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Chapter 231: Tragic

The primordial forest was a hundred times more dangerous than the Cang Lang Mountain Range!

Any random demon beasts here were pure-blooded ferocious beasts that could scare off Nascent Souls who did not dare to take them head on.

Escaping in the midst of the chaos, Su Zimo bent down and used all his limbs to slither through the dense forest nimbly like an anaconda.

In such an environment, Su Zimo’s chances of survival were far greater than other cultivators of the same level!

Because… to a certain extent, Su Zimo was a demon as well!

He knew the habits, methods and the laws of survival in the jungle.

Initially, Su Zimo was somewhat worried that Night Spirit might run amok.

It was true that Night Spirit had killed a Golden Core spirit demon back in Dongling Valley.

However, Su Zimo was clear that Night Spirit’s strength was far from that of a Golden Core spirit demon.

Yet, to Su Zimo’s surprise, not only was Night Spirit not afraid, it was extremely docile and stayed in his embrace obediently, merely peeking out with its head to survey the surroundings.

Not long after, Su Zimo finally escaped from the attack range of the fierce flood dragon.

Before he could catch a breather, Su Zimo’s expression changed as he felt an even greater danger approaching rapidly!

“Not good! We have to leave this place as soon as possible!”

According to his experience of surviving in Cang Lang Mountain Range, the bloody smell of the battle behind them would attract even more powerful demon beasts!

Those beasts would not be any weaker than that flood dragon – they should all be pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

If he was trapped here by those pure-blooded ferocious beasts, he would definitely die!

It was only now that Su Zimo understood why Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect did not chase away all the itinerant cultivators following them.

The main goal of those two sects was to use the itinerant cultivators as bait to attract the ferocious beasts in this forest so that they could seize the opportunity to escape!

The same way those itinerant cultivators were making use of the two sects, the two sects were doing the same to them.

The flood dragon’s obstruction soon split the tens of thousands of cultivators into two camps.

Among them, most of the cultivators were stopped by the flood dragon while the few Nascent Soul cultivators of Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect led their disciples and sped towards the direction of the primordial ruin.

Behind the two sects were some itinerant cultivators tagging along – Su Zimo was one of them.

Most of the cultivators who were able to break through the flood dragon’s interception had capabilities of their own.

Su Zimo took a glance.

Among the itinerant cultivators, there was indeed a cultivator that Su Zimo had some slight impression of.

That man was wearing grey robes and held a folding fan in his hands. Looking to be in his thirties, he had a pale, beardless face with a slightly rotund body and ordinary features. However, his eyes were particularly spirited.

When they were outside, Su Zimo had a short chat with this person.

This was somebody who was full of nonsense and could even boast to the nines.

Previously, the comments regarding the dragons roars of the primordial ruin and how a True Dragon’s scales were larger than a human came from this person.

There was no one who believed in those exaggerated words of his.

Su Zimo had investigated this person’s cultivation realm and it was merely at early-stage Foundation Establishment.

“He’s got some means.”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

To be fair, Su Zimo was able to catch up to this point purely because of his demonic cultivation techniques.

As for this gray robed cultivator, the fact that he was able to get here with the strength of an early-stage Foundation Establishment was indeed impressive.

Seemingly sensing something, the gray robed cultivator turned back and glanced at Su Zimo, smiling in an extremely friendly manner.

Right then, another commotion broke out before them!

In the forest, a huge tiger leaped out. Its body was dozens of feet tall and it lunged at the crowd instantly with an apparent ferocity.

What was even scarier was that the tiger had nine tails!

“Nine-tailed, tiger-shaped.”

Su Zimo recalled for a moment, his expression serious as he said slowly, “Pure-blooded ferocious beast, Lu Wu!”

The gray robed cultivator frowned at the same time and muttered, “To think that it’s a Lu Wu.”

Lu Wu was one of the ancient ferocious beasts. Born with nine tails in the form of a tiger, it possessed terrifying strength.

The moment the Lu Wu leaped into the crowd, the golden lion roared ferociously in an attempt to scare the Lu Wu back or even kill it!

However, the Lu Wu merely swayed its nine tails and lunged forward. In a single round, it bit and snapped the neck of the golden lion, causing blood to gush out!

A bloody mist filled the forest.

The master of the golden lion, a Nascent Soul, fled into the distance without even thinking.

The many cultivators had already lost their order as they fled in a panicked chaos.

However, a forest was not as simple as they thought of it to be…

Let alone a primordial forest!

It was easy for them to enter, but getting out was far from simple!

Psst! Psst!

In the forest, a centipede that was more than ten meters long and as thick as a water bucket slithered forth. It was red all over, moving its thousands of feet with a ferocious gaze.

Charging into the crowd, the red centipede sliced the formation into two once more.

Powerful beasts appeared continuously from the forest, most of them pure-blooded ferocious beasts. Su Zimo had no way of fighting and could only flee in the chaos.

In such a forest, even Nascent Souls were useless.

They were fleeing all the same at the sight of the pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

Su Zimo found it hard to imagine what kind of terrifying existence he would encounter if he really entered the primordial ruin!

It was too tragic!

There were more than 30,000 cultivators who had entered this forest. Now, there were a mere few thousands left and the others were doomed to be buried in this forest!

If they were down to a few mere thousands just by crossing this forest, how many of them would survive till the end?

About fifty kilometers away from the primordial ruin, a huge pitch black crow flapped its wings and sped over like lightning.

A middle-aged man wearing blood robes sat on the crow.

That was the Blood Crow King and Blood Crow Palace’s Lord!


The Palace Lord frowned gradually and his gaze shimmered after he deployed the tracking secret skill.

“What’s wrong, master? Did that Su Zimo hide in Jishui River again?” The Blood Crow King asked.


With a grim expression, the Palace Lord furrowed his brows and grit his teeth. “That lad is about to enter that area!”


The Blood Crow King did not understand and froze for a moment.

After a brief moment, the Blood Crow King came to a realization as a look of fear flashed in its eyes. It asked in a testing manner, “That area?”

“Yes,” The Palace Lord nodded.

The Blood Crow King analyzed, “That lad has a motive. He’s probably trying to lure you there. You must not fall for it, master.”

Pausing for a moment, the Blood Crow King continued, “Furthermore, what sort of a place is that? Even Nascent Souls and Void Reversions might not be able to escape unscathed. A mere Foundation Establishment like him is bound to die in that place!”

“That lad is very scheming.”

The Palace Lord said with a sullen expression, “This is a plot! Even if I know his intentions, I have to go! Even if he dies, I have to see it with my own eyes!”

“Master, you must be careful. You must not be rash…”

“It’s alright. This is quite a brilliant plot. It’s just a pity he missed something.”

The Palace Lord waved it off and scoffed coldly, “He does not know my identity nor does he know what lies within that area. As a last resort, even if we alarm the existences there, given my identity, I should be able to escape fully without any problems.”

“Let’s go! I want to see where else that Su Zimo can escape to!”




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