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Chapter 230: Massacre

Over the past month, cultivators were constantly streaming over from outside the primordial ruin.

On the one hand, it was because of an ancient treasure that might have appeared within.

On the other hand, the primordial ruin was way too attractive for many cultivators!

The ancient battlefield was a secret ground left behind from the ancient era, forming a separate dimension of its own.

If the ancient battlefield was enough for many cultivators to covet over, what about a secret ground that was left behind from the primordial era?

Many cultivators encountered heavenly-defying opportunities from the ancient battlefield and shot to the top because of it.

If one were to obtain opportunities from the primordial ruin, what sort of outcome would that be?

Cultivators may find themselves obtaining the potential to dominate the world.

Sects may find themselves leaping to become the strongest sect within the entire Great Zhou Dynasty. In fact, they might even turn into the top sect of the entire northern region of Tianhuang Mainland and be ranked on par with the immortal sects!

Of the tens of thousands of cultivators, the majority were itinerant cultivators but there were some factions from sects as well.

Of them, Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect were the strongest.

In the Great Zhou Dynasty, those sects were only second to the five major sects and Su Zimo had heard of them before as well.

The few Nascent Souls were from those two sects!


Not far away, a roar suddenly sounded.

A golden lion with a terrifying aura rushed over. It had a massive body and an intimidating presence, glaring with its eyes that were as large as bronze bells in a cold manner.

That golden lion was extraordinary and it was clear that this was a spirit demon that had cultivated an Inner Core.

Many cultivators were shocked and scattered sparsely.

Striding through the air, the golden lion came beside a Nascent Soul and lowered its head and body obediently.


Nodding his head, the Nascent Soul leaped and rode it.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

A series of hurried hooves sounded.

From the skies afar, a pure white horse with a single horn on its head sprinted over. It blew its nose repeatedly with an extremely fast speed, arriving beside another Nascent Soul.

Before long, the beasts of the several Nascent Souls present arrived.

All of those beasts possessed terrifying aura and were all spirit demons with Inner Cores.

However, there was still a vague hint of fear in their eyes as the beasts looked towards the primordial ruin in the distance.

“Let’s go!”

A Nascent Soul of Heaven Asura Sect gave an order and led his disciples in the direction of the primordial ruin.

Right after, a Nascent Soul of Purple Cloud Sect led his disciples over as well.

“The primordial ruin is so dangerous. Should we observe from here first?”

“If we continue observing and there’s really a treasure, someone else might snatch it away first.”

“Let’s follow them then. This might be the last chance for us to follow a group of a Nascent Soul. Even if we fail to obtain a treasure, we’ll have a higher chance of surviving as well.”

The remaining cultivators discussed and soon, two major factions were formed.

Most of the cultivators chose to follow in the tracks of Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect towards the primordial ruin.

Only a small number of cultivators hesitated, planning on observing from where they were.

Initially, Su Zimo had no intention of heading in so early. However, he had just discovered that there were traces of blood-eyed crows up in the skies!

Furthermore, their numbers were growing!

This meant that the closest blood-eyed crows had already caught up.

It won’t be long before his pursuers arrived at where he was.

“I can’t delay anymore!”

A vicious glint flashed in Su Zimo’s eyes.

If he was targeted outside the primordial ruin, he would truly have nowhere to escape.

Mixing within the crowd, Su Zimo headed for the direction of the primordial ruin.

A large, dense and dark forest stood in the periphery of the primordial ruin.

The closer they were to the primordial ruin, the denser the trees were as an ancient aura was exuded.

Every single tree was extremely thick. Extending to the skies, their trunks would require more than ten people hugging around to surround.

As the cold breeze blew, scattered sunlight peered through the dense leaves, giving everyone some warmth.

The group of cultivators was massive and amounted to tens of thousands, looking rather imposing. Despite that, they seemed insignificantly small in the face of this primordial forest.

Unknowingly, Night Spirit had burrowed out.

It laid against Su Zimo’s chest and stuck its head out, surveying the place coldly with its pitch black eyes.

Even the golden lion, unicorn and other beasts with Inner Cores that the Nascent Souls rode on walked through that primordial forest with fear and caution.

However, Night Spirit did not seem daunted in the slightest bit.

All of a sudden!

A miserable scream was heard from the front.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he stopped in his tracks and looked over.

Not far ahead, an anaconda coiled around the branches of a tree and its body was almost one with the tree.

If not for that fact that the anaconda was chomping on a few people in its mouth, causing a blood mist to spew out, even Su Zimo would not have been able to detect it with his eyesight!

That anaconda was way too big!

A large part of it was hidden in the leaves but just the exposed portion alone was more than hundred feet!

Those few cultivators were not even enough to fill the gaps in its teeth.

The most terrifying thing was that even Golden Cores were defenseless as their bodies were crushed with a single chomp and devoured whole!


The sleeves of a Nascent Soul cultivator swayed as he struck suddenly, causing a terrifying force to surge out and land on the anaconda’s body heavily.

The anaconda’s body was slanted by the impact, causing several pieces of scales to fall and revealing the flesh underneath.

However, instead of retreating, the anaconda became even more ferocious as it let out a cold and cruel look in its eyes!


Suddenly, the anaconda opened its mouth and sucked as though it was about to swallow the entire world.

A strong wind howled!

The gigantic turbulence was almost materialized like a sword and saber!

Gushing forth, even the branches of the tree were snapped as leaves fell.

There was no way weaker cultivators could control their bodies from being sucked into the anaconda’s mouth.

This was the true Anaconda Eclipse!

Even though Su Zimo had cultivated this, he was still immensely shocked to see it right now.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

Another Nascent Soul cultivator hollered and struck, causing three flying swords to shoot out.

Those three flying swords carried an extremely terrifying force with them that far surpassed the scope of spirit arts.

As the three flying swords were about to enter the anaconda’s mouth, the Nascent Soul cultivator that attacked seemed to have realized something as his expression changed.

“Not good! Hurry, disperse!”

He exclaimed as he waved his robes and swept away the three flying swords he shot out, fleeing into the distance immediately as well.

Su Zimo’s eyes twitched.

There were two fist-sized bags protruding from the head of the anaconda, looking like a pair of horns!

“It’s not an anaconda, it’s a flood dragon!”

If it was an anaconda, it could only be considered as a remnant beast.

However, if it had managed to cultivate into a flood dragon, it would be equivalent to a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

The few Nascent Souls in the group fled into the distance immediately and the massive army of cultivators behind them did not dare to linger as they followed close behind.

The crowd was in a mess as everyone tried their best to escape.


The tail of the flood dragon descended suddenly, causing a bloody mist to burst forth in the air as it crashed into the crowd!

It was too tragic!

Hundreds of cultivators perished instantly.

Be it Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment or Golden Core cultivators, all of them were like ants in the face of this flood dragon and could not withstand a single blow!

And at that moment, everyone had yet to step foot into the primordial ruin!

This meant that the massacre had just begun…




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