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Chapter 229: Primordial Ruin

After recovering from his injuries, Su Zimo did not linger in the stomach of the Green Armored Crocodile.

Arriving on shore, Su Zimo rode on his flying sword and surveyed his surroundings before taking out his map to compare against it.

As he had expected, he was even further away from Ethereal Peak.

With his current location, it would probably take him a month of speeding without rest or sleep if he wanted to return to Ethereal Peak!


Right then, Su Zimo frowned.

A stabbing pain surged in his mind without any warning!

Right after, Su Zimo’s vision went into a trance. It was as if he saw the already dead blood-robed youth standing before him, smiling with a weird gaze and a sinister grin.

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a strange, green glint that lingered for a brief moment before disappearing.

Squinting his eyes, Su Zimo looked worse for the wear.

Even though the blood-robed youth was already dead, there was still some remnant power of the Blood Slave Art left in Su Zimo’s body.

Furthermore, he had not noticed it when he was recuperating previously!

The cultivators of this mysterious faction had access to extremely treacherous methods that were unpredictable and impossible to defend against.

Was it a coincidence for that strange stabbing pain to occur or was someone manipulating it from behind the scenes?

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered and he frowned in deep thought.

He was more inclined to think that someone was behind this.

After all, he did not feel that stabbing pain back when he was in the stomach of the Green Armored Crocodile and it appeared not long after he left Jishui River.

Everything was way too coincidental.

Moreover, if someone was manipulating it from behind the scenes, what was the other party’s motive?

“Are they trying to determine if I’m alive or are they trying to track me down and locate me through it?”

After pondering for a while, Su Zimo let out a long breath and muttered softly, “These guys are really impossible to shake off.”

If his theory was correct, it would imply that he could avoid the other party’s detection inside Jishui River.

However, Jishui River could not stay in Jishui River forever.

He had to come up with a solution!

To sever the root, he only had two options.

The first option was to try and think up a method to purge that sinister power within his body.

The second option was to think of a way to get rid of his pursuers!

Both options were not exactly realistic and Su Zimo could not do it with his strength alone.

He had no clue how to go about the first option.

As for the second option, Su Zimo had a vague idea.

Naturally, the second option was way too treacherous and there was a high chance he could be implicated as well!

Spreading the map open once more, Su Zimo searched for his next landing spot.

The map indicated some dangerous areas.

Some indicated the source of danger while others were vague and brief.

Among them, there was a dark blood-colored cross drawn on one of the spots.

It was proof that that was the most dangerous area!

Su Zimo did not know much about the place other than it was a ruin.

A ruin of the primordial era!

Because the primordial era was too long ago, it did not leave many things behind.

However, there was definitely something unique about this primordial ruin for it to be able to survive till this day.

A vicious glint flashed in Su Zimo’s eyes as he put away the map and sped towards the primordial ruin.

“Let’s see what sort of danger lies within this primordial ruin and whether it’s enough to destroy you guys!”

Su Zimo planned on leading his pursuers to that primordial ruin!

It was almost evening.

Su Zimo did not rest at all and sprinted the entire way.

He did not know how many cultivators were chasing him nor did he know what their cultivation realms were.

However, the earlier he arrived at the primordial ruin, the greater his chances of being able to set a trap and kill his pursuers!


Travel-worn, Su Zimo finally arrived at the periphery of the primordial ruin.

When he arrived, Su Zimo was shocked to discover that there were quite a number of cultivators around him. There were Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment and even Golden Core cultivators who stood floating in the air.

At a glance, there were tens of thousands of cultivators gathered. It was extremely dense and shocking!

A few of the cultivators were very likely even Nascent Soul Perfected Lords!

At Nascent Soul realm, the Spirit Peering Art could no longer reveal one’s cultivation realm.

Su Zimo merely had a feeling that the auras of those people were extremely terrifying and even surpassed the Golden Cores!

“Something’s wrong.”

Su Zimo was confused.

Initially, he thought that these people were from the mysterious faction and were specially waiting for him here.

If that was the case, the mysterious faction’s methods would be truly unpredictable!

However, after observing them in secret for a while, Su Zimo discovered that these people were clearly not from the same sect – they came from all over the place.

Su Zimo was even more puzzled.

Even though he had yet to actually step foot into the territory of the primordial ruin, why were all those cultivators gathered here?

Of course, in order to hide his identity, Su Zimo had long put his sect badge into his storage bag as well.

“Fellow Daoist, what are you guys gathering here for?”

Su Zimo casually pulled out a Qi Condensation itinerant cultivator and asked.

The moment the itinerant cultivator saw that Su Zimo was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, he let out a respectful expression.

The person cupped his fists. “Fellow Daoist, you do not understand. A month ago, a golden beam of light shot forth into the skies from the territory of the primordial ruin ahead. It lasted for a long time and even brought forth lightning and thunder!”

Before Su Zimo could speak, another itinerant cultivator passing by could not help but chime in, “I heard that it was rainbow-colored and extremely extraordinary!”

“It’s said that there were even sounds of dragons roaring and phoenixes crying!”

“Tsk, I’ve seen a True Dragon before. Even though it was just a scale and half a claw, it was shocking enough! That single scale was bigger than our entire bodies and that claw was longer and sharper than our flying swords!”

A cultivator beside him joined the crowd in a seemingly important manner. His spit flew everywhere and his eyes glowed as he spoke – it was clear that he was exaggerating as everything he said blew further and further out of proportion.

Not really understanding, Su Zimo asked again, “So?”

“So, that proves that there must be treasures in the primordial ruin ahead! Furthermore, the treasure has just appeared!”

“There’s another possibility. A powerful cave abode restriction within the primordial ruin may have disappeared, causing a phenomenon due to the many treasures within.”

“Yes. It might be a sect from the primordial era that has left behind some inheritance for me to inherit!”

The surrounding cultivators discussed their guesses.

“However, I heard that the primordial ruin is an extremely dangerous place?” Su Zimo asked again.


Someone nodded. “There have always been such rumors. However, not many people know exactly the sort of danger that lies within.”

“Ever since the ancient times, there have been cultivators dying here almost every year.”

“It’s inevitable that there’s danger. However, since it’s a primordial ruin, it means that many of the things left behind are from the primordial era! If you manage to find a treasure, you might just soar impossibly!”

At the mention of that, many cultivators looked excited and their eyes lit up.

Any item left behind from the primordial era that was still intact would definitely be a treasure!




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