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Chapter 228: Turned Into Dust

“You mean to say that a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator and a Golden Core spirit demon actually died in the hands of a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator despite their combined efforts, hmm?”

The Blood Crow Palace’s Lord looked at Peng Fei as his green eyes sparkled. Even though his tone was calm, it exuded an inexplicable coldness.

“With so many people, it was supposed to be a one-sided massacre. None of the people from Dongling Valley should have been able to escape! But, what happened, hmm?”

Against the questioning of the Palace Lord, Peng Fei and the others lowered their heads and no one dared to reply.

The air seemed to be frozen and layered with a murderous intent.

The Palace Lord exuded a terrifying aura of authority that was impossible to resist.

At that moment, all the cultivators of Blood Crow Palace that were kneeling down felt that they were insignificantly small in the face of the Palace Lord, as though they were facing a divine god!

“I can understand if it was a Golden Core who had managed to escape. But, how did a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator manage to escape despite being surrounded by so many people, hmm?”

“I want to know just how that Foundation Establishment Cultivator had managed to escape!”

The Palace Lord’s voice turned louder and sharper. Many cultivators revealed looks of pain but none of them dared to say anything.

“A bunch of trash!”

The Palace Lord’s gaze was icy as his glabella flickered with a strange glow. Eyes laden with killing intent, he stretched his palms slowly and pressed down on the air in the direction of Peng Fei and the others.

The initially flowing river seemed to be under immense pressure as it stopped mysteriously!


There was a crisp sound.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Peng Fei’s body suddenly exploded into a blood mist. He was dead on the spot without even a corpse left!

When they saw that, the people kneeling behind Peng Fei were scared out of their wits. They felt as if someone was grabbing their hearts and they even forgot to breathe.

Someone like Peng Fei who had managed to cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon was dead just like that without even a chance to explain himself.

The gaze of the Palace Lord swept past everyone coldly.

Each time his gaze swept past someone, that person’s face would turn terribly pale as if he could smell the aura of death.

“I’ll give you guys a chance to atone for your mistakes. Track down Su Zimo! Dead or alive, I want to see him!”

The moment the Palace Lord’s voice rang out, everyone felt a sense of relief as though they had just passed through the gates of life and death briefly.

Soon, everyone dispersed.

Some of them dived into Jishui River while others looked around the shore for clues.

“Caw… caw!”

The Blood Crow King suddenly raised its head and cried.

As if they had received some instructions, the many blood-eyed crows circling in the skies dispersed.

The Blood Crow King walked forward and said in a dark voice, “Master, I’ve ordered them to search along Jishui River. However, the river is truly too long and it’s hard to determine where Su Zimo will get on shore.”

“No matter, I have my methods.”

The Palace Lord said indifferently.

The Blood Crow King seemed to have thought of something as its eyes lit up. It nodded and said, “That’s right! Young master used Blood Slave Art on that person! Even though he’s dead, Su Zimo’s body must contain remnant energy of the curse. As long as you search for it using your secret skill, we’ll definitely be able to determine that person’s location!”

“That’s right. Jishui River has a way of blocking my secret skill’s probing.”

A vicious glint flashed in the Palace Lord’s eyes as he said coldly, “However, as long as Su Zimo leaves Jishui River, I’ll definitely know about it!”

Su Zimo did not know it at that point of time. However, his accidental decision to dive into Jishui River to escape the surveillance of the blood-eyed crows had instead caused him to avoid a momentary calamity!

Inside the Green Armored Crocodile’s stomach, Su Zimo’s consciousness was already fading out.

The damage to his body was too great after using Blood Escape twice in a row!

Su Zimo tried his best to stay awake. Opening the blood-robed youth’s storage bag, he did not even look and poured everything out.

He searched for a few bottles of healing elixirs and swallowed them before putting away the rest of the items. He then started to heal himself.

Before this, Su Zimo had consumed a demon beast’s Inner Core and a massive source of essence was sealed within his body.

With the help of the Inner Core and the many miraculous elixirs, Su Zimo began cultivating before long.

“Huff, huff!”

“Boom, boom!”

The Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound sounded.

Essence qi grew endlessly within his five organs and his bones and tendons crackled repeatedly. New blood regenerated and flowed continuously, bringing forth new life to Su Zimo’s body.

Time quickly passed.

After a long while, Su Zimo’s body finally recovered – his injuries had healed!


Bang! Boom! Boom!

The bloodline in his body surged like a tsunami!

That surging bloodline contained endless flashes of lightning mixed with dull, resounding sounds of thunder that made one’s heart rattle!

The stomach of the Green Armored Crocodile was filled with demonic qi so thick that it almost materialized.

All of those demonic qi were produced through Su Zimo’s cultivation.

To its shock, the Green Armored Crocodile discovered that its body was also improving under the tempering of that demonic qi!

“To think that this was a demon beast with a core. I was truly mistaken.”

The Green Armored Crocodile thought that Su Zimo was a demon beast with a core that had merely taken on a human form.

After some time, Su Zimo opened his eyes. Filled with a bedazzling, divine light, it was like a shooting star streaking through the dark night!

Su Zimo’s robes around his chest area moved and a little head popped out, peering with its bright and pitch black eyes that were filled with spirit.

The man and beast looked at one another and Su Zimo smiled.

It was always a joyous event for one to survive a disaster.

After refining the demon beast Inner Core, Su Zimo made progress on the Organs Refinement section as well.

Although there was still a long way to go before attaining greater mastery, it was already not easy for him to get to this stage.

“I wonder if little fatty, Leng Rou and the others managed to escape. How are Peak Master Wen Xuan and Elder Yu doing now?”

The thought of everyone from Ethereal Peak had Su Zimo sighing inwardly.

Till now, they did not know the background of the faction that attacked them at Dongling Valley.

However, it was clear that the other party was prepared.

On the one hand, the battle of Dongling Valley was for revenge.

After all, it was Su Zimo who killed all the cultivators from this faction outside Linfeng City.

However, the greatest possibility was that the other party was doing it for the sect competition!

In the sect competition, there would be ranking rolls for spirit, elixir, talisman and weapon refinement. Only the top 10 of each roll had the rights to enter the ancient battlefield.

Even though the ancient battlefield was extremely dangerous, it was extremely important for every single Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

With danger came opportunities.

In every single sect competition, Ethereal Sect would occupy the most number of spots for the spirit ranking. At the minimum, they occupied three spots.

Now that all three legacy disciples of Ethereal Peak were gathered, what would it imply if the blood-robed youth had managed to turn them all into his blood slave and have them under his control?

That would mean that the blood-robed youth would have gained three spots at the very least for the sect competition!

Given his own strength as a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, the blood-robed youth would have been able to occupy another spot.

That was a total of four spots!

If the blood-robed cultivator enslaved a few more powerful meridian cultivators, the spirit ranking roll would most likely be filled with his men!

In fact, that was also what the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord wanted.

It was to ensure the young master’s safety in the ancient battlefield!

Unfortunately, all those plans had turned into dust.

Before he could die on the ancient battlefield, the Blood Crow young master had already perished outside.



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