord continued forward with a calm expression.

The white boned ferocious beasts stared at the Palace Lord and identified the blood mist surrounding the latter. After hesitating for a long time, they dispersed and fell back into the sea of bones, turning everything calm once more.

At the moment when the Palace Lord released his secret skill to investigate Su Zimo’s whereabouts…

At the end of the sea of bones, at the foot of a godly mountain, Su Zimo’s eyes turned a faint green hue as he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his mind.

Right after, Su Zimo’s vision blurred and once more, he saw the blood-robed youth who had died in his hands charging at him with a sinister smile!

That throbbing pain and hallucination disappeared in an instant.

Before long, a commotion stirred from the sea of bones behind him, as if someone had barged in.

“They’re actually chasing me here?”

Su Zimo’s expression turned extremely terrible.

He originally thought that the primordial forest alone was enough to discourage his pursuers from continuing.

But from the looks of it, the other party still decided to enter the sea of bones!

There were only two possibilities now.

If the other party could cross the sea of bones, he would definitely die.

The second scenario was that the white boned ferocious beasts in the sea of bones would kill off all of his pursuers!

Su Zimo did not dare to take the gamble.

Looking at the rope that was tying him up, Su Zimo tried to budge but realized that it did not show signs of loosening.

Sneering internally, Su Zimo released his blood qi explosively.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

His bloodline churned within his body, letting out a rich demonic qi as blood filled his flesh while his tendons shook – Su Zimo’s body was expanding!


The Demon Suppressing Rope shone brightly, forming a resplendent atmosphere, before suppressing Su Zimo’s blood qi instantly!


Su Zimo’s expression changed as he grunted.

The Demon Suppressing Rope did not loosen. Instead, it dug deeper into Su Zimo’s flesh such that blood oozed out, staining his green robes.

Instantly, Su Zimo calmed his blood qi and allowed his body to return to normal.

The wounds that were inflicted on his body by the Demon Suppressing Rope were nothing but superficial wounds.

With Su Zimo’s immense healing powers, he would be able to recover very quickly.

However, how he should escape remained a tricky problem.

Su Zimo could not just wait foolishly for the gray robed cultivator to return and undo the Demon Suppressing Rope for him.

He would probably be a dead man by then.

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Since he was unable to break free from it directly, how about attempting Tendons Transformation?

A series of crackling sounds could be heard from Su Zimo’s body as his tendons and bones echoed at the same time.

Su Zimo’s figure shrank rapidly at a discernible pace.

In the blink of an eye, he had shrunk to a mere meter tall and was extremely short!

However, to Su Zimo’s shock, the Demon Suppressing Rope had changed along with him! It kept shrinking while remaining tightly wrapped around his body such that he couldn’t escape!

This was the reason why the Demon Suppressing Rope was so powerful.

After demon beasts manage to cultivate an Inner Core, they could alter their appearances and take on a human form, no matter what sort of massive beasts they originally were.

However, if they were bound by the Demon Suppressing Rope, they would not be able to escape no matter the sort of transformations they undertook!

Su Zimo was at his wit’s end.

Right then, Night Spirit came over and extended its sharp claws that flashed with a cold glint. It hooked onto the rope and tore it apart continuously!

Moments later, the Demon Suppressing Rope snapped!

The moment it snapped, the light on the Demon Suppressing Rope dimmed and it fell from Su Zimo’s body.

Su Zimo was elated.


With an urging cry, Night Spirit turned around and sprinted up the mountain.

Su Zimo followed hurriedly.




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